Wednesday, November 30, 2005

15 Companies Put Up for Sale in Kosovo

PRISTINA, Serbia-Montenegro (AP) - Kosovo's sunflower oil producer, a brick maker, a pipe factory and two hotels were among 15 state firms put up for sale Wednesday in hopes of boosting the economy in the disputed province.

The Kosovo Trust Agency launched the 11th round of privatization in an effort to sell the companies, which were once owned by their workers and managers under a system set up during communist-era Yugoslavia.

The privatization agency, which has advertised the companies on its Web site, is hoping 16 new firms will be created when the sales are completed.

Privatization is among the most sensitive issues in Kosovo, which was placed under U.N. administration in 1999 following NATO air strikes that ended a Serb crackdown on independence-seeking ethnic Albanians.

The process of privatization in Kosovo is complex in part because it is unclear whether Kosovo will become independent or remain part of Serbia-Montenegro, the successor state of Yugoslavia. Serbia's authorities have fiercely opposed the privatizations.

The Kosovo Trust Agency, the U.N. entity responsible for privatizing the enterprises and putting them on solid legal footing, wants private entrepreneurs to assume the risk of modernizing the industries.

The companies are considered inefficient and dilapidated after years of neglect.


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Ed said...

Hi, I'm planning a trip to Kosovo (Pristina) for the new year. Would anyone, either on this website or reading this be able to help me with cheap accomodation.

Thanks, Ed Alexander

Visit Prishtina said...

Tung Ed,

There is a Bed & Breakfast in Velania neighbourhood (close to where President Rugova lives) called "Guesthouse Velania", also known to locals as "Pansion Professor" Any cab (taxi) driver in town should know about it.

In October, the price was 10/12 Euros a night. Not sure if it will be the same price for winter holidays.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy your stay!

arianit said...

Check out this page

The info is slightly out of date. Prishtina isn't bustling with internatitonionals like it used to be before, but it's still more expensive then other parts of Kosova.

dave said...

whats up ed!
i'm gonna be in prishtina for new years as well visiting some friends. get in touch if you wanna go for a beer (or qaj - tea) while you're there.
if you can ski or snowboard and if there's snow in the mountains (just ask around), then i would recommend going to brezovica around new years. there's often some parties going on out there during that time. again though, ask around.
otherwise, my understanding is that most kosovars spend the first part of the evening (dec 31) at home with family, then everyone heads out to the bars and clubs right after midnight to party all night. apparently this goes on for a few days.
i've also heard that there's supposed to be some sort of music festival happening in gjakova during that time, so there should be plenty to do!
feel free to chime in with some info here guys. any other ideas for this time period?
**sorry this got so off-topic, but this info is probably interesting for some of the people reading this blog. =)

the-ilirian said...

Hi everybody…this has nothing to do with this particular report but rather I would just like to send a quick message in relation to some comments a couple of intellectuals called Ali Pasha and kosovar2006 made to an earlier report where I commented.

I would just like to ask if you guys were born and raised in a western country or not. It’s no big deal if you weren’t. It’s just that I am positively convinced that if you were, I believe you wouldn’t be saying what you guys have written. Please do not think I am some kind of islamophobe because I’m not. I‘m only saying that Islam is bad for Albanians. In fact I am so positive that it is bad for us that would wish it upon all of our enemies (the people that hate Albanians and would like to see them removed from the planet). I am in no way saying or promoting that Albanians should become Christians either unless they want to, because if it were up to me I would like to see all the foreign religions and cultures completely removed from Albanian society, that's all. Look, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am not Christian or of any other confession. In fact, my grand dad was a Haxhi if you would like to know. I’m just your average non-religious Albanian with western points of view who dearly hopes that one day all Albanians will see the light and come back home to Western Europe, where we truly belong so we can all progress in the right direction. So...wakey wakey boys and girls, wake up to yourselves and please stop it with the…”I love my muslin brothers and sisters” or the “I love my Christian brothers and sisters” hogwash! Wake up and smell the roses! An d know this...Every new mosque that has or is being built in the Albanian territories is another nail in our coffin!

Bye bye boys and girls.
The Ilirian

Kosovar2006 said...

As I have said before the Ilirian keep religion out of these discussions..

'Every new mosque that has or is being built in the Albanian territories is another nail in our coffin!'what your are scared so that Bush wouldnt put on his terorist list(simply dont give a fuck what he thinks)

New mosque are needed thats why, read about islam and go talk to your grandad and ask why he chose these religion. Well for me it keeps me safe from todays world, Inside I'm in peace and I have a reason why I live etc,etc.Can i mention Enver Hoxha's father was an imam'hoxhe' too but he was the most anti-islam person in Albanian history.

Religion is personal, you didnt want it in politics well thats fine we took it out of polistics. But now your are trying to take it of the communities whats next my house. I know thats the plan,

For your information yes I have been brought up in the West,but my blood is still albanian blood, and I have a religion (a beliver) I love my country more then anything My life.I will dedicate my life for my country even if that includes with a pen,spade or AK47. I will not sell it to the international community or the west like you do. Albania is for albanians. Even though I totally disagree with atheism (non-beliver) if thats your view I totally respected hopefully your find the truth, I wouldnt attack it or insult it (I dont blame Europe or The west or Marlin Manson for bringing this to our country). Stop contradicting yourself by saying islam is the worst thing ever and saying you are not islamophobic. My friend that is islamophobia when you hated and don't want to see it exist and your will go as far as possible to destroy it.There are British islamophobics,Italian Islamophobic etc etc you are Albanian islamophobic.

Now, peace be upon you my friend

Keep discussions related to the article and not go in circles mentioning islam and how 'bad' it is and how we werent muslims and how we should be christian or monkeys or atheist it personal dude leave it alone

Now we have a job to do convince the international community that we deserve independence and we have respect for others.