Tuesday, November 08, 2005

MUP attacks KPS (Express)

Express writes on the front page that there was an exchange of fire that lasted for one hour between six uniformed Serbian hunters, who were dressed in MUP (Ministry of Internal Affairs) uniforms and the KPS in Obiliq.

The paper says that the hunters went within the fence of Kosova B Power Plant where they eventually got arrested by KPS officers. There were no injuries, and after the interrogations, their hunting weapons got confiscated and they were released.


Visit Prishtina said...

"...and they were released."

What? I don't believe this for a second.

Anyhow, What is there to hunt in Kastriot?

Frankly, this story makes no sense to me.

Visit Prishtina said...
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fauna said...

Wow... what nice treatment for the minorities. They even let minority criminals loose.

Chris Blaku said...

Had they been apprehended and punished in any way, courageous Europe and its righteous partners Russia and China would have cried for the heads of the evil Kosovar Albanians.

It is pathetic that a people representing less than 5% of an underfunded territory/nation's population are allotted such consideration both politically, socially and economically. The basic arrogance lies within the inability of the West and the World to understand that such a disproportionate societial structure is bound to lead to difficulties in governance.