Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Rohan: A negotiations conference on Kosovo would immediately fail (Zëri)

Zëri quotes unnamed diplomats as saying that UN status envoy Martti Ahtisaari and his deputy Albert Rohan will visit Pristina on Monday. “It still has not been confirmed whether they will stay in Pristina for two or three days,” added the diplomat. During the visit, Ahtisaari will meet the Kosovo Negotiations Team, the head of UNMIK, the COMKFOR and political representatives of Kosovo Serbs.

In an interview for Deutsche Welle, Albert Rohan was quoted as saying, “For a complex problem such as Kosovo it is meaningless to hold a conference of negotiations that would fail in the first two hours. This is why the first round of talks will consist of a round of visits to the Balkans, not only to Belgrade and Pristina, but also Tirana, Skopje and Podgorica… In the beginning we will listen to their positions and then call on them not to insist on their demands

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