Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Consulate "not aware" of US report on independent Montenegro igniting mafia war

Podgorica, 19 April: The US consulate in Podgorica said in a statement today that it was not aware of a report by the US Drug Enforcement Administration [DEA] in which it is said that after Montenegro becomes independent a war between drugs mafias in the region will break out.

The Belgrade daily Politika and the Podgorica daily Dan have reported that the DEA has drafted a report on possible crime developments in the Balkans, concluding that Montenegro and Kosovo's independence will result in a war between various mafia clans in the region.

At the same time, the president of the committee for monitoring of the media coverage of the [independence referendum] campaign, Zeljko Rutovic, who is a member of the pro-independence bloc, has said that this is an example of propagandist, incorrect and unprofessional reporting on the campaign in Montenegro.

[Passage omitted]

According to him, there is no doubt that this is a deliberate, direct and calculated move aimed at confusing the citizens and causing fear and neurosis - all aimed against Montenegrin independence.

"Distorting facts and rising tensions via manipulation is a bad example of journalism as a profession and of the media, which have published these reports exclusively tendentiously, aiming to destabilize the referendum process," Rutovic said.


Anonymous said...

When Monte negro becomes independent with Kosovo too, then is the turn of Vojvodina to leave Serb Bastards alone.Greece and serbia will that big as a museum.hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I wish I could understand what the hell you're trying to say. Where in the hell did greece come into the picture???

Anonymous said...

The Serb state had absorbed Montenegro in 1918 in an expansionist act. Expansionist countries have a tendacy to lose aquired land over time. That's entropy for you. Communist mega nations, as well as New World Order blocs cannot sustain. Smaller states with strong cooperation with other nations works best. They are more managable. Greece? How does it shrink so much? Does it lose Cyprus? Does another volcano such as Thera blow off? Hummm....

NYoutlawyer said...

Motherfucker still makes no sense. What fucking vacuum is your brain residing in?

Anonymous said...

I agree, like, what the hell is your point???! Is English language that hard to learn???
Besides, Montenegto had joined Serbia voluntarely after WWI, as did the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs. Political arrangment after the unification is a different topic, and I agree in principle that there shouldn't have been a unitary state of Yugo.
"Communist mega nations, as well as New World Order blocs cannot sustain"- what the hell was this supposed to mean?? Did China fall apart??? Did Romania fall apart??? Those are 2 big (current/ex)comunist countries....besides i see no point in comparation of Byzantine Empire that fell apart some 600 years ago, and Former Yugo...???? I can't believe that you actually believe in your "arguments"... also, one more thing... there was a poll on Montenegro's independence some 14 years ago and they were outnumbered in ratio 7:3 so...whatever ur trying to prove is just redicilous.