Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Kosovo asks negotiators to be more responsible

Koha Ditore reports that the behaviour of the members of the Negotiations Team during their last meeting is in disproportion with the will of the people.

The paper reports that the political spectrum in Kosovo and the people have shown obvious concern over some deep disagreements among members of the Negotiation Team that were made public.

Muhamet Hamiti, spokesperson of the President, calls for more seriousness from the members of the team.

PDK Secretary General Jakup Krasniqi said he did not want to comment on statements by coordinator Shala.

AAK spokesperson Ernest Luma said that that ‘jeopardizing unity is a responsibility of the members of the team and it is not in compliance with the will of the people of Kosovo.

Ylli Hoxha from ORA has said that for the sake of the political moment, members of the Negotiations Team should demonstrate a higher level of responsibility. Koha reports that other smaller parties are not surprised at all. While some people even suggest creating other groups.

ORA leader, Veton Surroi, confirmed in an interview for RTK last night that the process is at risk and that everything depends on the next session of the Negotiations Team. Koha carries the transcript of the interview. Surroi said that the political conflicts should remain in the Assembly of Kosovo and not pass on within the Negotiations Team, as it should deal with the negotiations. Surroi confirmed that during the meeting were pronounced the worst insults he has heard in the last 16 years of his political life.

Surroi also said that the proposals that Daci presented during the meeting of the team as representing the stance of the Parliament are actually his personal stance.

All dailies cover the meeting of the chief of the US Office in Pristina, Philip Goldberg with parliamentary speaker Nexhat Daci and his call for ‘unity’.

Zëri writes that Goldberg has warned about the high price that disagreements within the Negotiations Team could have.

Epoka e Re writes that Goldberg intervenes at Daci and reports that as usual the internationals are making pressure to bring Kosovo Albanian leaders together. The paper reports in another article that Prime Minister Kosumi has admitted there are delays in the ‘team of unity’ and that he opposes Rugova’s idea for the Negotiations Group. Kosumi says that all the working groups [on status] should be institutional. This stance by Kosumi is in contradiction to Rugova’s stance to give a share to the opposition regarding the status of Kosovo.


Teuta said...

...more on 'albanism' to follow. this is hilarious. they really have the 'peoples' interest at heart, don't they....

illyrianboy said...

i guess serb leaders have the peoples interest at heart then! moron!

Zman said...

Disagreement likelhood increases as the number of people on decision making increases. If trust is lacking among the decision-makers so will the agreement. Perhaps they should consider for certain leaders to be butted out if necessary by the main leader in charge (Rugova or whoever in charge). Irrational stuberness serves no good to anyone... Civility is the first start... Keeping it cool keeps the mind rational... Mistrust needs to be talked over at the personal level ... I wish they would keep these in mind

Prince of Albania said...

I don't know why the hell the West insists in putting on this farce! We all know in the end Kosovo will be independent and we also know that NATO and the EU will remain very deeply involved in the development of the new state.
Serb leaders can't agree on the color of shit let alone a united stance on the status issue. On the other hand the Albanian "leaders", if you can call this group of clowns that, can't even be in the same room together. And the world expects these people to get together and decide on the status of Kosovo. That is ridiculous!
The people have spoken. They want independence. Nothing else matters.
The "Negotiating Team" does not have a mandate on any level to "negotiate" on anything let alone independence.
The only mandate rests with the people, through a democratic referendum!!!
Independence for Kosova!!!

Sincerely, Prince of Albania.

PS: I don't understand why Serbs are so hellbent on keeping Kosovo when in 25 years we would end up being a majority in all of Serbia. I guess if we were smart we would stay and then end up having a state from the Adriatic and Aegean to the border with Hungary.
Oh well...

ali_pashai said...

i can't agree more with the prince, montenegring is having a referendum why don't they have a referendum and decide to negotiate if there'll be anything to negotiate for. kosova's serbs are threatening to leave kosova if independence is rewarded and so what we should take that in consideration. they have to think of a better way to blackmail. what if we said we'll leave if we get anything less than independence? oh wait that is what the serbs wants anyway right?