Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Serbia President Warns Of Strife If Kosovo Seeks Independence

MOSCOW (AP)--Serbian President Boris Tadic warned Tuesday of the risk of renewed conflict if Kosovo's ethnic Albanians seek an independent state.

"I am absolutely against destabilization of the Balkan peninsula," Tadic said at the start of a Kremlin meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

The Serbian president was on a three-day visit to Russia for talks on bilateral relations as well as the prickly issue of the future of Kosovo.

The U.N. has administered Kosovo since the 1999 North Atlantic Treaty Organization air war that halted ex-president Slobodan Milosevic's crackdown on ethnic Albanian separatists there. Negotiations over the enclave's status are to start later this month under the direction of a U.N. mediator.

Belgrade, which has close historical ties with mostly Slavic, Orthodox Christian Russia, is hoping Moscow might help keep Kosovo within Serbia- Montenegro. But the province's ethnic Albanians want full independence.

Putin asked Tadic how many of Kosovo's Serbs were driven out of their homes by the 1999 conflict, and Tadic said it was about 200,000.

Putin responded that when ethnic Albanians fled their homes in 1999 "it was seen as a great humanitarian catastrophe...now everybody is silent."

His comments were in line with statements by Russian diplomats who have supported the Serbian perspective on the situation.


arianit said...

Is that a threat with violence from a "democratic" president?

Dardan said...

The only violence you will see is if some Serbian Army general decides to attempt and re-enter Kosova.

...and that, will be very stupid!

Serbs will face painful consequences if they do such a stupid thing.

Kosovar2006 said...

Well I could be diplomatic and put a really nice long comment in here but no Im just gonna say


Remeber Kosovar albanians are on their feet now.

illyrianboy said...

If the Russian president doesn't know how many Serbs left Kosovo after 1999, what does that tell you? THEY DON't CARE ABOUT SERBIA!

The 200,000 number is exaggerated.

And yes, this is a threat. But it is OK! Now NATO knows that they have to prepare. And Albanians understand there is a possibility of Serbian army trying to enter Kosovo. I don't think it is necessary to mention how stupid that would be.

Visit Prishtina said...

First of all, Tadic knows too well that he is not in a position to threaten anyone. This is just a political move that amounts to a big nothing.

Tadic also knows that for Serbia, Kosova was lost in June 1999. He and Serbia can do very little, if anything, to stop Kosova from gaining its independence. The only way to stop Kosova from gaining its independence is if Kosovars (the politicial leadership) 'lose' Kosova. That is, lose international support for the independence by acting irresponsibly, by raising the tensions in the region in response to threats such as this, and so on.

So, I believe, that the best way for the Kosovars to responde to Tadic's statements is to stay calm and reasonable.

To Tadic I would say this, Kosova has been seeking its independence since 1990 when the Kosovar parliament declared the independence. Serbia could not stop Kosova from seeking its independence then, and today you can do even less in that direction.

Therefore, I am going to sleep tonight very calm knowing that there is no Serb police outside, I can go to work tomorrow without fear, and in the meantime, I will breath the fresh air of the free Kosova.

Goodnight everyone!

P.S. In Nicholas Burns We Trust!

arianit said...

Amen to that!