Tuesday, April 04, 2006

EU governments to sign SAA deal for Albania in May

(Brussels, DTT-NET.COM) – The Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) between Albania and EU will not be signed this month as foreseen initially but in May, because of technical delays on translation and jurisdiction verification of the text of the deal.

EU officials told DTT-NET.COM that SAA agreement is expected to be signed at next month meeting of foreign affaires of 25 member nations who are to meet on 15-16 May in Brussels and not on 10-11 April meeting.

Officials from EU presidency (Austrian government” said that the “aim is to have the ratification in May”, because as they said, the European Commission (EC) needs some more time to translate the text into 20 EU officials languages and also because of the jurisdictional approval of the text by 25 EU capitals.

Talks between Tirana and European Commission were concluded in February, but the text must be approved by all governments of EU states.

Albania has launched the talks in early 2003. The deal will enter into the force once it’s ratified by 25 national parliaments of the European bloc.

The agreement’s main goals are improving the legislation of the countries according to European standards and also to promote economic and trade relations, establishing free trade between the Western Balkan region and the EU.

Serbia and Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina are the last countries to enter the talks with EU on SAA, as they launched the talks with EC on November last year.

Croatia which has last October entered membership talks with EU and Macedonia which was granted last December the status of candidate country for EU entry have already ended the SAA talks with Brussels.

Because of its non-resolved status, Kosovo is the only one from the Western Balkans region which doesn’t have any contractual relations with EU.


Anonymous said...

O Dardania 2006,
një përgjigje të shkurtër për juve lidhur me këtë që keni shkruajtur..."a jeni Dardan a sjeni?"

Nuk jam Dardan dhe nuk dëshiroj që asnjë Shqiptar të quhet Dardan/as kurrë. Ata që mundohen ta krijojnë një komb të ri "Dardanas", çojnë uj vetëm në mullirin e serbisë dhe të armiq've tjerë të kombit Shqiptar. Pra ju lutem, mos u mashtroni nga mëndje shkretët, injorantet apo tradhëtaret e kombit tonë të shumëvuajtur që fatkeqsisht po përpiqen të na ndajnë përgjysë, sepse nuk jemi aq shumë në numër dhe aq të fortë që të ndahemi në dyshë.
Mos i harroni fjalët e të madhit Sënderbe, "bashkimi bën fuqinë!".

Ju uroj shëndet e jetë të gjatë gjithë Shqiptarëve të vërtet që jetojnë e frymojnë SHQIP!


ivan said...

Many of Bosniac and Gorani teachers accepted Belgrade’s ultimatum
04.04.2006 ET Dragas (KosovaLive)

Bosniac and Gorani teachers from Dragas has responded positively to the call of Belgrade officials to refuse the salaries from the budget of Kosova, and have signed the contract agreements with the Serb Government.

I guess these Bosniacs and Gorani really feel safe with you siptars :o)

ivan said...

4.4.2006 19:25 BELGRADE, (Tanjug) - The Press and Communications Department of the Coordination Centre for Kosovo-Metohija said in a statement on Tuesday that, according to the data sent by competent Kosovo services, 99.7 percent of people employed in education and health care in Serbia's southern province had expressed their wish to be on the payrolls of competent Serbian ministries.

ivan said...
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Anonymous said...

To Ivan,

Stop talking shit man. The Bosniacs or Gorani that may have signed up for this are wanting to receive 2 pay packets you wanker! This is the only reason they may have done this. It's the Balkan mentality...rip off the government/s as much as you can and try as much as possible not to put anything back in.

But anyway, these people although silly for doing at the moment will soon realise that they must decide whether to move to Serbia and live a bleak poor existance or stay here in a democratic and western orientated country whos economy is growing at extraordinary rates and will continue to do so.


ivan said...


"...or stay here in a democratic and western orientated country whos economy is growing at extraordinary rates and will continue to do so."

hey kid, tell me what do you know about economics ....

Anonymous said...

...Obviously a whole lot more about economics than you do my sebian Chetnik enemy.

It's obvious also that you guys are just shitting yourselves at what is happening. You can't get a grasp of it. You can't handle the fact that Albanians will soon be the most economically powerful westen nation in the Western Balkans in less than a generation. (Serbs = EASTERN and very anti-Western)

ivan said...

Dear Dr. Economist :p,

Please give a read to the above article writtne by John. W. Miller

For your mental level I out the effort and i cut the relevant piece of that article:

"The EU has poured more than 2 billion euros ($2.4 billion) into Kosovo since 2000. Yet annual average per-capita income in Kosovo is just 1,230 euros, around 5% the level in Western Europe. Thirty-seven percent of the population lives below the poverty line of 1.42 euros a day; unemployment is around 35%; and infant-mortality rates are the highest in the region, according to the World Bank. Diplomats concede these conditions won't change until Kosovo's political status is resolved.

The province is cut off from the much wealthier economy around Belgrade, the Serbian capital. "

Anyway, could you please share with us what degree do you hold. Since you claim you are much better in Economics than me ;o)

Cvijus said...

hey I like this suckingup "we are westerners" and similar crap. hahahaha, nice joke

Dude, if you see some older posts, Ivan works for an American company in Belgium. What are you doing?
Economics is much more than what you believe it is, buy for one and sell for two.

What about this "Albanians will soon be the most economically powerful westen nation"? United in one state (Greater Albania)?
Just to remind you, Albania is independent since 1912 and it is still a shihole as in Ottoman times, the poorest state in Europe. Kosovo is similar. Don't think that changes happen overnight. But i like your shqiptar optimism, enjoy your dreams.

Besides, I really hope that our government will be smart enough and give you to repay your own debts. We paid enough for you, start cleaning your own shit shqiptari, then will you be truly independent.
Oh yeah...you should repay us what we have already paid for you, this will postpone your economic developement for a long long time.

Does it hurt shqiptare? Surely it does, but don't worry, your drug lords are rich enough to pay it for you.

PS - For Serbs being anti-Westerners, read here:

round two with EU dude, soon we are there. How about you?

ivan said...


so sad... you see the only thing that gives them ambition to live is the hate towards serbs and that one day if they become indepndent the West will make them Monte Carlo :)

Its so sad......

cvijus said...

oh yeah the West is so generous, look how generous have they been to Albania, shithole as usual, as I said, just like in Ottoman times.

Anonymous said...

Hey civijus & Ivan
It seems that you too are really into each other a lot-do I detect some dick sucking also. It certainly seems so cause as soon as one of you says something the other sucks it dry...nice.

As far a Kosova's debts go you can pay those as you sucked the economy for over 60 years. Thats why you are paying those and will continue to do so as West is well aware of this...
Now go back and give head to each other...

cvijus said...

destroying Kosovo's economy by building Trepca, hospitals, roads, etc. Oh yes, we really destroyed.

When it comes to these insults: Is it just you or all shqiptars when they have nothing to say, they just start insulting on sexual basis? Tha is very mature.

Anonymous said...

Sewerbians, you worry about your shit. We worry about ours. Whether our economy will get better or not is for us to worry about. And some serb sells his ass to the country that bombed the shit out of his country is irrelevant as well. What the issue here is that Kosova shall prevail and you serb rapists are done for. Furthermore if you guys are so successful what the hell are you doing in an albanian website. DOnt you have enough of your own sites to bs about things you have no control over? Get a fucking life.

Mir said...

"What the issue here is that Kosova shall prevail and you serb rapists are done for."

Lol "Kosovo" isnt 'prevailing' anything. Everything you have has been given to you by NATO/UN/America and they can remove it all from you at any second if they deem it needed.

OH and you are definately right that ALL Serbians are rapists even the children and infants. Good to see you can see things for what they are and not let Albanian PR get to your head.

Independence for Kosova said...

You said it yourself you idiot. When the status (this year) is resolved, all those companies that will privatise, have you thought of the boost in economy? In a decade Kosova's economy will prosper way more then Serbia's. I have this idea that someone will bomb Chetnik Serbia once more, maybe those radicals. Also I believe the status for Europe will be short for Kosova as I think most of the standarts now also qualify for the European Union. Last time I checked the scum didn't want to join EU, I can guarentee that Serbia won't join anything for another 5-10 years.

Kosova and Albania are building a highway. It will link Kosova with major key points, bringing tourism. It will open a door for the sea, while Serbia becomes land locked. I can assure you a lot of Serbs wanting to get visas to go to Albania, just look Scum, look at your neighbors, they all hate you.

You idiot, Serbia did not build Trepça, they destroyed it, a cowardious attack.

Why should Kosova pay some debt that was loaned to Serbia?? Do you see Italy paying Spains debts? You forgett the homes burned, which is over 200 thousand, the mosques burned, and the demolition of cities, by burning shops and everything down. Serbia has a large debt to Kosova, one might say reparations.

Let's see how your ecomy is after everyone is through sueing your scum asses.

Mir said...

"I can assure you a lot of Serbs wanting to get visas to go to Albania"

LOL? Out of all the possible locations to go like Dalmatia and Montenegro... WHY would we go to Albania out of all places for the coastline/tourism? Im glad you can also argue validly by saying 'idiot' at the beginning and end of your sentences. I am clapping for you.

Mir said...

"Kosova and Albania are building a highway. It will link Kosova with major key points, bringing tourism."

That article is biased on the politcal portion of the article, but scroll down and read the actual economic stuff related to the article. I will quote a few things...

"TAXATION: Serbia has the smallest tax and a simplest one in the region, a fact that makes friends with investors."

"Since 2004 when a concerted effort to privatize Serbian economy, 817 government owned firms have been sold so that, on average, profits in Serbian enterprise rose by 23.9%, a return any Wall Street investor would love to have."

"Betting on this Serbian vision of future that sees itself as the regional financial capital, Austrians are meticulously accumulating their leading financial position as are others who are realizing the necessity of preemptive market presence in Serbia: Italian Fiat has pumped money and technology into Serbian Zastava viewing it as the regional supplier of cars for this emerging 30 million market; US Steel bought Serbian Sartid and thus cushioned itself from the Mittal's onslaught; Coca-Cola got itself a regional presence by buying Serbian Vlasinka; Microsoft opened up a software development center in Serbia... "


I respect your great optimism for your nations future economy but please dont insult ours and say it is worse or weaker than yours or that you will be "beating" us when you get independence. It's ignorant.

ivan said...

Independent Kosova,

it seems that the only thing you care about is that your if future state is better than Serbia. You cant get rid of us, we are in your blood. If you do good, the first thing you will ask, "are we better than Serbia?"

"Why should Kosova pay some debt that was loaned to Serbia?? Do you see Italy paying Spains debts? "

Damn you really have to be stupid, to say something like this. The debt Kosovo has to pay out to Serbia is the one Serbia took and invested it into Kosovo. Now I know your reply....you didnt invest it into Kosovo you stole it you rapist Serbs. But then I would like to answer you by asking you to look at the hospitals in Kosovo, houses, city halls, parks, roads. It is well knowned that Fromer Yugoslavia as of 70s lived on the Credits it took. In 80s that reached its peak and that from where all of the infrastrucutre investment took place.

"You idiot, Serbia did not build Trepça, they destroyed it, a cowardious attack."

If Serbs destroyed Trepca, which I doubt, but they destroyed only what they built in the first place. Dont forget that Albanians boycotted all work fro more than 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Trepca was built by the british. In accordance with a serb secret agreement in which brits agreed to give Kosova to serbia and serbs give trepca to the british. However, WWII started and the yugoslavs reneged on the agreement.

Anonymous said...

The Serbians countinue to dream in the middel of the day. Wake up and relize that Kosovo is becoming independent, and Serbia remain the black hole of the Europe, where worlds most wanted criminals, Mladic and Karadic live.