Monday, April 17, 2006

US envoy Wisner urges Macedonia to heed US stance on Kosovo - paper

Text of report by "RF" entitled "US envoy to Kosovo on a Balkan tour; Macedonia should be made aware of the United States' position" published by the Macedonian Albanian-language newspaper Fakti on 16 April

During his visit to Shkup [Skopje] and Prishtine [Pristina], Ambassador Frank Wisner, representative of the international mediating group, emphasized the United States' position regarding Kosova's [Kosovo] final status and the position of the regional countries regarding this issue.

Special US envoy to Kosova Frank Wisner has sent out a clear message to the state authorities in Shkup, warning them to be more careful in the process of resolving Kosova's final status. "Macedonia must be aware of the United States' position regarding the solution of Kosova's final status," he said.

According to him, the United States has been supporting Macedonia for a long time, which has been clearly proven. It is important that the Macedonian government understands how the United States views the progress of the talks on Kosova's status and their conclusion. We consider Macedonia a partner of the United States and the international community," Wisner said.

The situation in the region and the negotiations between Prishtina and Belgrade on Kosova's final status, which are being carried out with international mediation, were on the agenda of the meeting between US Ambassador Frank Wisner and Ali Ahmeti, chairman of the Democratic Union for Integration [BDI].

Meanwhile, the state authorities, the president in particular, have mentioned other details concerning their meeting with Ambassador Wisner. Members of [Presdient] Branko Crvenkovski's office are convinced that the final solution of Kosova's status which will be backed by the international factor, will contribute towards Balkan stability and strengthen the regional countries' Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

According to the press release, Ambassador Wisner briefed the Macedonian president on the developments following the latest round of talks between the Albanian and Serb delegations in Vienna, expressing his conviction that the final solution would be reached by the end of the year.

With regard to the northern border between Kosova and Macedonia, the two interlocutors are said to have agreed that there is a valid international agreement in place in this respect, adding that the demarcation issue should be resolved before a final decision is reached on Kosova's future status.

Meanwhile, Kosovar officials yesterday denied the possibility of resolving the border dispute between Prishtina and Shkup before the final status. They also said that the border issue with Macedonia had not been discussed with the US envoy. These reactions follow yesterday's statement issued by members of Crvenkovski's office in relation to the border issue which has to be resolved before the solution of Kosova's final status.

In the meeting with Prime Minister [Vlado] Buckovski, Ambassador Wisner reiterated the Contact Group's principle regarding the inviolability of regional borders. "The United States supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Macedonia and it is against border changes in the region," Wisner was quoted as saying during the meeting with Prime Minister Buckovski.

Prime Minister Buckovski emphasized that the Republic of Macedonia will comply with every solution reached between Prishtina and Belgrade in relation to Kosova's final status and with the mediation of the international community, provided that it respects the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Macedonia.

Having concluded his visit to Shkup, Ambassador Frank Wisner visited Kosova yesterday.

Following the meeting with Kosova President Fatmir Sejdiu, Wisner said that the final status must be resolved by the end of this year. "Any solution regarding Kosova's final status will ensure peace, stability and security in the region. The visit in the Balkan region is aimed at expressing the US government's support for the processes aimed at resolving Kosova's final status," Wisner said in Prishtina.

During the meeting with UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] Chief Administrator Soeren Jessen-Petersen, Wisner emphasized the US support for the UN Administration and for the two-party talks in Vienna. According to him, the authorities in Belgrade and Prishtina should be more convincing so as to win the trust of the international community.

Source: Fakti, Skopje, in Albanian 16 Apr 06


Independence for Kosova said...

That gift serbia gave you, was ours. We want it back!

Anonymous said...

And what gift is that???

Independence for Kosova said...

Don't you read? Read the article and think why would there be a mentioning of talks between Macedonia and Kosova over territorial integrety?

If you don't know Serbia gave Macedonia land, I'm not sure how big it was in size but it sure upset people. If Macedonia thinks they can slip this under the cracks there will be huge riots.

I'm talking about some lands, not half of Macedonia, just thought you should know, so do not misunderstand me. It's even in the CIA factbook about the territory demarcation.

Anonymous said...

Oh ok. Thought it was something of actual importance. Macedonia will get the land either way. And there will be no huge riots either. The land is passing onto the hands of Macedonian Albanians so pristina shouldn't at all be upset.

Independence for Kosova said...

12.39 No you are wrong this part was Kosova's even under Serbian oppressive rule. I think it was in 2000 when Serbia gave it to Macedonia. The place is composed of some 100% Albanian city's/villages. Also you are wrong, no one will stand for that bullcrap. There have been people from over there who urge to be once again with Kosova, because they have been with Kosova except these last couple years. Also since when can a country take another countries land and give gifts..that goes against European Policy, it has to be varified and conducted and so on, Serbia can't do that without a consent.