Friday, November 11, 2005

Slovene Foreign Ministry advises president against Kosovo visit

Text of report in English by Slovene news agency STA

Ljubljana, 11 November: The Foreign Ministry has advised President Janez Drnovsek against visiting Kosovo on Saturday [12 November]. However, the president says his visit will go ahead nonetheless.

The Foreign Ministry advised against the visit because the head of the UN Mission to Kosovo (UNMIK) Soeren Jessen-Petersen is not expected to be in the province on Saturday, the ministry told STA.

According to the ministry, the president's foreign policy adviser Ivo Vajgl asked the ministry to give its opinion on the visit.

Meanwhile, Drnovsek has already said he intends to visit the province in spite of the ministry's advice.

Drnovsek is expected to visit several Orthodox monasteries in the predominantly Albanian province as part of his visit.

According to the president's office, Drnovsek will visit those religious and historical sites that would be granted special protection under his Kosovo status plan. The visit has been arranged in cooperation with the leadership of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

"After all, I will be the guest of the Serb Orthodox Church and I think this in itself is a gesture that, I hope, will lead to positive things," Drnovsek told public broadcaster TV Slovenija.

President Drnovsek, who will be accompanied by his foreign policy adviser Ivo Vajgl, is also scheduled to hold talks with high representatives of the UNMIK.

Source: STA news agency, Ljubljana, in English 1905 gmt 11 Nov 05

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arianit said...

Slovene Foreign Ministry is too concerned about the Slovene investments in Serbia. On the other hand, Drnovsek is proving himself a bold politician once again, just like in the days when he stood up to that sad bully that today sits in Hague. Kudos!