Thursday, April 20, 2006

Serbian bishop bans Kosovo premier from Orthodox Easter service

Pristina, 20 April: [Raska-Prizren] Bishop Artemije has denied [Kosovo Prime Minister] Agim Ceku's request to attend Easter church services in Gracanica.

The Raska-Prizren Bishop reminded the Kosovo premier that he had been living as a refugee himself for the past seven years and that his residence and cathedral were burned to the ground in March 2004, along with many other landmarks of the Orthodox Church.

"We told him that, considering that we have been living with the status of refugees for nearly seven years, outside our residence in Prizren, which was burned during the riots on 17 March 2004, along with our cathedral and many other holy places, we are not able to welcome Mr Ceku before we have returned to our restored residence, and our people have returned to their homes," Bishop Artemije said.


Independence for Kosova said...

Isn't there something in Orthodox-Christian Religion about "love thy neighboor" or "forgive"?

If his church was burned down why didn't Belgrade repair it? He wants Serbia to control Kosova and have Kosova repair the church (which it is)? If his church was burned in Kosova and he is living in Kosova that completely compells the idea of a refugee. A refugee is someone who flees from his country somewhere else because of a reason.

Here is what has to say about it:

Main Entry: ref·u·gee
Pronunciation: "re-fyu-'jE
Function: noun
: an individual seeking refuge or asylum; especially : an individual who has left his or her native country and is unwilling or unable to return to it because of persecution or fear of persecution (as because of race, religion, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

Does this make the "Serbian Bishop" a refugee...and since when does a bishop belong to a country I thought the bishop belonged to the house of God. His church not of a country

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time that Serbian priests ban well-wishing Albanians to enter their churches. It has to do with the deep rooted Serbian racism toward Albanians.

Please note that we are dealing here with Serbian Christian Fundamentalists who are no better than Muslim Fundamentalists.

Remember that recent video of Serbs being blest by a priest-fundamentalist before going to murder innocent Bosniaks in Bosnia?

The pillar of Serbian racism, xenophobia and nationalism is Serbian Orthodox Church, that is why Serbian Churches were burned down in Kosovo by angry Albanians, and if it wasn’t the Albanian Vojvodas who protected some of those churches no Serbian Church would have been left in Kosovo today.

Anonymous said...

ok we have a right to ban you look at what you did to us.

NYoutlawyer said...

Funny, that's all I can say. This KLA terrorist ceku is quite a drama queen. It's like he's being directed by Hollywood on how to perform for the Western leaders. No one that knows the truth is buying that crap. He has NO business in a Christian church.

Anonymous said...

I think the Serb President wanted to go to Rugovno's funeral and Albs said no. Big deal.

Republic_of_Kosova said...

don't make this a big deal please. It is absolutely fine that they said no. Just like we did. But the thing is no matter how much the serbs hate him, he is getting a lot of praise from the internationals, or the people that matter. As far as the bishop being a rafugge, he is because he left his home, but again who gives a shit?

Anonymous said...

Serbs can't stand a multiethnic Kosova. When the premier extends the hand of hope and peace they reject it. It's not in their interest for Kosova to succeed. Like terrorists, they grow on political failure and we musn't give them that pleasure.

Good job Mr Ç-e-k- to the I adore u! You've been revealing the true nature of Serb crybabies. And remember, it doesn't matter what Serbs say, we are proving ourselves to the international community and espcecially to NATO. We owe them this because they saved us.

Happy Easter 2.0 ;)

Anonymous said...

Last week he was in Croatia celebrating with his Catholic wife and children for their Easter. Now he asked to go celbrate Orthodox Easter. Man, I love his attitude! In fact this kind of genetic makeup is so rare in Serbia that their women are lining up to have a baby with him so that chances of joining EU get better in 18 years.

Anonymous said...

There was no farse in his request. He is the prime minister of all of Kosova, therefore he should be accepted by the serbian minority.

It's a good step in the right direction, but in order to
complete the standards, minority serbs need to cooperate, otherwise it's Mission Impossible.

We, Kosovars, 100% support Ceku, I mean cross party lines he has the support.get it!

Anonymous said...

It was Ceku's KLA that damaged the church and he wants to go there? Why doesn't he say sorry to the Serbs first. He owes them years of apologies.

Anonymous said...

Why dont serbs apologize for what they did in Kosova?

NYoutlawyer said...

No, you apologize first, no you, no you.

Fuck you assholes, no one is buying ceku's phoney gestures of peace towards Serbians. He is a UN puppet that was put their by them and for them. What fucking praise is he getting? I haven't heard any. They even overlooked his war crimes in the process. You figure it out shitpars.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck are drooling about. Get a fucking life bitch! There are enough sites for you rapists why dont you go there and bs all day if ya like.

Anonymous said...

“For as long as the Serbs will not understand and realize that they are on foreign lands and territory, they will never be in peace or have good neighboring relations with Albanians”.

gujgli said...
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gujgli said...

Let us see who is the real Agim Ceku, man banned from Orthodox service:

Deadlocks continue at Kosovo final status talks

Part Two
By Tony Robson
1 April 2006

The attitude taken by the US and EU toward ethnic cleansing depends on who is conducting it and whether it furthers their strategic interests at the time. While Serbia has been threatened with economic sanctions, the representatives of the US and EU have extended a welcoming hand to the war criminals of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army).

As part of the post-conflict arrangements in 1999, the KLA was officially disbanded. However, the KLA has remained a force in the land ever since and this in no small part due to the connections it had established with its powerful backers, particularly the US.

Head of the negotiating team for the Kosovo Albanians was to have been President Ibrahim Rugova .The latter, and his party, the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), were historically associated with a non-violent campaign for secession. In every provisional election since 1999, it has been the main secessionist party, far outpolling the two political offshoots of the KLA—the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) and the Alliance for the Future Kosovo (AAK).

Since Rugova’s death from lung cancer in January, the main beneficiary has been the KLA. No sooner had the status talks begun, than former KLA commander in chief Agim Ceku was appointed prime minister. The AAK, a junior partner in a coalition government with the LDK, installed Ceku, at the expense of AAK deputy chairman Bajram Kosumi, who had been a KLA supporter but not an active combatant.

Reuters referred to the external pressure behind the decision: “Kosumi has been criticised for ineptness by other members of Kosovo’s ruling ethnic Albanian coalition and Western mentor states shepherding the UN-run Serbian province through talks that could lead to its independence later this year.... He [Ceku] is seen as a political heavyweight more in the mould of Kosumi’s predecessor Ramush Haradinaj, another former guerilla commander who resigned a year ago to stand trial at the UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague.”

Ceku served in the Croatian army and was a key planner in Operation Storm, a military offensive in the Krajina region of Croatia in 1995 that resulted in the expulsion of some 150,000 Serbs, the largest single act of ethnic cleansing to date in the Balkans. The incident became so notorious that even The Hague tribunal indicted former Croatian general Ante Gotovina for his part in this war crime. But while the latter has been in custody awaiting trial, Ceku has enjoyed complete immunity.

Ceku was made head of the KLA as it was reconfigured by the US to act as proxy land army for the NATO aerial bombardment of Yugoslavia in 1999. After the conflict, he was appointed head of the newly-created Kosovo Protection Corp (KPC), effectively an embryonic national army, supported and supplied by the UN. Over the past seven years KPC officers have been involved in attacks on Serb civilians. Belgrade has an Interpol arrest warrant for war crimes carried out by Ceku. He was apprehended twice, in Hungary and Slovenia, but released after the intervention of EU and UN diplomats.

Ceku is the second former KLA commander to have assumed the position of prime minister since 1999. The first, Ramush Haradinaj, resigned in March 2005 in order to stand trial for war crimes in The Hague. He faces 37 counts of murder, rape, persecution, inhumane acts and unlawful detention in Kosovo during 1998. Nevertheless, he has been permitted into the province and to participate in politics while awaiting trial.

According to Tim Juddah, writing in The Observer: “The move to lift the ban on politics for Haradinaj has been spearheaded by the UN mission in Kosovo and supported by diplomats there.... What is clear is that since his release the UN and diplomats in Kosovo have courted Haradinaj in a way unprecedented for a man indicted for murder and ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia. On 26 September, for example, a huge party was held at Pristina’s Hotel Grand to celebrate the wedding of Haradinaj’s brother. Among the guests were Larry Rossin, the deputy head of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), plus other senior officials and diplomats.”

Anonymous said...

NY=Gujgli..if u wanna contact them both the yahoo email is

Shut the fuck up!


Anonymous said...

Good move by the Serbian Orthodox Church. Let them rebuild our churches first then come visit us.

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to everyone .....

Wim Roffel said...

The church rejected it because they thought it a propaganda stunt. They did not like the idea of Ceku abusing their Easter for his propaganda purposes.

If Ceku had said something like "I understand how you feel and I will try to improve your situation. I hope next year you will feel me worthy of your hospitality." he would have behaved like a real premier for all the people in Kosovo.

Instead he chose to bring it in such a way that it looked like the bishop had insulted him. So he is doing his best to put the bishop in a bad light. This indicates that the bishop was very probably right when he saw the visit as just propaganda.

Dardania 2006 said...


I agree with it, at the same time it would have been a chance for both sides to use it for propaganda and push for reconciliation.

Pm, Ceku tried it, but it takes two to do this dance. I can only assume that the Serbian Church is not willing to reconcile.

The other question that comes to mind is, are they willing to accept their role (in terms of inspiration and bringing up the flames) in the attrocities in ex-Yugoslavia?

Also, the reason Bishop Artemije gave is a bit "odd sounding" for something like this. At first when I heard it, it was misreported in the news, I thought he wanted his "house" repaired...all I could think he doing this for his property??

In other words, both sides used it for propaganda, but it was the Serb side who sounded funny. Maybe next time they let Ceku attend the service.

gujgli said...

"The other question that comes to mind is, are they willing to accept their role (in terms of inspiration and bringing up the flames) in the attrocities in ex-Yugoslavia?"

Inspiration no, bringing up the oil on fire yes, and we already condemned all innocent victims killed in the name of Serbia on the other posts.

"Maybe next time they let Ceku attend the service."

Maybe next time Seselj attend your service, what do you think of that?

I hope Ceku (Haradinaj) will never enter our church or service. He must stand a trial in Hague, Pristina or Belgrade. Until then, every Serb who talk to him is giving him a abolition for his bloody work.

I don't mind any other Albanian leader like Sejdiu or Kosumi, but for Ceku's crimes we all know the sentence.

Dardania 2006 said...

Haradinaj and Ceku will not face war crimes for they have not commited them. Serbia will not be that lucky, and nobody is willing to break the top 100 War Criminal Chart, by being the only non-Serb there.

It's funny to compare either of those two with Seselj, it's like comparing Ghandi (the murderous little Indian guy lol) to those savage colonialists beating.

Just cause they faught your terrorist forces does not make them war criminals, dear Serb.

As for the church, saying "we're sorry" on blog posts is something else. What I want to see is the same thing Britain did...Ghandi's statue in the middle of London.

Will Serbia build a momument to all those they caused harm to? In Belgade? Just close to the Parliament?

Then you can talk on the same moral playground.

arianit said...


What are you talking about? Ceku wrote a letter and it got rejected. He didn't comment on it in any way whatsoever.

He is leading the way of reconciliation with Serbs, which is something that Serbs should be doing instead since they are in much dire need and their crimes are ten fold of what they have undergone. I understand that any Kosova PM should pay lipservice to them since they are technically citizens of Kosova. But if I'm asked, none of them deserves any visit. Let Serbs rot in their ghettos, vote for Seselj instead, and pretend that they had nothing to do with the war. We Albanians are moving on.

gujgli said...

"Haradinaj and Ceku will not face war crimes for they have not commited them."

Rational discussion with you after words like this is pointless. Keep on with gloryfing of this murderers, that will help your society a lot.

Dardania 2006 said...

The courts will prove that for Haradinaj.

As for Ceku, he is not even accused of any crimes, except by Belgrade (cough cough).

Also, where are all the witnesses against Haradinaj and Ceku?

Please be rational before accusing someone, and don't believe everything that comes from Belgrade, after all some sitting in the parliament today are responsible for crimes. I would add to that list the current Serb president who was present, physicaly, in Kosova during the war...I bet he was just there for "sight seeing".

gujgli said...

"Also, where are all the witnesses against Haradinaj and Ceku?"

Carla Del Ponte already said that in case against Haradinaj witnesses from Kosovo and Metohija refused to testify in Hague (fear of retaliation) and that Unmik obstructed the investigation.

As for Ceku, his crimes in Croatia and KaM were well documented so Interpol arrest warrant already exist. He was arrested in Slovenia last year but Unmik intervene it and he is now free, but i would like to see him go to Russia, Greece or Italy, then you'll miss him for a long, long time.

It's not even our topic, it's a matter of building your democratic society, it's matter of proving that no one, altough widely respected and popular as he is, can't escape justice.

"I would add to that list the current Serb president who was present, physicaly, in Kosova during the war...I bet he was just there for "sight seeing"."

Goran Svilanovic, former minister of foreign affairs (Djindjic era), ultra pro-western politician and member of ICG, was also in war as a Serbian soldier and he was not in dilemma whether to protect his country from agresors and terrorists. And what? He is war criminal?

Result of that war was UN resolution 1244. Sorry, send Ceku to lobby in Russia...;)

Anonymous said...


ARTIST said...

Serbs never owned Kosovo to give it up! Albanians always ruled the territory and they always will. Serbs can go and visit the monasteries though, they need to pray for their SINS...and thanks to the media, some monks seem to have quite a SPECIAL way of forgiving BOYS!!!