Monday, May 29, 2006

Kosovo and Memorial Day By Wesley Clark

Dear Friend,

Last week, I returned to Kosovo for the first time since I retired from military service.

For me, this trip was very personal. In 1999, I commanded the NATO forces that stopped the genocide against ethnic Albanians by Slobodan Milosevic and his Serbian forces. Now Kosovo is on the road to independence, a nation that respects the rights of all its citizens. It was so moving to return to Kosovo and meet thousands of people who had been liberated from Serbian oppression, hearing their stories and learning about their experiences. You can see some of the photos from my recent trip here.

This was an example of how we CAN do it right: diplomacy first, strong leadership, working with others, and using force only as a last resort. We had a plan for what to do after the operation before we began air strikes.

During the Kosovo War, we were fortunate not to lose a single American soldier in combat -- but in most military operations we aren't so lucky. We owe the men and women of our armed forces our deepest gratitude for their willingness to serve in harm's way, whether it's protecting Americans during natural disasters here at home or defending our country and defending freedom abroad.

Today across America, we take time to remember those who have given their lives defending the cause of freedom throughout our nation's history. This year, as our soldiers are serving with honor in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in the Balkans, and around the world, I hope you will join me in observing Memorial Day, whether it's attending an event in your local community or simply taking a personal moment to remember the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and to honor their families.

As this Memorial Day passes, I urge our leaders and all Americans to fully honor our troops and respect their sacrifice. That means ensuring our men and women in uniform are properly equipped, trained, and organized.

That means providing our troops and veterans the medical care they deserve, and providing Reservists and National Guard members health insurance for themselves and their families through TRICARE, the military's health care system, just as the active force does.

That means eliminating the "widow's tax," which penalizes the survivors of those killed in combat by reducing the benefits to which they are entitled.

Finally, as we embark upon our fourth year in Iraq and as the Bush Administration continues its heated rhetoric toward Iran, we owe it to all of our brave service men and women, their families, and to all Americans, to recommit to the principle that military force should only be used as the very, very last resort. Only when all diplomatic, economic, and political options have been exhausted should we send our military forces into battle.

After all, the greatest way to honor our men and women in uniform is to require their sacrifice the least.

Gert and I send you our very best wishes for a safe and happy Memorial Day.



1defender said...

I really wanted to throw up when I read this. Wesley Clark doesn't give a damn about Serbs or Albanians. He is just concerned about his airmen who bombed from 16000 feet! Never mind that the Albanians, there are very few other minorities there now, are living on a ticking time bomb of DU and other poisons which their "friends" have dropped on them. Bondsteel is important and I bet that was very strategically built where there is the least contamination. Many will pay for the power of the few!

Cvijus011 said...

Guess which will be the 51st state?

Sacred Dardanicum said...

Beogradski pasaluk

AlbanianThrough&Through said...

Forget about the United Stated of America...the way things are going for ALBANIANS, it's the soon to be United State of Albania that you skije (shkee'ye) should be worried about.

Hahahahaha!!! YEEEEHAAAAAAA!
Yeah Baby YEAHHHH!

Cvijus011 said...


take it easy on the drugs, when overdozing you start halucinating


The way you suck American dicks it seems more likely that Kosovo will become the 51st state of America

Serbs In Kosovo are in Danger said...

Everyone knows that the Albanians do not want to give Serbs any kind of rights at all and Kosovo under terrorist KLA leadership will be very anti-serb and probably genocidal in nature.

Kristian said...

And oh as far as crime is concerned that you and Ivana always point out. The serbian KING OF COCAINE Joca was just released from jail.

You keep saying that Albanians are terrorists and criminals but I don't think anyone of us has the supreme title of "KING"!

Ron said...

Croatia is an independent state; Slovenia is an indep;endent state; Bosna and Herz. is an independent state; Montenegro went independent about a week ago; Kosova soon to be an independent state; Macedonia (though our greek counterparts do not like the name) is an independent state, what else.......the list goes on and on with Vojvodina Sanxhak, Preshevo valley, Chameria, etc.
So much for Serbian supremacy in this century.
It is time for Serbia to mind it's own business and let neighbours alone.

Serbs In Kosovo are in Danger said...

Kosovo is not a neighbor of Serbia-it is Serbia.

Sacred Dardanicum said...

Corretion to Serbs In Kosovo are in Danger

Kosova was under Serbia but since the Komanova Agreement it is not any longer

Bg anon said...

Who is the 'friend' the letter is addressed to.

I think Clark hasnt given up on his Presidential ambitions has he?

Like my previous comments regarding killers or armymen becoming Presidents - the same applies. I prefer civilians.

As for his comments, well they seem a bit over the top.

NYoutlawyer said...

Clarke the loser, is just campaigning. He is referrencing the Iraq war. How his mission was such a success, bla, blah, blah.

He, along with clinton and albright will rot in hell for killing innocent civilians and polluting all of kosovo with depleted uranium.

arianit said...

It's funny that Serbs from Europe complain about DU in Kosova, but not Albanians who live there.

Every war has some collateral damage. Bombing of Serbia was a great success with a only a tiny number of mistakes. Some of the victims among civilians are a result of them having been put in harm's way by their government, which they democratically elected and supported while it was massacring civilians in Kosova. Also, Serbs would put radars next to churches and population centers and then turn them off when missiles were on their way. NATO showed great care by diverting them away.

When comparing the number of victims to the ultimate goal of stopping genocide and returning 800,000 refugees home, the mission was a great success. I wish NATO would act with the same agility in Darfur today.

Kosova is a neighbor of Serbia but soon it won't be (think Beogradski Pasaluk here).

Thank you Gen. Clark!
Respect US Air Force!

Cvijus011 said...


"Kosova is a neighbor of Serbia but soon it won't be (think Beogradski Pasaluk here)."

You wish, wake up and face the reality boy, you depend on Serbia and Serbian products, or else you would be boycoting our products long ago. That's all about albanian "pride".

By the way, you name arianit reminds me of this Hitler's theory on the Arians. Aha, now it all makes sence.

Bg anon said...

ariant, bombing is never a success - its a failure, a failure of diplomacy and will always cause some innocents to die.

And I wonder, you should be concerned about DU in Kosovo. It would be foolish not to be. Just because its a Serb who might mention it doesnt mean you have to disagree. You could agree on an environmental level, a human level.

Cvijus011 said...

bg anon,

I really agree with you that the environmental damage that was done by NATO should worry us all, but I don't think that the albanians really care about it cause they use the Machiavelian philosophy of "The goal justifies the means". They don't care that they live in a poisened envirnoment, as long as they manage to separate.

Btw, when it comes to the failure of diplomacy, I would recomend you to read Lord Owen's "Balkan Odyssey", he shows very accuratelly why did the Americans prevent a peace settlement accepted by all in Bosnia in '93.

Kosova-re said...

Well Cvijo, nice of you to show concern over Albanians having to breathe the polluted air, you seem to be such a nice and gentle soul!
Yet you seem to forget that the reason why people are having to live in a DU site is because of what your government did.
It's not like the U.S.A just rushed to bomb.(It took ages!)
- You seem to forget what preceeded the bombings.
So please spare us of your cynicism and don't share it with us.
You Serbs somehow seem to neglect the fact that what is happening is a result of what went on in Kosova for decades. In fact you know it all to well, but just prefer to deal with these matters in small, chewable bits. And once you find a chunk that you feel might be a good showoff of your "human attributes"... you go on chewing on it, on and on and on...

NYoutlawyer said...

Yes, the US and NATO did rush to bomb. And you won't see that happening in Darfur, there is no profit to be made there.

DU bombs were used in Bosnia too, and there are many cancers turning up there. You think these Western, self-serving fucks really bombed for humanitarian reasons? Get real. Why would they care more about albanians than africans?

arianit said...

Looking at you speak it all makes sense why they wanted to bomb you so badly.

1defender said...

arianit, you're beginning to believe your own lies. Wake up and smell the coffee!!!! The genocide is yet to come from the DU and the other stuff your "friends" dropped.

Sacred Dardanicum said...

Quote "At 3:02 PM, Bg anon said...

ariant, bombing is never a success - its a failure, a failure of diplomacy and will always cause some innocents to die.

And I wonder, you should be concerned about DU in Kosovo. It would be foolish not to be. Just because its a Serb who might mention it doesnt mean you have to disagree. You could agree on an environmental level, a human level."

The failure of diplomacy was caussed by you mother fucker serbians.

Bg anon said...

'The failure of diplomacy was caussed by you mother fucker serbians'

Yeah, intelligent, keep it coming its an impressive and scientific comment.

Albert said...

Ignore all the Serbian propaganda it will continue... Kosovo was a great success and Clark represents a true Brilliant General. The way he lead operation allied force shall be remembered forever. Wesley Clark brought a Victory over Serbia which could truly be labeled "Flawless Victory" without a single combat related death... There were so many tough obstacles that came Clark's way he still showed defiant the true leadership brilliance he has. Clark will always be remembered as a Hero for the Albanian people... As an American Albanian I support Clark's decision to endorse Hillary Clinton and will proudly vote for her, who has experience in leadership which many candidates realistically lack... I hope to see Mr. Clark as the Vice President with President Clinton in their next trip to my homeland Kosovo which will be independent...