Friday, May 05, 2006

Serbia-Montenegro ministry surprised by Macedonian PM's Kosovo border statement

Text of report by Belgrade-based Radio B92 on 5 May

[Announcer] The Serbia-Montenegro Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed its surprise over the statement by Macedonian Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski that experts from Macedonia and Kosovo-Metohija would confirm the former administrative border between Macedonia and SFRY [former Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia] as a real state border. This is an internationally recognized state border between the Serbia-Montenegro State Union and Republic of Macedonia and it had been established as such by an agreement on the state border, which the then heads of state [Yugoslav President] Vojislav Kostunica and [Macedonian President] Boris Trajkovski signed in 2001, the statement said.

The Serbia-Montenegro Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the demarcation of this border fell within the exclusive competence of a joint commission between Serbia-Montenegro and Macedonia because Kosovo-Metohija was not an internationally recognized state and it does not have its own state borders.

Source: Radio B92, Belgrade, in Serbian 1900 gmt 5 May 06


Anonymous said...

Alelujah! Thank you Macedonia! Buckvoski has made a sensible choice. There is no point in creating hostilities for a patch of land. Macedonian diplomats were fooled into entering such a deal in the first place. Macedonia gave a part of the most strategic piece of land in the Balkans in return for a contested, Albanian-populated area that could not have brough nothing but animosity between Kosova and Macedonia. How do you say thank you in Macedonian?

Anonymous said...

Falla is how you say thank you in Macedonian. Serbia is supposed to release the final patch of land to Macedonia from serbian borders (not kosovos) called Trgovishte which is predominately serb with a couple of Macedonians. I wonder if serbia will halt the finalalities on this agreement now that Buckovski rejected a border change.

Anonymous said...

funny how when shiftars succumb to international pressure and fold like wimps, they try to turn attention away from their shame. Why would a shiftar care what is between Macedonia and Serbia? LMAO

Anonymous said...

the kosovo macedonia border demarcation was signed sealed and delivered in 2001... game over ! there will be no shifing of internationally recognized balkan state borders.

Anonymous said...

That's not what the terrorist war criminal Ceku said a couple of weeks ago. What a man...roflmao. I guess he knows when to kneel to his masters.

Chris Blaku said...

Any proof to support Ceku is a terrorist? Coming from sources other than terrorists in Belgrade and their submissive sources?

Let me throw a couple in the air... State Department? Scotland Yard? CIA? United Nations? The Kremlin? Israel's Mossad?

Goodness, it seems these advanced nations should take a page from Serbia's intelligence techniques, the mastermind Ceku has slipped through the cracks in every major intelligence networks, except that of Serbia. Thank god for small miracles.

Anonymous said...

ceku had no choice....if he really wanted to be a true friend of the macedonians....he had to recognize the macedonian kosovo border or buckovski would'nt have allowed him to vist macedonia as a true politician in the macedonian government building.

gujgli said...

"Any proof to support Ceku is a terrorist? Coming from sources other than terrorists in Belgrade and their submissive sources? "

When they finish using him for their interests, he'll be in jail very fast. Don't worry, just wait.

Searh the Web a little, you'll find not only evidence of his crime on KaM but in Croatia too.