Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Fatmir Limaj, Former Commander of the KLA Freed of All Charges from the Hague Tribunal...developing


Dardan said...

This is great news!

This proves to the world that the only terrorists in Kosov@ were the Serbian paramilitaries, police and army.

Visit Prishtina said...

Anyone who followed "Limaj et al" case, and has 1 gram of brain, would have known that Fatmir Limaj was clearly not guilt of any of the charges raised against him.

The prosecution could not prove a single charge in front of the court, and it was clear to see that Limaj was not guilty.

The only concern was a political decision by the court, to appease the radical Serbian public. However, these fears did not materialise and Limaj walks as a free man today -- stronger than before he went to the Hague!

Anonymous said...

jebite se svi mamu vam šiptarskuturnso