Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Macedonian Albanian leader, Kosovo president discuss status, border issue

Text of report in English by Macedonian state news agency MIA

Pristina, 2 May: The leader of Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) [BDI in Albanian] Ali Ahmeti, after the Tuesday's [2 May] meeting in Pristina with Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu, said that the Kosovo final status should be in accordance with the will of the majority of Kosovo people, KosovaPress reports.

As MIA's reports, regarding the border demarcation issue, Sejdiu said that Kosovo wanted this issue to be solved in a friendly way that would contribute to the good relations between Kosovo and Macedonia.

Ahmeti informed Sejdiu on the political situation and the issues of promotion of Albanians' rights in Macedonia.

DUI leader also held meeting with Kosovo Parliament Speaker Kole Berisha, focused on current political processes, cooperation between Kosovo and Macedonia, as well as Macedonian Albanians' contribution in overall processes.

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NYoutlawyer said...

Kosovo President? What is this puppet president of? Kosovo is Serbian. What kind of bullshit game is the EU playing now. Who the fuck do these imperialists think they are? Euro scum!!!