Monday, April 24, 2006

Kosovo police deny arresting anyone linked to Al-Qa'idah "yet"

Text of report by Zija Miftari entitled "ShPK without comment on allegations about Kosova serving as transit country for Al-Qa'idah" published by Kosovo Albanian newspaper Koha Ditore on 21 April

Prishtina [Pristina], 20 April: The Kosova [Kosovo] Police Service [ShPK] refuses to comment on whether the Al-Qa'idah terrorist organization has been using Kosova as a transit country, as the CIA said in a recent analysis, published by the US Associated Press.

On Thursday [20 April], ShPK spokeswoman Sabrije Kamberi said that this was a matter for the intelligence services and that the police did not comment on it. "Because such reports involve intelligence and security activities, we do not comment on them until a suspect is arrested," she said.

Kamberi explained that no one suspected of being connected to the Al-Qa'idah organization had been arrested as yet. She said that the ShPK expected the public to help with information about terrorists.

"Now and again, the police receive information from the public and we continue to encourage them to provide us with information," she said.

According to the analysis by the CIA and the Croatian intelligence agency, published by the Associated Press, extremists financed by narcotics smuggling have tried to move into Western Europe from Afghanistan via Turkey, Kosova and Albania.

The CIA's 252-page analysis says terrorists have been taking advantage of the poorly guarded borders and relatively fragile security to move and meet freely and perhaps even to plan attacks on other parts of Europe.

The ShPK has a special department for securing the borders and ShPK officials say it has been doing its job well.

The ShPK information officer said that there had been cases of people attempting to leave Kosova illegally through border crossing points, Prishtina's international airport and "mountain routes". Kosovars usually try to leave the country via the airport with false passports, visas or other documents, she explained.

"Those Kosovars who are caught attempting to leave the country with false documents are held by the police until their files are prepared for the courts and they are later released in consultation with the prosecution authorities," Kamberi said.

Police say they have no difficulty in verifying the identity of Kosovars with false papers. "The identity of a person using false documents is verified by fingerprints," Kamberi said.

Every person who has an identification card in Kosova is obliged to give fingerprints when providing the personal information required for the ID and these are registered in a database. According to Kamberi, the police possess this database.

As for foreigners who are caught attempting to enter Kosova illegally, they are refused entry and returned to their home country. But the police official did not explain how the police identify someone caught in Kosova with a false passport from another country.

The joint analysis of the CIA and Croatian intelligence service says that the Algerian connection is the strongest in the Balkans and mentions the Bensyah Belkacem case, where an Algerian with Bosnian citizenship, who is being held in detention by the US Army in Guantanamo, is suspected of making some telephone calls to Abu Zubaydah, head of operations in Afghanistan and an associate of Bin-Ladin.


WARchild said...

Kosova does not share a border with Western Europe, how can can it a gateway more than say Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Rumania, Montenegro , Slovenia, etc?

It has 17,000 NATO troops, 3,500 UN police and king-like authority on the security field on a territory the size of Connecticut. If Europe and CIA are not sure what's cooking in Kosova, then I say move on and let American mall security do the job.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure...the muslims in Kosova are so radical that westerners are shot and blown up everyday.

You fucking pig fucking serbs.

There has never ever been nor will there ever be a problem with islamic extremism in Kosova or any Albanian inhabited part of the Balkans

Bashkim Shqiptari

Anonymous said...

There is more western army troops per capita in Kosova than there is in any western country. It's very unlikely for Kosova, who has a very homogenous and irreligious population to be a safe heaven for terrorists. It is much easier for them to mesh in countries like Serbia and Macedonia, where people resemble them more.

NYoutlawyer said...

I guess the CIA and Croatian intelligence in that 200 plus report made all that shit up. Shame on them. Muslim albanians are angels.

JustMe said...

Well, if you would have taken a bit of time to read that article, something that I assume was difficult for you to do while drooling over it as soon as you saw "terrorist" and "Kosovo" in the same page, you would have noticed that they were talking mostly about Bosnia. Even that was exaggerated to an extent that really brought doubt to the imparciality of the author.

CIA never makes things up :) It is the one thing they DO NOT do. LOL

Independence for Kosova said...

Brravo bre JustMe!

NYoutlawyer said...

Any muslim society is like a petri dish for islamo-fascists, whether it's Bosnis or kosovo. Are you trying to tell me that kosovo police is strong enough to deal with them? Get real!!!

Anonymous said...

NYouthouse, Islamo-fascists are getting independence in October while you pathetically complain on internet blogs. You have any right to feel sad and suicidal. Whatcha gonna do 'bout it?

Anonymous said...

No seriously guys the kidnapping and the killing of the westerners in Kosovo has to STOP. We cannot let the foreign mujaheedings rule us any longer or the Serbs will come and take care of the situation. In fact. let's just "get real" and invite the Serbs, from the most democratic and peace-loving nation, to take care of the "islamo-fascists" problem for us in Kosovo.

On the other hand, lets just watch them as the agonize over the fact that KOSOVA is becoming independent and they can't do a damn thing about it short of complaining like biatches on this good man's blogg.

Dardania 2006 said...

I say that Kosovo must be freed and all its oil returned to the hands of its people, led by Mullah the Unknown Been Invented by Serbs.

Also we must fight against the influece of neighbouring Iran, through Serbia their friend of course.

Also, we must buy more camcorders so we can actualy for once record a kidnapping on tape and send it off to make Serbs happy for once. I mean, isn't it about time they rejoiced about something?

It must be horrible to be known for atrocities, murder and rape in todays Europe.

Peace to Serbia and Happines, sincerely...there is no hate here only disapointment.

NYoutlawyer said...

I am not going to do anything about what happens in kosovo, and I don't really care. I believe it was wrong for the U.S. to stick it's nose in the affairs of sovereign nations.

Why did NATO step into kosovo and not Rawanda, where the atrocities were far more seveere? Was there a bigger payoff in the Balkans?

Anonymous said...

nyouthouse"lawyer" you are full of shit! Its not albanians fault that your legacy will be that of child killers and rapists. Enjoy!

NYoutlawyer said...

I told you shithead, I live in America, not the Balkans. Why didn't you answer my question? Why was albania chosen for NATO intervention over other nations with far more severe inhumane situations?

What is the payoff for the U.S.? And would the intervention occured post 9/11? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Let me answer your questions.
What is the payoff for the U.S.?

A nice base to have eagle eye on the Balkans so that things are under American control. No one cares africa because Western goverments are arogant the milk nations of their resourse and live in luxury themselfs.

Will the attack have happened post 9/11. Simply NO

Bush maybe would have helped irradicate the insurgence KLA. The rightous will always win it doesnt matter if you are the superpower.

We are getting independence one way or another thats all I care.Noone could touch us again.If war starts well be prepared WW3

Serbs have got a hobby in starting WW. They done it with 2 others

dave said...

"I believe it was wrong for the U.S. to stick it's nose in the affairs of sovereign nations."

Good call. What we did in Germany was just terrible. That nice man Adolf was just taking care of a minority problem on his own land.

And I just wish that US would stop all the badmouthing of Sudan. What's happening in Darfur is really only a matter for Sudan. If anything wrong is happening there, I'm sure both sides will be able to work it out on their own peacefully.

Maybe you should run for Mayor in NY? I'll bet you'd do just fine handling the countless immigrant minorities. You just seem like such a nice, intelligent young man. It's really a pleasure having you here.

NYoutlawyer said...

What I asked was, how does the US select where to intervene? Why were albanians more important than Rawandans? They are not in my view.

This will not be the first time the US will pay for it's mistakes.

Anonymous said...

nyouthouselawyer is now threatening the USA. I think this should be a matter for the FBI.

NYoutlawyer said...

I think you need a brain scan. An independent muslim nation in Europe is the threat to peace in the the world. Why can't you see that in your peabrain?

Anonymous said...

If you nyouthouselawyer could come up with an original thought I would consent to argue with you in a logical manner. But you are just a lonely, fat moron who knows that most of the population of NYC know your kind for rapists and child killers. Enjoy.

Chris Blaku said...

How obvious for the Serbs, whose nation boasts more members to the State Department's list of terrorists than any nation in Europe, automatically identify Al Qaeda suspicions in Kosova with Albanian "terrorism." The CIA article stated, bluntly, that the terrorists were allegedly using the region's weak borders as a gateway into Western Europe. No accusations were made regarding help from the local population, which you indiscriminately label as Islamic extremists, and no suspicions were begotten upon the Government, police, or army as to their aid of the terrorists.

A strong hate of the West, the type of hate Al Qaeda professes, is shared with our Serbian neighbors to the north, who habitually burn American flags and call for the downfall of the United States. Or perhaps, we may examine briefly Serbia's relationshop with rogue Muslim states, such as Libya and Iraq, at times of international oil embargos? Albania, and its citizens in Kosova and elsewhere, have yet to be accused, identified, or suspected of collaboration with any Islamic terrorist element, despite the constant efforts by Serbia and Greece to this effect. American flags burn in Athens and Belgrade, they fly in Tirana and Prishtina.

ARTIST said...

US selects where to intervene based on the fundamental american policy: truth and justice.
The truth is that SERBS historicaly have proved to be evil, and witnessing them burned to pieces by NATO or watching them die slowly in HAGUE is human kind!

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