Monday, May 08, 2006

Albanian premier calls for "consolidation" of Kosovo's TMK as "multiethnic army"

Text of report in English by Albanian news agency ATA

Tirana, 8 May: In a meeting with Sulejman Selimi, commander of Kosova (Kosovo) Protection Corps (TMK), on Monday [8 May] in Tirana, Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha said that "the consolidation of the TMK as a multiethnic army testifies to the harmony and coexistence of citizens of different origins and their cooperation on performance of important tasks".

According to the press office of the prime minister, Berisha congratulated Gen Selimi on his nomination as TMK commander and stated the conviction that the TMK would play a very important role in Kosova's integration into the north Atlantic organization.

Gen Selimi familiarized Prime Minister Berisha with the TMK activity and the efforts made to consolidate and modernize it. He stressed that the TMK is in the service of all citizens and institutions of Kosova, including the minorities.

Source: ATA news agency, Tirana, in English 1355 gmt 8 May 06


Anonymous said...

"TMK as a multiethnic army testifies to the harmony and coexistence of citizens of different origins and their cooperation on performance of important tasks"

Any stats on this?

Konaction said...

Be smart! Google them.

Anonymous said...

You think they will do genocide? You think ......... well the serbs didn't think much, they performed the genocide. The albanians are acting civilized enaugh, not to vendicate or copy the serbs.

Anonymous said...

"The albanians are acting civilized enough"

Is that what you Albanians call burning Churches and terrorising the Serbian people?

John, NZ (Im glad there are a lot of us who know the truth about what the Albanians are doing)

ilir said...

Some protection force will be required, and TMK as a multi-ethnic force has that capability, and with NATO help it can be restructured well enough to become an army (if that is not the plan already).
John NZ, glad you have access to information. Instead try not to label a 2 million nation of "doing something" but make a clear distinction with individual vandals who did that, and most of them are in jails today. Or you will justify those who say that 8 million Serbs are terrorists, because of atrocities that some committed all around the Balkans. I think we agree, don't we?

NYoutlawyer said...

Fuck you albo prick. Criminals run kosovo, that's a fact, stop the coverup bullshit.

Kosovo independence is NOT a given. The truth about that shithole is slowly coming out, like constipation, day after day.

Do you think that Bush will be in favor of you muzi's having your own independent state in Europe? I don't think so. I, and millions like me, are emailing the white house daily to inform them of this potential calamity.

Declining kosovo's independence, let that be Bush's greatest legacy.

Serbians are the chosen people, NOT albo genocidal muzis.

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