Friday, November 11, 2005

Macedonia says independence likely for Kosovo

SKOPJE, Nov 11 (Reuters) - Serbia's disputed southern province of Kosovo is likely heading for a form of independence in U.N.-mediated negotiations about to begin, the prime minister of neighbouring Macedonia said on Friday.

In a fresh blow to Serbian hopes of keeping hold of the majority-Albanian province, Vlado Buckovski said he saw "conditional independence" as the likely outcome of talks. Talks are expected by the end of this month, but no date has been set.

"Kosovars want independence, not today but yesterday," he told Reuters.

"Belgrade has taken a major step forward by saying it is ready to negotiate on something more than autonomy but less than independence. Conditionally speaking, I translate that as conditional independence."

He said Albanians would have to earn it by guaranteeing the security and rights of the Serb minority.

"How will it be reached? If you ask me, through a very hard process, where some standards will have to be met."

Macedonia is the second former Yugoslav republic to predict independence for Kosovo, legally part of Serbia but run by the United Nations since the 1998-99 war.


Slovenian President Janez Drnovsek went one step further last month by advocating independence.

Belgrade promptly cancelled his scheduled visit the next day, in a sign of the diplomatic minefield awaiting U.N. envoy Martti Ahtisaari, who is expected to begin a first round of shuttle diplomacy before the end of November.

The United Nations took control of the province of 2 million people in 1999, after NATO bombing drove out Serb forces accused of killing 10,000 Albanian civilians in a two-year war with separatist guerrillas.

Albanians account for 90 percent of the population and reject any return to Serb rule. Serbia, which considers Kosovo its religious heartland, says they can have full autonomy, but not their own state.

Serb leaders warn of a domino effect across the Balkans if Kosovo Albanians get independence, not least among Albanians in Macedonia and Serbs in Bosnia.

But Buckovski said any solution that respected Macedonia's borders could not destabilise the country.

"For Macedonia, a stable Kosovo definitively means the stabilisation of the region."

His comments were in line with Western diplomats, who say a form of independence under international supervision is the most realistic option on the table.

(Additional reporting by Kole Casule)


ubitshiptar said...

kosvo can have their inderpendance on the condition that all the dirty albanian scum leave macedonia for that sounds ideal dont you think.....

Kosovar2006 said...

The only reason macedonia will accept Kosova indpendence because they are afraid of albanians starting a war in kosova and it will be the end of todays macedonia.
Ubishiptar well come and try.
They will never leave their homeland

Chris Blaku said...

Macedonians support Kosovar independence because of their newfound friendship with the growing strength of the Albanians in the Balkans. After Albanian guerillas brought down the Macedonian forces in 2001, the forced cease fire effectively saved Macedonia's borders. Macedonia is a tiny nation surrounded by enemies on all angles, and they have chosen to make a friend amongst the Albanians.

As per the first comment, the Macedonians of today are a peculiar mix of Serbians and Bulgarians, and have absolutely nothing to do with the Ancient Macedonians. Macedonians are of slavic descent and in the time of Alexander's ancient Macedonia there were no slavs in the Balkans, not for another 1200 years or so. You can claim the ancient lineage based on your hijacked name alone however the original inhabitants of your "nation" are the Albanians.

Macedon said...

Mister Chris Blaku I see you have an opinion on the origins of the Macedonians.That is nice to see,but are you willing to debate with other Macedonians about their origins.I ask you since you know so much about us and our history to please come to this website and become a member of our forum:

If you are as well spoken like our friend Chris you may join.If you think of coming in to this forum using vulgarities you will be immediately terminated.I hope to see you debating with soon Mister Blaku,if you're up to the challenge.

Chris Blaku said...

I do not stoop to the level of vulgarity, as there is no need for it in order to make my case. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to meet your challenge on the debate of Macedonian origins, however I can tell you that it is somewhat peculiar how an Ancient homogenous population to the region transformed into a Slav speaking people. Or perhaps, the Slav speaking people merely assumed the identity for lack of a better one available? The precedent had been set during Napoleon Europe, as the Slavs of the Balkans assumed the identity of Illyrian descendants until historians proved the title to belong to the Albanians instead.

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