Monday, August 01, 2005

Editorial: Serbs on the offensive again

Kosova Sot carries an editorial on the front page saying that Serbs have launched a new political offensive asking for no less than 80 municipalities in Kosovo.

The editorial says that they are also using the apathy of Kosovo institutions and Albanians working there who have become myopic from power.

The new Belgrade stance says that the Serbian minority would support only a decentralization that implies creation of an enormous number of municipalities, and they want to add cadastral zones to the first pilot projects.

If the Serbian model was to be followed there would be a real mess in administering local territories. Their crazy idea, as the editorial calls it, aims at strengthening enclaves, and at the same time legalizing a linking bridge with Serbia.

Although the SRSG has signed the Administrative Direction, the process has again been hindered. Serbian boycott is one of the obstacles. Their absence makes implementation of these projects in their areas senseless.

However, the editorial concludes that with or without Serbs the Government needs to go ahead with decentralization in order for the international community to see their will to keep promises and be convinced about Serbian destructiveness and the consequences of Belgrade’s policy.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that this is an attempt to create an absolutely
unworkable political situation, that would create chaos and utter
confusion---exactly as the editorial points out..
BUT, hidden behind that offensive
is a legitimate source of worry for
Serbs..What is going to happen to
them surrounded by a sea of ethnic
Albanian Muslims?? And especially
after the Christian Serbs did a lot of, "ethnic cleansing?" There are very good reasons for the Serbs in Kosova to be very, VERY
Those worries should be dealt with,
and specific, effective steps taken to assure Serb safety in Kosova---even if they don't cooperate, even if the Serbs actively try to prevent their own
security.. Because if something goes wrong, the Serbs will want to
blame the Kosovars for it..

Kosova has an excellent case for
independence and freedom---it is
like wearing a white suit.. DON'T

Anonymous said...

Please explain to the readers your statement as follows and provide us a list on why you feel this way:

"Kosova has an excellent case for
independence and freedom"

Chris Blaku said...

The Albanians do not regard themselves as "Albanian Muslims," and furthermore, do not regard the Serbians as "Serbian Christians." Simplistic and primitive labels such as the aforementioned have led the Western journalists in their inability to comprehend the situation in complex areas such as the Balkans. If everything were as clear as Christian and Muslim, a solution would be much easier to figure out. The sad reality is however, with Balkan problems, particularly the Kosovar situation, is things are much more enigmatic than the childish labels handed down to it.

The Serbians themselves would particularly enjoy the label as Christians, in their century-long struggle to portray their conflict with the Albanians as Christianity versus Islam, and civilization versus barbarism. It is a pity that they overplayed their hand, and reversed the barbarism role quite obviously in the eyes of the world.

Anonymous said...

[quote] The Albanians do not regard themselves as "Albanian Muslims," and furthermore, do not regard the Serbians as "Serbian Christians." [end quote]

To support your view,
especially the Christian Albanians do not regard themselves as Muslims, and they make something like 10-15% of the Albanian population in Kosova and some 30% in Albania (catholic and orthodox).
If there was a religious conotation to the conflicts in Kosova or Albania, we would have had a permanent civil war in both Albania and Kosovo.
And then, the assumed 85% "Muslims" within the Albanian population in Kosova are Muslims by historical inheritence and not by practice or way of life. I dare say this, as a Kosovar having been living in Muslim countries in the Middle East and further for the last 4 years. Kosovar "Muslims" are secular by nature! Religion is the last thing they would fight for.