Thursday, November 03, 2005

Contact Group sets out ten leading principles for Kosovo status (Zëri)

Zëri says it has managed to obtain through diplomatic sources a draft of the document that is expected to be presented to international chief negotiator Martti Ahtisaari.

The paper highlights the sixth principle: the following is the list of Contact Group principles as presented by Zëri.

1. Kosovo’s status should be fully compatible with the international standards of human rights, democracy and international laws that will contribute to safety in the region.
2. Kosovo status should be in conformity with European values and standards and should contribute to achieving a European perspective for Kosovo., namely through the process of Stabilization-Association, and general integration into the European Union.
3. Solution of Kosovo status should provide sustainable multi-ethnicity in Kosovo, and the process should ensure mechanisms and guarantees for implementation of human rights, minority rights and the rights of refugees and IDPs to return to their homes.
4. Solution reached should allow all communities in Kosovo representation in the Government at all levels. Effective structures of self-government should facilitate co-existence of various communities and full access to public services through the process of decentralization.
5. Solution should include special guarantees for protection of cultural and religious heritage.
6. Definition of status definition of Kosovo’s status should strengthen regional security and will ensure that Kosovo will not return to situation pre-1999. Any decision that is unilateral or a result of use of force will be unacceptable. There will be no changes in the current territory of Kosovo, which means there will be no division of Kosovo or unification with any state or with any part of any state.
7. It will ensure security in Kosovo, and will also ensure that Kosovo will not pose a military or security threat to its neighbors.
8. Definition of Kosovo status will advance efficient mechanisms to enforce rule of law, to fight organized crime and to maintain the multiethnic character of police and judiciary.
9. Definition of Kosovo status will ensure that Kosovo can develop economically and politically and will be able to cooperate with international financial institutions.
10. Kosovo will continue to need international presence, civilian and military for some more time.


Kosovar2006 said...

They better be talking about independence

If serbia doesnt allow independence(most likely) it will be outside international law to give kosova its sovrenity. Which means the no independence but something else that would be ok with contact group would it

Well independence the only option albanians dont care what US Russia EU or anybody else says and they will not listen to any other options except independence

They should think about the consequences if they make a mistake and not give independence

Fatos said...

Dude, chill... all the article is saying you can put it in one word -Independence-. "It cannot join another country", which means that we cannot join neither Serbia nor Albania. "Minorities need to be active in the government", which mean that we will have a government (there isnt a country with two govt's). and on and on.

Damn, it feels good to be free.