Friday, November 18, 2005

UNMIK chief slams Serbian president's Kosovo partition proposal

Prishtina [Pristina], 18 November: If Serbian President Boris Tadic said that Kosova [Kosovo] could be divided, then he made a statement that is in contradiction with the entire world, the head of UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo], Soeren Jessen-Petersen, said.

He reconfirmed the stance of the international community that there will be no division of Kosova. "I do not know exactly what Tadic said in Moscow. But if media reports are accurate, because they are not always accurate, then he gave a statement which is in contradiction with the clear stance of the UN Security Council, Contact Group, and the European Union because everyone keeps saying that there will be no division of Kosova," Jessen-Petersen emphasized.

Jessen-Petersen's statement comes only one day after the Kosova media cited Tadic as saying that if the status talks lead Kosova towards independence, then Serbia will have a new plan - the plan for the division of Kosova.

Speaking on the resolution passed yesterday by the parliament, Jessen-Petersen evaluated it as a responsible decision of the parliament. "I said yesterday that the Assembly has shown responsible. It has provided a mandate to the delegation of Kosova as the basis for its platform for the upcoming status talks. This is the role of the Assembly and, what is more important, the Assembly has acted in accordance with its mandate and responsibilities," he said, adding that it does not belong to him to comment on the resolution's content.

Source: KosovaLive website, Pristina, in English 18 Nov 05


Chris Blaku said...

How unusual is it for Serbia to defy the will of the World? Why is such action regarded as outrageous in a world where Serbia is responsible for the death of a quarter million people for its own territorial greed? Has the World forgotten that Milosevic did not single handedly pull the trigger on every individual, but was aided and supported by his nation, who have seen fit to elect Milosevic's party to form the majority in Serbian Parliament? Where is the outrage at the radical elements at work within Serbia today?

openyoureyes said...

It is safe to say that serbs have no intrest in talks unless everyone agrees with them. It is also aparent that serbs war first and talk later. I am not for war but let the serbs know that they are surounded in the balkans by countries that are truely democratic. An that they look at serbia as a soldier with post war sindrome. The balkans are united but serbia is alone divided. It is still carring the milosavic dream of a grater serbia. But this time it will be differant! No more untrained farmers/soldiers to fight. So unless russia is ready to back serbia from its nighburs and allies. Come to think of it. It almost make sence. This maybe the changing of the world that the holy books talk of. Lets just hope and pray that what is to fallow is an iternity of peace.