Saturday, November 05, 2005

Contact Group to have central role in Kosovo status talks (dailies)

Dailies quote spokesman of US State Department Sean McCormack in saying that Contact Group will have a central role in the process of Kosovo status talks while UN envoy Martti Ahitsaari is expected to have a lead role in the process. Koha Ditore quotes an EU diplomatic source saying that CG agrees that Ahtisaari is to decide on the intensity and flow of talks on future status.

Zëri and Express report that EU will be appointing their envoy for Kosovo status talks on Monday, a post which most likely will be entrusted to EU diplomat Stephan Lehne.


Kosovar2006 said...

To the webmaster: Since you have made 'register users only' to post comments the amount of views expressed have gone down drmaticallly.
Something needs to be done

Visit Prishtina said...

Dear Kosovar 2006,

It is only for better that fewer people post. At least we get no spam, and if one wants to really say something then they log-in and do so. In this way the KosovaReport community is smaller but more exclusive.

I am sick and tired of people writing a one line comment just for the sake of doing so.

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P.S. Kosovar 2006, I have very high hopes that year 2006 will be a historic year for the Kosovar people. Amin!

tironsi said...

If they can't be bothered to create an account, then probably their comments aren't all that worthwhile to begin with.

Chris Blaku said...

I see a dramatic decrease in Serbian hate comments, and the Albanian remarks that accompany them.