Monday, November 28, 2005

Drnovsek in Favour of Union of Independent Serbia, Montenegro

Podgorica, 28 November (STA) - President Janez Drnovsek has reiterated his

advocacy of a union of two independent countries in place of the current

Serbia-Montenegro in talks with Montenegrin PM Milo Djukanovic and

Parliament Speaker Ranko Krivokapic.

It would make sense to revive this idea, Drnovsek said, reiterating the

stance that he took in talks earlier on Monday with Montenegrin President

Filip Vujanovic, according to sources in the Slovenian delegation.

This process could have a beneficial impact on the situation in

Montenegro, Drnovsek told Djukanovic. In talks with Speaker Krivokapic,

Drnovsek said this is a possible step towards a stable and long-term


Meanwhile, Krivokapic is reported as having said that the development of

democracy in Montenegro is connected with the path towards independence.

He also drew parallels with the situation in Slovenia prior to its

declaration of independence.

Drnovsek's talks also touched on Kosovo, as the president's visit provoked

protests in Podgorica today against his endorsement of Kosovo independence.

His visit moreover received a lukewarm response from PM Janez Jansa, who

said that after talks with Serbia-Montenegro President Svetozar Marovic,

"I do not expect any negative consequences to arise from this visit."

"Marovic told me his side would also try to draw the most positive results

from it," PM Jansa said. He also stressed that positive solutions are being

considered upon the referendum on the status of Montenegro, most likely to

take place next year.

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