Monday, November 14, 2005

Kosovo TV reports on debate over new statehood symbols

Text of report by Kosovo Albanian television KohaVision TV on 13 November

[Announcer] Kosova [Kosovo] needs to have new symbols in order to be represented internationally. The officials of the political parties admit they are aware of this and that it is the assembly that will have a final say on this. Citizens, on the other hand, do not like the idea of changing the flag, whereas historians see it as a political issue.

[Reporter Xhemajl Rexha] In future the black eagle on red background may not be the symbol most Kosova citizens proudly identify themselves with. The establishment of Kosova as a country and its eventual membership in European and world institutions means that Kosova should have its own state symbols. The first to have thought of this is President Ibrahim Rugova. In all gatherings organized by Democratic League of Kosova [LDK] or the president's office the Dardania anthem, titled "When the call in Kosova was heard", is sang alongside the national anthem. At the same time it was said that the president's seal, which bears the old name for Kosova - Dardania, may be the future flag of Kosova. Officials of the president's office and the LDK prefer not to speak about it much, yet they have often said that it was one of the possible proposals. Officials from other parties say they are aware that the flag should change and it is the Kosova Assembly that will decide on this.

[Jakup Krasniqi, Secretary, Democratic Party of Kosova] It is an issue that we will have to deal with. Kosova, as an independent country, as a place that will have its seat at the UN and its own flag will be the 92nd flag among the flags of independent states at the UN. It should have its own symbol. This needs to be done by professionals.

[Ernest Luma, Alliance for the future of Kosova spokesperson] Kosova as an independent country will have its symbols and they will be presented and agreed upon at the Kosova Assembly.

[Reporter] Ora party officials are of the opinion that state building is more important.

[Ylli Hoxha, Ora party spokesperson] We consider that Kosova's statehood should not be built on the motives of waving a flag, but on the basis of managing people's needs. We consider that it is important to have a country to which we would assign a flag.

[Reporter] Hakif Bajrami, a historian, sees this problem to be of political nature.

[Hakif Bajrami] For sure Albanians would not give up their national flag. Kosova should have a different flag. How this flag would look like, for the time being, is not an academic issue, it is not an issue that falls under the responsibility of some institution, but it is a political issue. How the anthem will be, how it will be composed, is also a very sensitive issue, very delicate, but it should be composed because if Kosova wishes to become a country and a member of the UN then it should fulfil all the criteria of a country.

[Reporter] Most of the citizens insist the existing flag should be preserved. Should the flag be changed?

[Citizen 1] No way! Are they normal, those who want to change the flag?

[Citizen 2] I think that the flag should not change. We have a flag and no changes to it are needed.

[Citizen 3] No! The flag is our national symbol and there is no reason. We are an old people with this flag, we would die.

[Citizen 4] No! We fought for this flag. How many Albanians have shed blood, went to prison to protect the flag. Perhaps in 10 years, we cannot do it today, but in 10 years I am convinced we will unify.

[Citizen 5] No! We have our flag. It is a pan-Albanian flag.

[Citizen 6] I don't know. We should change it. We cannot have a similar flag, Albania and Kosova.

[Reporter] Even sports have not been able to avoid the issue of symbols. The Kosova football team, who wore black and red colours, used the president's flag during a tour to Turkish Cyprus. According to ministry officials this was recommended by Minister Astrit Haracia.

Besides Kosova liberation day 12 June the biggest events take place on 28 November, the Flag Day. There are loads of proposals about the future Kosova flag on the Internet. Like our American friends, the future Kosova flag may look like this, with stripes but no stars and would keep Kosovars close to their symbol, the eagle.

Source: KohaVision TV, Pristina, in Albanian 1800 gmt 13 Nov 05


macedon said...

[Citizen 1] No way! Are they normal, those who want to change the flag?

[Citizen 2] I think that the flag should not change. We have a flag and no changes to it are needed.

[Citizen 3] No! The flag is our national symbol and there is no reason. We are an old people with this flag, we would die.

[Citizen 4] No! We fought for this flag. How many Albanians have shed blood, went to prison to protect the flag. Perhaps in 10 years, we cannot do it today, but in 10 years I am convinced we will unify.

[Citizen 5] No! We have our flag. It is a pan-Albanian flag.

Do I smell the greater albanian theme you people vehemently deny? Kosovo joining albania in 10 years?And they expect EU and NATO membership?I think albania and kosovo will be the last countries to join the EU,like in 2055.

armera said...


With all due respect but we are already united, and it will only grow stronger. By joining the EU, boarders will be insignificant, just like they are today between Austria and Germany. One advantage we have is that areas populated by Albanians are compact, exactly the case with Germans.

My friendly advise to you is better start getting used to it. If there will be prosperity in Balcans it should be for all of us, not only few.

Times when we were not allowed to mention name Albania without fearing presecution, and times when you changed Albanian last names so they sound Slavic as well as forbid parents to name their children with Albanian names are long gone.

The difference is that now you have to accept us as equal. If you have a problem with it, then it is you that have to live with it. I am actually enjoying it.

So cheer up, lets be fair and not provoke each other ;)

macedon said...

Times when we were not allowed to mention name Albania without fearing presecution, and times when you changed Albanian last names so they sound Slavic as well as forbid parents to name their children with Albanian names are long gone.

My friend I never forced anyone to change their names.One thing I do notice is a problem not just with albanians but with all balkan peoples is that they generalize an entire population whether it was wrong doing or right doing.Just like you generalize all serbs when not all serbs hate you.Yes borders will be nothing when you join the eu but again I am not talking about the EU I was talking about the idea of a greater albania,which seems to be alot of kosovo albanian peoples sentiment apparently.

Konaction said...


There are Kosovars that want the flag to be the same. We'll have to get used to term Kosovar 1st, until now there wasn't such identity for us. Kosovans!!!

As for the flag, people who fought for it, they want the flag to remain the same. Me personally would like to change it. Why not having our own flag, that's our nation flag (Black Eagle), but this flag is going to present all Kosovans including serbs, turks and everyone else. It should be simple, we should have our antheme with words too, not like Bosnia has it, music without words.


armera said...


I am sorry to say it, but is actually you generalizing thing in your comments. Yes there are Albanians that want to unify Albanian territories, but majority is against it. This would create further problems for all of us and most people don't want this.

If you read my email carefully I was referring to an era when we (Albanians) were openly discriminated and persecuted, I did not accuse you personally or Macedonian nation (I would never do that, it is not my level), but the authorities and the politics people openly supported prior to 1999.

To comment further on your remarks.
I will refuse to believe that all Serbs or Macedonians hate us, simply because I believe on goodness, however I will give you a fact. I can speak Serbian better then an average Serb does, I also have no accent at all in Serbian. Most of the times when I meet Serbs on pass by I tell them that I am Serb from Kosovo and my name is Marko. So far I have met only few that don’t express the hate they have toward us. In fact I get goose bumps on what they have to say about Albanians. Now that is sad 

You my friend predict that we will join EU in 2055, now is that because of your pessimistic nature or is it because of your prejudice nature?

I believe you when you say that you didn’t force anyone to do that, however it is your government that did that. Your duty as a good citizen is to recognize that and try to make it better. Then you are entitled to expect respect from the other side.

Cheers bud,

illyrianboy said...


illyrianboy said...

OK Macedon, first out of five citizens only one said that "perhaps" we will unify with Albania. And the actual number of Kosovars who would want that is few. So, don't get paranoic.

And, I don't think there should even be a debate about "changing" the flag. We are not changing anything. Every country should have its own symbols, and Kosova should have its own symbols too. No discussion about that. The only discussion that should take place, is what will those symbols look like?

The debate is wrongly put forward by KTV.


Prince of Albania said...

What is wrong with you, Albanians in this post? Changing the flag!!! Are you crazy???
If the Netherlands and Yugoslavia can have the same flag, if Ireland and Italy can have a similar flag, and if all the Arab nations can share the same colors, and on top of everything, if Serbia, Montenegro and Republika Srpska can have the same flag, why the hell can't we keep our own?
We are Albanians not "Kosovans"!!!
Serbs are a 5% minority in Kosovo and the other minorities account for less than 3% altogether and you want th whole state and all it's symbols to be neutral?
I don't see Macedonia changing it's flag on account of the 43% Albanian population there. Nor does Montenegro plan to appease their 7% Albanian community.
Stop being spineless and start being firm.
We are Albanians and we will waive the only flag we know, the Albanian flag!
We can still be two states living side by side and not have to unite but there is no compromise on the flag or our emblems, none whatsoever!
Tell a KLA soldier that you want to change the flag. Tell them that they bled for nothing and died for nothing. Tell them they sacrificed so we can come in and change the flag and the anthem to appease 7% of the population against the wishes of 97% of the population.
That is not democracy, that is appartheid!!!

Prince of Albania said...

Two corrections to the above post:

35% of the population of Macedonia are Albanian.

And if 7% of the population are minorities in Kosovo that leaves a 93% majority.

Just misstyped them from typing fast.

Nonetheless, no change to the flag of the nation of Kosova!!!

illyrianboy said...

Prince of Albania,

I said the only discussion should be "what will the symbols look like?" And that includes having a same flag with that of Albania.


Kosovar2006 said...

No way can anyone suggest changing the flag. I am Albanian of Kosovan origin that makes me a KOSOVAR but first I am SHQIPTAR and proud of it. If UN insists in different flag well we might consider changing the shades of red.

The quicker Kosova gets independence,The quicker Balkan nations enter EU (so that borders do'nt really matter) The quicker Albanian get equal rights in Greece, Serbian&Montenegro. Macedonians have done well with giving albanins their rights I think.
The quicker the Greater Albania theme will disappear.
I am still concerned about the Kosova independence issue at the moment. One mistake that UN can make is ignoring the majority in Kosova which want full independence. They have to really think carefully and not full into Serbians (and its allies) political illusions
Biggest loser will be EU if there is another conflict in the Balkans

PejaCity said...

We shoould have the same FLAG, regerdless what other thinks! They are not Albanians wtf do they know about our flag history!

Visit Prishtina said...

For your information, Romania (Europe) and Chad (Central Africa) have identical flags. Needless to say, both are members of the United Nations.

Check the story out: click here

In other words, Kosova and Albania can (and should) have the same flag, i.e. the most beautiful flag in the world!

Chris Blaku said...

The unification of Albanian lands is an irreversible process that is not extremist or radical in its element, but rather a natural reaction to the illegal recreation of Albania's borders in the conferences of 1878 and 1913.

Although this is an idea present on the minds of all parties involved, our immediate goal is the independence of Kosova and the progression of Albanian and European unity.

However taboo this may be to mention, the Serbians themselves will create the precedent for such a reunification with their inevitable annexation of Republika Sprska from Bosnia. It is natural and unavoidable folks, but the Albanian lands will be rejoined.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

OK I am starting to really hate kosovars. And its hard for me to hate Albanians but when I hear things like we should have our own flag and anthem I want to be a serbian soldier for a minute because kosovars are ALBANIAN... Albania is the country that you guys are. Kosovo is a name given to you by serbs and you want to be called by it? If kosovo does not plan on joining Albania as well as Cameria and the rest then they are traitors to themselves they are peices of shit. Regardless to what I just said there are many many many Kosovars (including close friends of mine)who dream of greater Albania and those are the real Albos who know what they are. I realize it wont happen right away and that the rest of the world does no want it because of fear of attacks on other neighboring countries but we are albanians and we should be together in OUR country ALBANIA!

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with Prince of Albania about not changing the symbol of our Albanian race. It's understandable that the flag can not be the same as the original Albanian flag but it should still have the eagle and the colors of red and black. As a democratic nation we should be able to choose our own flag and not accept something that is given to use without our acceptance. The world does not understand the true history of Kosova or the Albanian's otherwise they would have not come up with such a ridiculous idea of removing the eagle.

We as Albanian's have to understand that it's God that has given all humans freedom and not some foreign nation(s). We have to stop waiting for other nations to give us freedom and liberty; we have to take it our selves.

Ilyria said...

Lutem shume qe Flamuri mos te ndryshoje shume, jemi te mesuar me ate Flamur shekuj me radhe, mirepo meqense duhet pa tjeter te kete ndonje ndryshim, atehere kishte me qene mire qe ndryshimi te mos jet i madhe. Ja nje ide e imja qe kemi biseduar rreth kesaj se bashku me djalin tim Vigjilentin. Flamuri te mbetet ashtu siq eshte, mirepo mbi kokat e shqiponjes te vehen kurora te arta ( si kurora e mbretit ) Ju lutem shume merreni parasyshe kete ide. Me nderime Iliriana dhe Vigjilenti.

Anonymous said...

kosova, albanian, cameria, and macadona will one day come together and form a greater Albaina... we must not change the flag of Kosova because many kla toopers died for that flag and the land and everything that represnts us albanians and our culture... RED AND BLACK WITH THE ALBANINA EAGLE IS THE ONE AND THE ONLY FLAG THAT US ALBANIANS REGARDLESS OF WHAT COUNTRY WE LIVE IN IS THE ONLY FLAG WE EXCEPT TO BE OURS.... people have died for that flog for more then 100 years of war to come were we have come today....... rofte shpiera e madhe, shpieria, kosova, krejt vendeit shpitar

serbovka said...

Anonymous said...

Albania is composed by more than four Ilirian Entities.
All of them speaks Ilirian language but with different dialects. Three first has a very distinct Ilirian dialect named GEGE and the rest has another Ilirian dialect named TOSKE.
On 1912 they united in one single state and agreed to be named Eagle’s Land. SHQIPERIA.
The foreign “SKOLARS” named Albania based on the name of only one of the Entities.
This was not only Ignorance but also a big mistake of these “very educated Scolars“.
The situation then was so critical for SHQIPETARET, so they accepted any injustice and compromise. This was the big price they pay to gain the independence. Of course many other Ilirian entities was ignored. This has been done in purpose to use Ilirian territories as a trade merchandise to please slavics, which in return were used in two wars. The Slavics paid their price. They lost 56 million people 1908 – 1946. Ilirian paid bigger price. They were spread over 5 different states.
Kosovare (Dardanian) now is your turn. There is no room for more mistakes. The Albanian flag is the flag of SHQIPERIA. You are not Albanian either SHQIPETAR.
You are Dardanian. It is true that you speak a similar Ilirian dialect as LABEATET, but you are not SHQIPTAR or ALBANIAN. You are DARDANIAN. The only common thing between you and Albanian is that you to are Ilirian. But ILIRIAN confederate still it doesn’t exist. Please get your Flag, your Hymn and forget Albania for now.

Anonymous said...

We all are Albanians or Illyrians. We are one race, one face, one blood, one gene we all are the sons of eagle. We all live and scarifies for each other we will always stand together, we very well know and our values, culture, tradition, our greatest hero
GEORGE CASTRIOTI. We know our enemies and we know our brothers. We love the land of eagles and we all will die for our land of eagles. Erald Mziu ldn

Anonymous said...

I think the red white black flag that was proposed looks a lot like the old german flags that were en vogue when Hitler ascended to power.

kosovo will not survive as an independant country. It will become part of Albania very quickly. This, in fact is an illegal demarche from the beginning till the end. The serbs in kosovo will now have to declare THEIR territotial independance in Kosovo, and a new nation will be born (again).

Why do "kosovans" have the rights that the Basks, the Flemish, Corsicans and Cypriotes haven't?

Because NATO showed that it will break the law to preserve its interests in Kosovo?

And what about the german territories in Poland?

We're getting into a new era of nationbuilding, mark my words.

How can you declare "independance" and wave another nation's flag?

This is ridiculously dangerous World war 3 is on its way.

Anonymous said...

Kosova is Albania and will always be. The independence is just a step towards Greater Albania! Kosova is almost there, next stop is Cameria!

What most Serbs dont realize is that, even that your so claimed history has happened in Kosovo, it has happened in a foreign country. Kosovo has been Albania since 4th century BC.

Serbs are sllavic people, and came to our place, you cannot claim something to be yours, if you emigrated to that country. So I ask you to respect Kosovo, and be opened minded to a future Greater Albania, and a future Balcan Power, because it is imminent!

Pa Kosov e Cameri, nuk ka Shqiperi!

Anonymous said...

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