Friday, November 18, 2005

Kosovo armed group threatens attacks against UN

PRISTINA, Serbia-Montenegro, Nov 18 (AFP) -

An armed Kosovo separatist group has threatened to attack UN institutions next week in the run-up to talks on the future of the province, local media reported Friday.

The self-styled Army for Kosovo Independence (UPK) said in a press release that "everything is ready for such an operation" directed at the "modern occupation" of the United Nations Mission (UNMIK).

The Kosovo parliament Thursday adopted a resolution backing autonomy for the southern Serbian province but stopped short of voting through a declaration of independence after strong pressure from the international community.

"The citizens of Kosovo have to stay calm," the UPK statement said. "UNMIK's forces will not have the possibility to resist."

Police spokesman Refki Morina declined to comment on the statement as police had not received a copy. He said: "The KPS (Kosovo Police Service) will continue to keep control over the security situation in the capital with the same rhythm."

Kosovo, which remains a part of Serbia, has been a UN protectorate since NATO intervention six and a half years ago halted a war between forces under the command of then Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic and Albanian separatists.


Kosovar2006 said...

Maybe a new style of military. You never ever tell when you'll attack capital city especially when it is a gaurilla army. That's why I'm a bit suspisions if this is a real organisation or just bunch of guys.
Will have to wait and see

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Such brave lads - threatening to "take on" the UNMIK occupation, which "will not have the possibility to resist".

No mention of KFOR. Pretty laughable organization, when even their threats are cowardly.

Irish_V said...

We have to realise that this time round using force is not an option. It would be much better to focus the energies in wising up our political leaders. Although the way the statement has been compiled, it wouldn't surprise me if it was conceived somewhere in Belgrade.

Irish V.

Kosovar2006 said...

I think it could actually be a fabrication of Belgrade, because the statements are coming out first from news agesnies such BETA and B92

It's not time for force at the moment leave it to the politicians first see how they handle it.

armera said...

Well lads,

Kosovars have spoken. We did elect our leaders, and parliament. This negotiation body results directly from that and represents us.

I think you should pay more attention to these representatives then someone who threatens through electronic media.

No Albanian is crazy to take UNMIK, we see international forces as people that left their families and came to our country to help us build a better place to live, not only for Albanians but for all Kosovar citizens.

Cheer up we have tough times ahead of us, we have no time to waste.

Chris Blaku said...

This organization does not speak for the will or motives of the Kosovar population, and may be considered a radical element opposed to the peaceful negotiations and co-existance of a multi-ethnic Kosovar state in 2006. Of course, the Serbians will attempt to portray them as representatives of the Kosovar will and possibley convey an Islamist tie to them, however, the international community has long been aware of Serbian deceit and that ship has sailed.

teuta1 said...

LMAO---all Serbs are war criminals in this blog, but all shiftars aren't extremists--hilarious. Talk about racist hatred.

These are your HEROES! They are going to unite all your peoples...and should they attack UNMIK, begin your national suicide....the thought is so rediculous, you can't believe that your own would do such a thing. Serbs don't have to stir up trouble, they can rely on albanian heroes to do it faithfully....

Kosovar2006 said...
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Kosovar2006 said...

Teuta which planet are you calling from.

All I know is that independence is coming one way or another within 12 months.

Don't Serbs just wish this attack took place they could have some of their international community on their side.

Im not saying much more just wait and see. No doubt Prishtina residence are sleeping well Business as usual, unlike when serbs attacked city or village which they targeted civilains to revenge their losses in the battlefield with KLA

Chris Blaku said...

Teuta your arrogance belittles even your stupidity, truely. The supposed armed Kosovar group does not speak for the ambitions nor the will of the Kosovar people, for if they did their numbers would exceed 2 million, rather than a few dozen, if even that. You arrogantly base the opinion of all Kosovars on the extremists that may not even exist.

It is against the interests of the Albanians, who are widely perceived to achieve independence from Serbia in one form or another this year, to engage foreign troops in battle. It is in the interests of the Serbians, however, to display a renagade group of Albanians as hostile in order to gain leverage in the province. It is not unusual for the Serbians to pull devious stunts such as this, as one remembers their cease fires and Srebrnica massacres from Bosnia as an indication of their good will.

Kosovar2006 said...

This is very risky times. Its a make or break situation.That us hope this group don't do anything stupid but I can see why they are angry at presnt UNMIK adminitration. I have published an article in albanian in my blog that makes me very angry as well

Kosovar2006 said...

Well its Wednesday Nothing happened im still waiting though