Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Serbian MP: Serbia Must Follow Turkey’s Example When It Comes to Kosovo

elgrade. The chairman of the Commission for Kosovo with the Serbian parliament Dusan Prorokovic stated that when it comes to the issue about the province Serbia should follow Turkey’s example, which reacted really harsh with the very mentioning about the independence of Kurdistan, RTS reports.
“We should start behaving like Turkey – the way it behaves when someone mentions about the independence of Kurdisatn. If we had done that, we would not have found ourselves in the situation someone else to deal with our internal issues,” Prorokovic stated in an interview for the Novi Sad-based newspaper Dnevnik.
According to him, the independence of Kosovo is less and less probable due to the intervention of Belgrade.
“We reached to the level that we don’t talk about the final status of Kosovo as an independent state, but about a future status that would be established through negotiations”, Prorokovic pointed out.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone notices but Serbia is no Turkey. This behavior is no longer childish it is extremist. The world should fight this sort of extremism just like like it fights terrorist extermism.

Anonymous said...

Hah, you wish you could deal with Albanians like Turkey does with Kurds and Russia with Chechnya. Well, too bad this time the geo-political climate in our corner of the world doesn't allow that.

Anonymous said...

This guy is simply stupid. But what else do you expect from people who yell "SRBIJA DO TOKIJA" (Serbia all the way to Tokyo).

Chris Blaku said...

Serbia comparing itself to Turkey is laughable. The real comedy occurs when it is proclaimed that Kosova is Serbia's internal problem.

Anonymous said...

Indeed they did follow Turkey's example but they just forget that they were UNSUCCESSFUL. I sincerely don't know why are they ranting about - get over Kosova - it never was yours.

I have come to think of Serbs like some ugly guys who refuse to be refused by a girl and thus want to rape her. The fact of the matter is that you are ugly.

Anonymous said...

Would somebody remind these fools that they lost the war so now they need to play stupid and just shut up.

Anonymous said...

Now who's being foolish here?

The war is not over yet!

A Kosovar Albanian concerned over the naivity of his own people.

Anonymous said...

I am having hard time to understand the point of the previous comment. If you are just trying to show how ignorant and naive you are than congratulations, I believe you now.

What war is not over yet DH? You mean the one where we kicked serbian criminals out of Kosova? Boy you are so wrong. There is no chance WHATSOEVER that Serbia will come back to Kosova again.

Go watch Brooklyn Connection and grow up.

Anonymous said...

One of these years, I hope both sides will accept openly the fact that they are at the same part of the world - but understand they are not the world!
Reading stupid comments of the stupid person who never leaves the impression on anyone-because everyone knows how stupid he is-is more than humiliating!
And for those who claim Kosovo belongs to this or that or any side - snap out of it !

Anonymous said...

And thus you would say that same thing to the people living in Kosova? Got news for ya, they say Kosova belongs to them, not some foreign country like Serbia.

P.S. Serbia didn't do the same thing Turkey did, but a lot worse, Kurds have suffered a lot too, but unlike Serbs, Turks did not go around digging mass graves, raping their women, and buring people in Istanbul, like Serbs have done by putting Albanians in cement streets in Belgrade.

What disturbs me most is Serbs have a saying "glup k'o turcin", that means "dumb as a turk", now I only wish Turks were more aware of how racist these people are toward them, and that they DARE take Turkey, a country which has moved forward more than Serbia will ever till the Sun implodes 4 bilion years from now.

Serbia, news flash, Turkey is civilized, and far far far ahead of even civilized Greeks, and taking it as an example is laughable.