Monday, April 10, 2006

Sejdiu welcomes EU's decision on Kosovo

PRISTINA, April 10 (Hina) - Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu has welcomed a decision by the EU Council of Ministers to set up a team to prepare a future mission in Kosovo after the province's political status is defined and the mandate of the UN mission in Kosovo expires.

EU foreign ministers adopted in Luxembourg on Monday a decision to establish an EU mission in Kosovo to take over from the existing UN mission tasks regarding the rule of law, the functioning of the police and the judiciary and economic affairs.

Members of an EU preparation team are expected to visit Kosovo by the end of the month and take over by the end of the year responsibilities of the UN mission after its mandate expires and Kosovo's status is defined and the province is no longer under UN administration.

Sejdiu said that the presence of an EU mission in Kosovo was crucial, stressing that at the end of the negotiating process Kosovo would be an independent and sovereign state.

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