Friday, November 11, 2005

Situation in Kosovo critical, must be solved carefully -Clinton

PRAGUE, Nov 11 (CTK) - The situation in the south Serbian province of Kosovo is critical and must be solved very carefully, former U.S. president Bill Clinton said at the conference of the Club of Madrid in Prague today.

Clinton said that he has always supported the freedom of Kosovo.

He said that it is necessary to maintain two things in the province - the peace and respect for legitimate rights of the citizens, including the minorities.

He said that what the Serbs did to Kosovar Albanians was horrible but that the Albanians should not do the same in revenge.

Clinton was U.S. president from 1993 to 2001. Under his presidency, the Allies headed by the USA waged a war against former Yugoslavia in 1999 that resulted in the departure of Yugoslav troops from Kosovo which has now been under the administration of the United Nations.

Clinton said that mutual respect is necessary also in other parts of the world, for example between Christians and Muslims. Turkey should definitely join the EU because of this to become a defence wall against Islamic fundamentalism and terror, he added.

The Club of Madrid was established by former heads of state and government in Madrid in October 2001 at the end of an international conference on the transition to democracy. The present conference is its first event held outside of Spain.


tironsi said...
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tironsi said...

Wilson prevented all Albanian lands from being lost, and Clinton is helping Albanians keep what they have left.

Kosovar2006 said...

I wish Bush was like Clinton I wish Bush was like Carter we wouldnt be in a fucked situation as we are now in this world

Chris Blaku said...

Wilson recognized Albania as a nation rather than a geographical expression, as was Europe's argument.

The official stance of the United States is that Balkan policy is not dependent on specific administrations in office, but by the State Department. If you recall, it was George H.W. Bush that initially warned Milosevic of military action if he ventured into Kosova, and it was Clinton who made good on that promise years later.

George W. Bush ran for office on a policy of bringing troops home (obviously catering to his base, who believed the U.S. was overextended), however he has proven diligent in dealing with the Kosova problem behind the scenes, and dispatching a fairly high level official, Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns, to handle the situation. It is commendable to have someone of that stature dispatched to the region in the face of American overextension in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Clinton may have been more proactive, but Bush is getting the job done for Albanians just as well. Also, you can count on Bush for his arrogance against Russia and China, a strong plus for the Albanians.