Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Unrealistic" Serb positions on Kosovo, charges UN envoy

Vienna - Deputy UN Kosovo envoy Albert Rohan charged Belgrade on Wednesday with defending "unrealistic positions" in the current Kosovo status talks.

But the Albanian side should also be more willing to compromise in the talks on the Serbian province of Kosovo which has been under UN administration since 1999, Rohan said in the newspaper Die Presse.

His interview was in in advance of the latest negotiating round in Vienna on Wednesday.

In the negotiations in Vienna up till now, there had in part been considerable agreement on practical issues. But the two sides' concepts were "totally different," said Rohan.

"The Serb side would like a Serb entity in Kosovo composed of majority Serb communities and Serbian Orthodox churches and monastries."

The Kosovo-Albanians, on the contrary, were in favour of measures protecting the Serb community, but only within the course of a normal decentralization process, and of protection for churches and monastries.

Rohan also commented on a letter by Belgrade complaining about the Kosovo negotiations so far to the foreign ministers of the United States, Russia, Britain, Germany, France and Italy.

The letter demanded that the basic question of the status of Kosovo be discussed immediately, and practical issues only afterwards.

Rohan said: "We regard this letter more as a tactical move by Belgrade to divert attention from the fact that faster progress is foundering on lack of willingness to compromise, above all on the Serb side."

He also pointed out that the schedule and issues of the negotiations were the exclusive responsibility of UN chief envoy Martti Ahtisaari.

On Tuesday, Kosovo turned down Serbia's proposal that it remain under United Nations auspices during a 20-year transition period. Pristina said it would not back away from its bid for full independence.

Describing Belgrade's offer as an "unacceptable offer for tutorship," Pristina's deputy premier Lutfi Haziri said that Kosovo "will not make a compromise over independence."


Cvijus011 said...

A murder from a ambush

Pristina -- Miljan Veskovic (23) from Zitkovci near Zvecan, was murdered last night on the road between Zvecan and the village where he lived.

The crime occured this morning around three and four o'clock when Veskovic was returning home with his car. In the half of the way he had to stop in order to remove a baricade made from tree sticks and that moment from an ambush a unrecognized murderer fired from a rifle on the "golf".

The murderer, or more of them, took Veskovic's body out of the car and then drove to the village Grabovac where the "golf" was found this morning.

So far it is known that it was fired from a rifle of 7,65 mm and the investigation is underway by the international police.

Sources: B92

Ron said...

This is very interesting:

Pristina -Police have made an arrest on the killing of Miljan Veskovic (23).
Djurde Milutinovic and Dushan Ilijic from Zitkovci were arrested and charged with first degree murder of Miljan Veskovic (23).
A police spokeperson told reporters that the investigations are under way at the moment and he would not comment on the issue. The victim was seen in the company of the accused at a local bar. Both victim and the accused are known as people with ties and connections to the Serbian Mafia.

Cvijus011 said...

interesting indeed. And from which source does this text come from Ron?

ALBASOUL said...

What is your point Civijus. Are you trying to say that this guy was killed by an albanian because serbians cannot kill each other?

PejaCity said...

Poor Cvijus011 he actually hoped it was an Albanian who did it, to bad!

The Independence is close, preper for the party =)

Alban said...

somebody tell this serb to give it up, serbia has lost everything, there they sit naked in the balkans no sea, friends, just milosevic's corpse, maybe his wife can be the new ruler and steal another billion dollars from the serbian people like her husband did. serbians are just a bunch of sheep and have followed their shepherd over cliff, bye bye kosova hahahaha

Cvijus011 said...

First give me the source from where Ron found this text and then we can discuss whether he was killed by albanians or Serbs. Until then, the way you showed it in march '04, any crime done upon Serbs is ethnically motivated until proven differently.

ANYC said...

It is amazing how Cvijus, Nylawyer etc hopes that any harm done to serbs in Kosova is done by Albanians-just so they look bad in the eye of the internationals. And this comes from the serbs who (as he claims), are educated and live in Germany and USA. Just begin to imagine what serbs in Serbia wish for, you know the ones who are brainwashed by their states propaganda......

Cvijus011 said...

you still didn't give me the source of Ron's text.

I've talked with Germans after march '04 and now you're the bad guys in their eyes. Sorry, but truth hurts.

Hellenic-pride said...

yeah this is typical. first they kill serbs and then they say that the serbs did that to themselves. how pathetic.

srbija said...

to Hellenic-pride

δοσε μου καπιο ελλινηκο μπλογκ, σε παρακαλω, να ακουσω τι λενε οι φιλλοι μασ απο Ελλαδα .))


Hellenic Nationalist said...

anyc . The hipocrisy in your charges of racism are amazing. You cry about racism in your little Albo blog, yet use blanket racist slanders against Christians here.

Must be your mixed Turkish(Mongol) genes. You guys are not known for being rocket scientists. Duh?

Dardania 2006 said...

Ron should provide the source...

as for Cvijus, the crime is "ethnicaly motivated till proven differently" oh is this like guilty till proven innocent?

Kind of typical for fascists, don't you think?

ANYC said...

Hellenic "whatever"-I think you guys are running out of words to go with hellenic.
Few things to put in order:
First-I'm not crying nothing on my blog. None of the articles there contain any of my words. I think you should re-read it again-afterall it is in the language of your masters.
Second you crying hypocracy is quite amazing. Look at the racism you portray stating where my genes come from. I'm sure you have a lot of research background to prove that. I'm assuming your church and state have helpd you on that note.

I like how your reserch of Germans not liking Albanians is based on a scientific sample. I thought you were educated and knew what a sample population is when you conduct surveys-dude stop embarrasing yourself with coments like that.

Mir said...

"my oh is this like guilty till proven innocent?

Kind of typical for fascists, don't you think?"

Ya, kind of like how Albanians call Mladic, Karadzic, and Milosevic guilty before they were ever proven guilty.

You just called yourself a fascist, idiot.

Dardania 2006 said...

"Ya, kind of like how Albanians call Mladic, Karadzic, and Milosevic guilty before they were ever proven guilty.

You just called yourself a fascist, idiot."

Albanians only? The whole world calls those murderers guilty, why they hiding othervise (Milosevic ran away down to hell, so yeh he is hiding).

Now show me all the massacres, apartheid, murders, rapes commited by those you claim are guilty...I mean, there MUST be so much material out there since you are so certain, I mean there must be Milosevic, Mladic, Karadjic kind of material out there.

Hmmm, you like these guys don't you?

Mir said...

They still havent been proven guilty have they? Too many double-standards among people.