Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Goldberg: Resolution on Independence unilateral, US against it (Dailies)

All daily newspapers cover yesterday’s meeting between the US Head of Office Philip Goldberg and Kosovo Assembly Speaker Nexhat Daci. The meeting focussed on the Resolution for Independence. According to the press, Goldberg said the Resolution was a unilateral step, unacceptable to the US and that it would question the entire negotiations process.

“As it now stands this resolution, in my opinion, as well at that of my Government, presents a unilateral step at a time when we are entering a multilateral process that will determine the future status of Kosovo,” Goldberg is quoted as saying on the front page of Zëri.

Zëri also quotes UNMIK DPI Director Hua Jiang as saying, “The Assembly has democratic rights to adopt the resolution, but the decision on status will be made in the process of talks by the international community, Pristina and Belgrade.”

Express says on the front page that Daci agrees that we must not break relations with the international community.

Will the Kosovo Assembly violate the will of its people? asks Epoka e Re on its front page.

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Kosovar2006 said...

Well The Kosova parliment is going ahead with the resolution. Thank god they actuall going for this it will just show that it is not a puppet goverment of UNMIK

'US against it'
I cannot help wondering WHY?

Ill speak to you tommorow and see what has happened