Friday, November 18, 2005

Kosovo: Casualty count in Strpce market bombing rises to four

Text of report by Radio-Television Kosovo TV on 17 November

[Announcer] Four persons were wounded by an explosion today at Shterpce [Strpce] market. There are no suspects, and the police are continuing investigations.

[Reporter] The explosion of a device placed under a truck here at Shterpce market left four persons wounded. A large number of Kosova [Kosovo] Police Service officers and Kfor [Kosovo Force] forces are at the scene and are conducting a detailed investigation. The explosive device was placed under the truck of an Albanian merchant who was working here and the other three were Serbs, innocent bystanders. The health of the four injured is stable.

[Kosovo Protection Corps Lt Stojan Donic in Serbian with Albanian voiceover] The names of the wounded cannot be revealed because of the ongoing investigation. All I can say is that their lives are not in danger, their wounds do not present a threat to their lives. I have to stress that it still unknown what kind of explosive device we are dealing with here.

[Reporter] The town's municipal president, Stanko Rakovljevic, said that schools and all other institutions are not going to work tomorrow to give time to the investigative units to clarify the case. On Monday [21 November] they will request official reports on the security situation.

[Shterpce deputy president Hamdi Aliu] One thing is known: that there are groups and men in uniform and different services that are illegally operating in many parts of Kosova and especially in Shterpce.

Source: RTK TV, Pristina, in Albanian 1830 gmt 17 Nov 05


teuta1 said...

way to go shiftars...kill those serbs one at a should be rid of all of them by what? 2010?

Visit Prishtina said...

You loser,

You are so blinded by hate that you can't even read properly.

Would you be so kind and show me where in the report did you read that a person was killed?

The Albanian's property (truck) was damaged, so maybe, just maybe, the Kosovar Albanian man was the target. Serbs were bystanders and possible were not the target.

Disappear like Copperfield now!

PejaCity said...

This is made by serbs no doubt, they know if they start shit the Indepdence will waite some years... filthy animals!

armera said...

No Albanian on earth that can count to ten would do anything to harm the most precious thing of all Freedom. Considering the target was an Albanian truck, and this is happening in a territory where the absolute majority of population are Serbs, it is very hard for me to believe that this act was committed by Albanians.

Teuta1, thanks for coming up, because of you and yours alike there is no doubt in my mind that we are going to be independent by June next year.

I on the other hand believe that Kosovar Serbs should enjoy freedom in Kosova, therefore be equal citizens and fulfill their duties. I mean every freedom comes with responsibilities. For example they should start thinking about participating in election so they have representatives in legislation, pay their bills, taxes etc.

Good examples for them are other minorities, like Turks, Bosnjaks, Croats, Roma etc. After all there is more to Kosova then just Albanians and Serbs.


Chris Blaku said...

The Albanians have not demonstrated terrorist elements or organizational structure, something the Serbian Government has perfected.

As a matter of fact, state sponsored terrorism was created by the post World War 2 Yugoslav Government, which encouraged and armed its Serbian colonists in Kosova to actively expel Albanians. Moreover, the Black Hand Serbian terrorist organization started World War 1 with its assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo, and they are still very active, particularly in Kosova.

Also, remember, it was Serbian nationalism that caused four wars in a decade, not the heavily-demonized Albanians.

Chris Blaku said...

Post World War 1 Yugoslav Government created modern state sponsored terrorism, not World War 2*

teuta1 said...

Kosovo militant group threatens attack ahead of UN-sponsored talks

Nov 18, 2005 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- A Kosovo Albanian militant group
styling itself on the Kosovo Independence Army (KIA) is
threatening to attack the provincial capital of Pristina ahead of the UN-sponsored Kosovo status talks.

"It is very likely that the city of Pristina, whose institutions are under the control of the modern occupier, will be
the target of our independence forces starting on Wednesday, Nov.
23," said a KIA statement carried by local media.

"We are now waiting on a signature from the army's commander, Admiral Luidiji. The military operations will begin in Pristina
and will be led by General Ozoni," the statement said.

It also called on members of the Kosovo Police Service and
Kosovo Protection Corps to join the KIA and support them with all
their available resources.

"We believe that the UNMIK (the United Nations Mission in
Kosovo) forces will not only be unable to stop our operations, but
will be asking for a corridor to be made by our troops in order
for them to flee in shame," the statement said.

Kosovo has been under UN control since a NATO-led bombing
campaign in 1999 forced the withdrawal of Serbian troops from the province.

But tensions remained high, with the local ethnic Albanians
demanding independence, a move rejected by Belgrade.

In the recent weeks, sporadic bomb blasts and shootings have
been reported in the troubled province while unidentified gunmen
are repeatedly warning the Kosovo institutions must not get in the
way of the will of the Kosovo people.

The latest attack threat came ahead of UN envoy Martti
Ahtisaari's visit to Kosovo on Monday to help determine whether it
is given independence or remains part of Serbia.

Copyright 2005 XINHUA NEWS AGENCY.

Chris Blaku said...

Teuta, were those that frequent this blog driven blindly by articles written in bias, they may have perhaps been swayed by your mindless pasting of an article that bears no relevance to the actual events taking place on the ground in Kosova. The fact that extremism is nearly non existent in Kosova speaks volumes for the people of that territory and their integrity, particuarly due to the common extremism of their neighbors, the Serbians and Macedonians.

Were you to do some further research, you would also find that the strongest terrorist group in the Balkans is the Serbian Black Hand organization, which is quite active in such ambitions as the retention of Kosova within Serbia, and the annexation of the Serb Republic in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Their past accomplishments included the politicalization of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the start of World War 1, and the direct rise of the Chetnik Nationalists to power following the fall of Tito. Great track record to work on.

arianit said...

souds like space opera to me.

Kosovar2006 said...

Teuta can I ask you something where will you be when Kosova gets independence, myself well
PARTTTTTYYYYYYYYYING in North of Mitrovica ohh yeah


Kosovar2006 said...


China following Serbian propaganda as usual. I know they are the most populated in the worl and you propably don't want to mess with them. All i have to say to them is SHSHSHSHHHHHHH keep quite and stay where you are.

teuta bring some intellegent serbs in here to actually put up a good argument or is that too much to ask.