Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Police commissioner denies Kosovo is a black spot for crime

Text of report by Radio-Television Kosovo TV website on 30 May

As long as I have been working with the Kosova [Kosovo] Police Service [KPS], I have never noticed a decision that was made under the influence of politics. On the other hand, politicians must understand that they cannot interfere in the police, because political constellations change in the elections, while the police remain, UNMIK Police Commissioner Kai Vittrup said.

It is very important that neighbouring countries have started to trust Kosova and that Kosova is not a black spot of crime, but a place where the police fight crime seriously, Vittrup added. He said that the KPS needs the advice of international experts in some sectors while in other sectors also executive intervention. Regarding the risk of enclavization of the police service, Vittrup said that the police are looking for professionals and that we do not care about their nationality. Rather than more competencies, we need experienced police officers who will help fight organized crime. In order to be more successful in fighting economic crime, corruption and other forms of crime, the police need greater support from citizens.

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