Friday, November 25, 2005

Surroi: We see borders as symbols not as walls (Koha Ditore)

ORA leader Veton Surroi has said that there will be no compromise with the independence of Kosovo.

“If there will be changes in the ethnic borders, partition of Kosovo’s territory, then we will ask for changes in the FYROM and in Presevo Valley, meaning we will ask for national unification.” Surroi made these comments in a meeting with party officials, citizens and representatives from Medvedja and Bujanoc in Gjilan/Gnjilane on Wednesday night.

Surroi called the process of status negotiations as the most important challenge in the history of Kosovo. “The importance of historical decisions obliges us to take part in the Negotiations Team building a consensus despite our political differences.”

Talking about post-status challenges, Surroi said challenges to come after the solution of the status are education, health and the economy which have not been an issue so far because of the status of Kosovo.

Surroi said the status of Kosovo was going to be “independence plus”, meaning that Kosovo will be involved in international structures, especially the EU.

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