Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jessen-Petersen says Kosovo must be included in regional initiatives

PRISTINA/THESSALONIKI, May 4 (Hina) - Attending the summit of the Southeast European Cooperation Process (SEECP) in Thessaloniki on Thursday, the UN Civil Administrator in Kosovo, Sorren Jessen-Petersen, advocated Kosovo's permanent integration with the process of cooperation in the region.

Jessen-Petersen and Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu attended the SEECP summit on Wednesday and Thursday in Thessaloniki.

According to a statement issued by the UN Mission in Kosovo, the civil administrator used this opportunity to hold talks with the presidents of Serbia and Montenegro and Macedonia and the prime ministers of Croatia, Greece and Albania.

Addressing the participants in the summit, Jessen-Petersen stressed the importance of the participation of Kosovo's delegation in the summit, adding it was important that Kosovo participated in regional initiatives and activities.

The summit was also attended by the UN chief negotiator for Kosovo's status, Martti Ahtisaari.


NYoutlawyer said...

Seems Clinton did a far better job representing "Bosnian Muslim interests", than he did representing "American interests" in this:

1. Clinton said American troops would be in Bosnia for "a year", and they have been there for eleven years and counting.

2. Tuzla, you make Bosnia sound like some sort of "happy Disneyland" now, which it is not. You are still a divided country, which could have been averted -- as could had the entire war -- had Clinton supported the Lisbon agreement, saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Clinton chose to encourage the war to happen -- and then "come to the rescue" to put on a show.

3. Clinton supported the creation of a new "Muslim country" from a secular multi-ethnic country, which even you (Tuzla) admit is less than half Muslim. If I were a Serb Christian in my own country on my own land and my secular country was now suddenly to become "Muslim", I would fight too. It is only because the Serbs fought you and a compromise had to be reached that you are at today at all "multi-ethnic". Izetbegovich was a Muslim fundamentalist and so was his cause.

4. I know the differnce between "a Serbian"(from Serbia)and "a Serb" (any Serbian Orthodox Christian) so don't mix the two as interchangeable. Serbs are indigenous to Bosnia and had every right to fight for a government of their choice, just as you did. It was a bloody, nasty civil war that never needed to happen, and Clinton added fuel to that fire, he didn't put it out.

5. Milosevic was a pig, no doubt. But so were Izetbegovich and Tudjman -- both of whom were about to be charged with "war crimes" before they died. So there were no "innocent/guilty entire ethnic groups" here -- and no "innocent politicians". There were competing ideologies that brought those "Mujahadin" to your side, just as Milosevic was willing to deal with anyone including Saddam after the NATO bombs began falling on him.

6. Milosevic has been gone from power for years and is dead now, but you act like he is still living next door. He's not. And thanks to Clinton stupid decisions, we in America are more vulnerable today than we were before -- having pissed off what could have been one of our strongest allies in the war on terror -- Serbia.

7. By the sound of your attitude toward "Serbs", we solved nothing. We just put a lid on something that sooner or later is still due to boil over as soon as the lid is removed.

Bosnia was a "failed mission" for America, and one that has already come back to bite us!

The world is finding out the truth of the balkans. You murderous muslim shitpars will never get your dream, but the nightmare you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Well Put.

Anonymous said...

Man take it easy. You have so much hatred and anger in you. Just wanted to tell you that 'our dream' as you say it, is going to come true with or without you, it would probably be better if you are part of the future but noone can force you to stay if you don't want to, just stop blaming Albanians for your stupidity. Take a look back to 1989, Yugoslavia started disintegrating in Kosova, and baby it died there too, just as your Czars in your mythology.
Why? Because of people like you, who think that they are better than anyone else, and who want to have their Serbia everywhere where Serbs live, well i think you have what you wanted. Do you want anymore? HMMM, there is Vojvodina there too, you might want to start a war with Hungary and maybe soon your Great Serbia will only have Belgrade and its suburbs left.

Albasoul said...

Where in NY are you my friend? I want to meet you face to face, just to see if can still "sing" the same song in person.
Dirty-talking its all you know. Nothing better than that

Anonymous said...

Comon man you are asking Nylawyer to meet face to face. His agenda is to hide behind a blog and curse nothing more. Afterall why would he be any different than his countrymen-they only can kill unarmed civilians and the weak. When faced in a fair matter they will all hide in their holes...