Monday, May 15, 2006

Ceku: Kosovo Albanian independence close

Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku has says independence for mostly ethnic-Albanian Kosovo of Serbia's government in Belgrade is near.
"A great dream of independence is close and it is only months away," said Ceku Monday in his regular weekly address in Kosovo, Serbia's southern province whose population of 1.8 million is 90 percent ethnic-Albanian.
A majority of ethnic-Albanians want an independent Kosovo, while the Serb minority of 100,000 demands autonomy for their enclaves.
In his radio address, Ceku called on the citizens of Kosovo to resist violence and to accept ethnic differences, the Belgrade Beta news agency reported.
He said now is a "time for peace, in which problems are solved through knowledge and work."
The U.N.-led talks between Serbs and ethnic-Albanians should decide who will govern Kosovo once U.N. civilian and NATO personnel leave the province, which have seen reported terror by both Serb security forces and ethnic-Albanian separatists.


ilir said...

It is true what our PM says. All know this. If this is a citation from the latest visit to Decan, together with UNSRSG Petersen, I heard clearly in English in a RTK report, that even Mr. Petersen said the same. Anyways, he respects the Contact Group latest statements, and they say specifically that the "will of the majority of the people of Kosovo will be respected" no need to read between the lines, it is IN the line. Greetings,

teuta1 said...

It's time to send in the Serbian army.

ilir said...

Sure "teuta", it's been 6 years since Serbs started a war, you are getting nervous, aren't you? The time of wars is over. If there is a war to happen, that will be within Serbia itself, as Radicals are about to win the elections, and you will get back to a dictatorship again.

Truth Hurts said...

LOL Kosovo will never be independent you uneducated Albanians. I will tell you why! First the Serbs will never let that happen. Second the Americans and the rest of Europe won't let that happen, why? Simple if a majority of people over populate a country and then try to make it independent like in Kosovo. All countries in the world will see this as an example and try to do the same thing. You think the rest of the world wants that, i don't think so. Look in the US how the mexicans are trying to do the same as the Shiptars are. If Bush lets this happen in Kosovo, then the Mexicans will take back California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Now use what little brain you have in your head and think about that!

Agim Ceku is a known KLA war criminal and is a puppet for the US for the time being. When they are done getting what they want he goes to jail like Saddam Hussein.

Oh by the way you read the article about what China had to say about Kosovo and its independence. Simple they said they will help Serbia protect their soverignty over Kosovo in the way of anything they need. I think if i'm not mistaken China said they will send soldiers. Funny how they have veto power like Russia. Oh no now your going to say why didn't they veto the bombings to beggin with.

Answer to that was that Yeltsin was the Russian President and a bit too drunk to know what was going on and getting paid to keep quite. Also you notice how you don't hear anything about Chechnya in the paper anymore. Its called Putin had enough of the US and their bullshit. Also Putin has made it very clear that if Serbia is attacked this time he will send soldiers and declare war on any countries that attack it, as their allies China have said. You know what that means?

Means there will be another war soon in the Balkans, and this time the outcome will be alot different without US and NATO interference. Its called PAY BACK !!!!!!!!!

heku said...

You know why all the countries in the world won't see this as en example? Because all the minorities in the world do not have to cope with animals like you...

"Oh no now your going to say why didn't they veto the bombings to beggin with."

Strictly nothing to do with the ability of slave Eltsin to drink a lot, this is called Resolution Dean-Acheson 377-V which allows The General Assembly to go round the Veto of criminal States like China or Russia when the Security Council cannot garantee the first article of the UNChart (Peace among people) this following to art12. It has been used during the Corean War and during second Yugoslav War (98-99).

And honestly, what happens in Chechnya just shows to the entire world that slave people are animals and that they don't give a damn about human nature and human rights.
We will certainly have our army now, helped by Albania who will enter the NATO both with Macedonia and Croatia, then even if you come (helped by your slave sisters) we will be able to defend ourselves and show to you that the only fact that has made serbs victorious during the differnt wars that we had together was the difference in equipment.

I just can't wait the day when you mutherfuckers will have to show a Visa to enter Dardania.

heku said...

And this is called suck our big illiryan dick.

Simonov said...

to Ilir:

your PM is war criminal. Let us not forget that according to Kumanovo agreement, serbian military and police would return to Kosovo and Metohija.

I hope your PM gets himself a good lawyer by then.

And why do you call yoursekf Illyrians?

heku said...

We call ourselves illyrians coz our language is as it is and coz our history relates to that ancient civilization.

Our PM is not a war criminal otherwise he would have been delivered to the Hague trial, not like other true criminals like Karadjic and Mladic who are still lying around in crap Serbia.

teuta1 said...

...whatever you are, Europe doesn't want one does...

European countries tighten control over Albanian emigrants 2006-05-17 04:23:28

TIRANA, May 16 (Xinhua)-- Some European countries have tightened their controls on family reunion for Albanian emigrants,and it will take a long time and cost more money in the process ofapplication, local media reported on Tuesday.

In Greec e, to which a total of 762,200 Albanians have emigrated,only 100,000 Albanians have been reunited with their families.

For Albanians who want to join their families in Greece, they must produce health insurance, and prove they have no means but tolive on other family members, according to Durim Hatibi, an official with the Albanian labor ministry.

Germany and France, besides tightening control on family reunion for Albanian emigrants, have become stricter with the emigrants themselves.

Both countries stipulate that foreigners who want to settle in their countries must pass exams in the French and German languages.

Of its population of 3.14 million, about one-third of them haveemigrated abroad, mainly in Greece, Italy, Western Europe and North America.

Last year, Albanian emigrants' remittances reached over 1 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 13.5 percent of Albania's GDP,and financing 63.3 percent of the country's trade deficit which stands at around 1.37 billion dollars.