Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Macedonia PM slams Serbia on Kosovo border issue

(Skopje, DTT-NET.COM)-The Prime Minister of Macedonia has said that border dispute with Kosovo which originates from the internationaly pushed 2001 deal made between Serbia and former Macedonian president, can be resolved with Kosovan authorities and not Serbian.

Vlado Buckovski told Radio Free Europe ( RFE) that Belgrade can not be partner of Macedonia on demarcation of the northern border and the problem would be resolved when Prishtina ( Kosovo capital) would gain its international subjectivity.

“Everybody respects resolution 1244, but in reality Belgrade can not be our counterpart on border demarcation. At the same time Kosovans, can not do that for the time being as they don’t have international legitimacy…” Buckovski told RFE.

Buckovski is expected to meet with his Kosovo counterpart Agim Ceku in April and discuss the issue, which has sparked anger by Ethnic Albanians of UN administrated province.

The declaration of Macedonian PM is not expected to find sympathy in Serbia.

Two weeks ago, Buckovski declaration in Brussels that Kosovo is most likely to become independent by the end of this year has sparked harsh reactions by Serbian government officials.

Buckovski position on Kosovo border, is in contrast to Macedonian new president Branko Crvenkovski who said today in Belgrade that Kosovo government must obey and respect the five year old agreement.

In 2001 former Macedonian president Boris Trajkovski signed an agreement with Serbia authorities according to which some 2,500 hectares of Kosovo belong to Macedonia.

Since then the deal remained only in the papers and was not implemented, because of the fears of tensions as Kosovo Ethnic Albanian inhabitants of the area and central institutions in Prishtina strongly reject the deal made by Skopje and Belgrade.


fauna said...

serbia is just getting slammed
left and right

Anonymous said...

slapped like a b*** one might add.

Mir said...

Why is this a slap? He is right, borders cant be secured unless the borders are defined.

Anonymous said...

no u idiot, he is saying serbia has no right to answer any calls who are sent for kosova, because serbia does NOT own Kosova or the borders.

Anonymous said...

APR. 5 1:48 P.M. ET Several organizations pledged millions of euros (dollars) Wednesday to cover Kosovo's budget deficit.

The European Commission, the World Bank and the U.S. Agency for International Development indicated they would contribute up to euro56 million, or about US$68 million, to cover the expected budget deficit in 2006 and 2007, a U.N. statement said.

Kosovo's budget is euro700 million (US$852 million) and its 2006 budget deficit is expected to amount to up to euro50 million, or about US$61 million.

Mir said...

"no u idiot, he is saying serbia has no right to answer any calls who are sent for kosova, because serbia does NOT own Kosova or the borders."

Okay? What's the 'slap' about that? The UN owns it.

armera said...

This is where most of the Serbs fail, unfortunately including you Mir.

Kosova or Dardania (how we prefer to call it) is owned by the people who live there.

You kept it occupied, and now its over. At the end people who live there will decide what is going to be with it. This includes K-Albanians, K-Serbs, and not only us but also K-Turks, K-Others.

Let me put it in a more clear terms, other then K-Serbs all K-Others are for unconditional independence and future peace and prosperity. International community is already recognizing this.

Serbs can block prosperity of Serbia proper, in which they are very successful. Fortunately you no longer can block anything in Dardania, Monetenegro, and soon even in Vojvodina how things are developing.

I suggest you focus on keeping Vojvodina as part of your country, while you can. Please forget about others for goods sake.

Let me remind you that until about 15 years ago you were laughing with Polish, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, and especially with Rumanians and Bulgarians. Look who is laughing now.

Soon the same thing will happened with other countries you are laughing currently.

You are very fortunate to be surrounded with soon to be EU countries. That is the only chance out you have. After all we want good relations with our neighbors.

You have to stop thinking that you are the victims, because you are NOT. I strongly recomend you do what Germans did, realize what you did, and admit that it all started in your backyard and take responsibility for the future.

This has to stop once and forever, I am slowly getting sick and tired of people like you. Everything has to have an end, this thing as well.

Have a good life, and may peace prevail upon us.

Independence for Kosova said...

Mir the SLAP in that is because Serbia has close ties with Macedonia and Greece. For Macedonia to come out saying "we will not discuss borders with Serbia but with Kosova" is a huge shock to most Serbs. That is because most Serbs believe Macedonia will support Serbia at all costs, which it doesn't, by this statement Macedonia is recognizing Kosova status and shutting down Serbia.

All the Serbs out there, do you still believe we should start to kiss your ass? I don't think so, start kissing mine!

Anonymous said...

Independence for Kosova, when you make an arguement and end it with an emotional attack against whom your arguement was based you weaken your arguement. As an outsider with no ties to Serbia or Kosovo, I think Mir's points have validity and our not emotion driven.

There is no 'slap' here. The situation concerning Kosovo's status must be solved before any border talks can begin concerning the borders of Kosovo. That is natural. Just as any country who borders Kosovo must wait to have the staus of Kosovo determined before border talks can begin.

Most Serbs do not care if Montenegro leaves. Montenegrins seem to care, but not serbs. Same as Kosovo. Some older Serb generations, and plenty of montenegrins also, want Kosovo to be part of Serbia, but most young people do not care. They ar etoo busy trying to fix Belgrade despite the ignorance of the older generation.

In a few years I think Europe will see Serbia heading in the right direction, working with other countries not 'blocking prosperity', but it will take the older generation to move on.

Anonymous said...

UPI, April 06, 2006
Skopje favors Macedonia-Serbia border

BELGRADE, Serbia-Montenegro, April 5 (UPI) -- Macedonia's president says his country respects borders with Serbia-Montenegro and Kosovo's ethnic-Albanians should do the same.

President Branko Crvenkovski of the Former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia recalled his country years ago signed an agreement with Belgrade, recognizing the former borders as the state borders between the newly independent states.

"That border agreement should be accepted by the temporary government of Kosovo because it contributes to stability in the region," Crvenkovski said after his talks with President Svetozar Marovic on the state union of Serbia and Montenegro, Belgrade state-controlled radio-television reported.

The technical issue of the Macedonia-Kosovo border should be solved jointly by U.N. negotiators and the governments involved, Crvenkovski told the daily Belgrade Danas.

The current talks on Kosovo, whose population is 90 percent ethnic Albanian, should decide who will govern Kosovo, once the U.N. civilian mission and NATO forces leave the province.

Mir said...

"For Macedonia to come out saying "we will not discuss borders with Serbia but with Kosova" is a huge shock to most Serbs."

Im not quite shocked, am I supposed to be? I dont care what Macedonians do as long as they keep making narodnja music.