Thursday, April 20, 2006

Serbian Poll Shows Strong Support For Milosevic's Allies

BELGRADE (AP)--An ultra-nationalist party that ruled with Slobodan Milosevic in the 1990s would win Serbia's parliamentary election if it were held now, according to a poll released Thursday.

The Serbian Radical Party would get 38% of the vote, the independent CeSID polling firm said. The pro-Western Democratic Party would come in second with 28 percent.

The Socialist Party of Serbia, which was headed by Milosevic until he died of a heart attack in March at the U.N. war crimes tribunal's detention center in The Hague, Netherlands, would collect 7.6% - allowing it to form a government with the ultra-nationalists.

The poll surveyed 1,488 adults earlier this month. It had a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.

The populist Radicals, who supported Milosevic's warmongering policies throughout his rule in the 1990s, are cashing in politically on the failure of the fractured pro-democracy groups - which toppled the former Yugoslav president in 2000 - to make major improvements in living standards for impoverished Serbs.

Radicals' leader, Vojislav Seselj, is also being tried by the U.N. war crimes tribunal on charges of fomenting the wars in Kosovo, Bosnia and Croatia.

The governing conservative Democratic Party of Serbia, a separate group from the Democratic Party, would get only 7.6% of the vote, the poll found.

Serbia's next parliamentary elections are scheduled for December 2007, but with eroding support for the government in the parliament, it is widely believed an early vote will be held by the end of this year.


NYoutlawyer said...

Maybe the Serbian Radicals knew something others didn't?

Study: Bosnia recruiting target for terrorists
Published April 20, 2006

BRUSSELS -- A new report by U.S. and Croatian intelligence warns that Bosnia risks becoming a hot spot for Islamist recruiters plotting terrorist attacks in Europe.

The young Balkan state is rapidly becoming a breeding ground for Muslim terrorists -- a development fueled by high unemployment rates among the young Muslim population, the report states. This group is particular interesting to terrorist recruiters because of their Slavic blood, which makes it hard to distinguish from their fellow Europeans, according to Brussels-based news site

"People who are born here and live here have an advantage which would make their job easier. By their appearance, they are less obvious," says the document.

Radical Islamists have been operating in the area for more than 15 years. Thousands of foreign mujahadeen warriors fought on the Muslim side of the trenches in the 1992-1995 Balkan wars and after the cease-fire some 500 radicals remained in the country. However, the study suggests that terrorist recruitment got a major boost after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States.

In October, a joint Danish-Bosnian police operation cracked down on a Sarajevo-based international terrorist network that was planning a suicide attack against a Western embassy in the Bosnian capital. Two Bosnians and several EU-citizens have been indicted.

Anonymous said...


Are you related to Cvijus by any chance?

Chris Blaku said...


Are you suggesting that the Serbian Radicals and their action towards Bosnian Muslims was justified because of the article you've posted?

The Islamization of Bosnia's Muslims occurred because of Serbia's actions towards them. And let's not kid ourselves, the Serbian radicals would burn America to the ground just as fast as Al Qaeda would.

Chris Blaku said...

It is interesting to note how the Serbians blame their past mistakes (250,000+ dead, millions raped, destruction of nations, etc) on that bad guy, Milosevic. The Serbians were tricked, fooled by his propaganda, they suggest. They neglect to mention that his allies form the strongest group in Parliament, and his racist sentiments still dominate mainstream Serbian life.

Milosevic didn't create Chetnik nationalism, Chetnik nationalism created Milosevic, as it had created millions before him, and will continue to do so after him.

Anonymous said...

Good come back again Chris!


Anonymous said...

I hope the radicals win the election and take back Kosovo by force.

Anonymous said...

As an Albanian I hope they win too. And also hope they try to take kosova by force.

NYoutlawyer said...

You peaseants sure talk tough with NATO troops on your side. You weren't so tough in '99.

The War on Terror suffered a major blow three years before it was ever announced. It happened when the people of this democracy were misled into attacking the sovereign, emerging post-Communist democracy of Yugoslavia, over rumors of genocide and ethnic cleansing that proved false. In so doing, we delivered the Balkans to al Qaeda.

Today we are being asked to seal that historical blunder, the repercussions of which are still escalating seven years later. The people we "rescued" have turned their weapons against United Nations and NATO forces.

While NATO spends most of its time rooting out terror cells in Kosovo and Bosnia, which served as the planning bases for the London and Madrid bombings, the 2006 deadline to complete our eagerly forgotten debacle and determine the province's final status is fast approaching.

To persuade the international community that only one final status will be acceptable, our Albanian "rescuees" have been stepping up the violence. This is a message to the West that it has only one possible exit strategy: grant unconditional independence -- without border compromises with Serbia and without protection guarantees for what's left of the non-Albanian minorities.

If we allow this to happen, the peacekeepers will have to leave, and with them so will our eyes and ears in this terror haven and thruway. Still, congressional, U.S. State Department and U.N. sentiment seem to be tilting toward self-determination and the logic that if you've dug yourself into a hole, keep digging.

Here is the size of that hole so far: In November, 2001, what should have been an explosive article appeared in the European edition of the Wall St. Journal. Headlined "Al Qaeda's Balkan Links," it read: "For the past 10 years ... Ayman al-Zawahiri (bin Laden's second in command) has operated terrorist training camps [and] weapons of mass destruction factories throughout Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Bosnia ... Though the Clinton administration had been briefed extensively by the State Department in 1993 on the growing Islamist threat in former Yugoslavia, little was done to follow through ..."

A December 2003 article in Britain's Sunday Mirror also registered barely a blip: "Posing as members of the Real IRA, we ... made our deal in Kosovo, a breeding ground for fanatics with al-Qaeda links. Our contact was the deputy commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army Niam Behljulji ... [who allegedly supplied] terrorists across Europe and has been accused of massacring Serbian women and children during the war. He even posed grinning for a photograph, holding the severed head of one of his victims."

Even the high-minded among us may soon become nostalgic for the days when ethnic profiling was even possible. Because while the world wept for Bosnia, bin Laden and Iran were recruiting thousands of blonde, blue-eyed Bosnian Muslims for suicide missions -- "White al Qaeda," according to Yossef Bodansky, security expert and author of "Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America."

But to perpetuate the version of events we were sold from the beginning, all these connections have gone purposefully unmade by our nation's "journalists," who were gung-ho supporters of our 1999 offensive against a historical ally.

How many Americans know that the terrorists who carried out a spate of suicide attacks in Iraq in August 2004 were trained in Bosnia, or that al Qaeda's top Balkans operative -- al-Zawahiri's brother Mohammed -- had a high position with our terrorist KLA "allies"?

And who wants to bring up what former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia James Bissett has, that in Bosnia we fought alongside at least two of the 9/11 hijackers. We won't learn the details of how Bosnia has become the European "one-stop shop" for all the terrorism needs -- weapons, money, shelter, documents -- of Chechen and Afghan fighters passing through Europe before heading to Iraq.

We will lack information about an al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan, where U.S. forces recovered one Albanian Kosovar's application, reading: "I have Kosovo Liberation Army combat experience against Serb and American forces. ... I recommend operations against parks like Disney."

Despite the media's blackout on the subject of Balkans terror, more and more Americans have been scratching their heads, wondering why we forcibly precluded what the Serbs were doing in their own backyard, and continue to mischaracterize it, even as we've gone halfway around the globe to do the same thing.

For the past four years The Hague's International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia has been finding what multiple international forensics teams have found, that claims of Serb "atrocities" were exaggerated and often invented. It turns out we confused an attempt to create an Islamic "Greater Albania" with one to create a "Greater Serbia." But Milosevic's sudden death this week spares us from the worldwide riots that would have ensued had the tribunal mustered the courage to issue a verdict based on the evidence.

"If you break it, you fix it." We've heard much of that refrain throughout our Iraq debates, including from the self-same architects of the Kosovo offensive, Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton and Wesley Clark.

Their prescription for fixing what they broke? Bury it. Clark warned that "a violent collision may occur by year-end" if we don't do what the Albanians want, and this four-star general advocated doing just that. After all, "unrest" in the region shines an unwelcome spotlight on his "successful war." Clark even suggested pummeling the Serbs again if Belgrade got in the way; it's easier than fighting his terrorist Albanian campaign donors.

As U.N. human rights observer Jiri Dienstbier notes, "If NATO and the U.N. can't defeat terrorism in an area the size of one-eighth of the Czech Republic, how do they expect to confront global terrorism?"

Balkans author Vojin Joksimovich seconds the question: "Although the intelligence community is fully aware of the threat, political leaders are denying it and the media are silent. Given this cover-up, it's fair to ask whether we are able to prevent yet another major terrorist act."

Indeed, can you fight terror with one hand while abetting it with the other?

It's long past time to set the record straight on what we "achieved" in the Balkans, and change course. If a commission was set up to determine whether a presidential administration did all it could to prevent kamikaze attacks on 9/11, good God, what of an administration that committed the might of the U.S. Air Force to bomb Europe for a legacy beyond sexual harassment, and lied about genocide to achieve it?

Testifying at the Milosevic trial in September 2004, former Senate Republican Policy Committee analyst James Jatras quoted the 9/11 Commission's finding that it was in 1990s Bosnia that the "groundwork for a true terrorist network was being laid." That network is known as al Qaeda.

The Balkans were the early, key prize that Iran and Osama bin Laden sought as a terror corridor into the West. We delivered it to them. Why?

As the world closes in on the Serbs again this year, handing bin Laden an unequivocal victory by severing Kosovo -- Serbia's version of Jerusalem -- and officially establishing a terror state in Europe, we can know from Madrid and London that we'll pay for it with our own blood.

Indeed, we already have.

Anonymous said...

This fucking gypsy wont stop with tha same fucking article. Do humanity a favour you fat fuck and shoot yourself.

Anonymous said...

He's a fucking Serb - don't get confused.

gujgli said...

"If you break it, you fix it." We've heard much of that refrain throughout our Iraq debates, including from the self-same architects of the Kosovo offensive, Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton and Wesley Clark."

You forgot the biggest "architect" and lobbyst in US, Richard Holbrook, damn, that guy is not resting at all. While he denies the Bosnian Serbs self determination rights and pushing unitarization, on the other side criminal Albanian bucks make him blind on the same situation in Kosovo where he is the loudest supporter of Kosovo and Metohija independence.

Dollars and double standards, great combination.

Anonymous said...

The serbs logic is based on so much bs is not even funny. Whatever makes these mofos sleep I guess its fine since their small dick complex is always blamed on their victims no matter if it is Croatia, Bosnia or Kosova. Personllay i think these bitches has gotten away with 50% of Bosnia and murder at the same time. Enjoy what you got in Bosnia cause Kosova will be the bone that gets stuck in your cock-chugging throats.

gujgli said...

Albanian logic with a few exceptions on this blog is based on ignorance and insults.

Can you say anything other than this text above? Is that no? Then spare us please, we already heard it and it's not even interesting.

Dardania 2006 said...

yet serbia has achieved to take the crown of racism and genocide from so many other candidates of early 20th century....

...yet all we want is for you to leave us alone...