Friday, November 11, 2005

Resolution on independence at the Assembly on 17 November (Dailies)

Dailies report that the Assembly of Kosovo is going to raise the Resolution on Independence for endorsement in its session on 17 November. Dailies also report that PDK senior official Hydajet Hyseni has offered his resignation from the post of head of the Assembly Committee for Legal Issues, because his suggestions have not been included in the Resolution text.

Express reports that the parliamentary groups have agreed to declare once again the independence of Kosovo. The writes that according to UNMIK Information Director, Hua Jiang, the SRSG has said on several occasions that the resolution should serve as a guide for the Negotiations Team during the process of status talks. However, says the paper, the preamble of the Resolution has not a single word on the explanation that the SRSG had asked for. Jiang further said that she believed there will be more work on the draft resolution.

Zëri writes that the yesterday’s developments about the Resolution have raised concern among foreign offices in Kosovo.

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