Thursday, April 27, 2006

Macedonian TV says Kosovo border issue has become "political knot"

Excerpt from report by Macedonian A1 TV website on 27 April

The technical issue of the border demarcation has turned into a political knot. The uncertainty remains as to whether the Macedonian and Kosovar prime ministers will meet.

Buckovski and Ceku [Macedonian and Kosovo prime minister, respectively] will most likely speak on the telephone tomorrow, following which the Macedonian authorities should decide whether to refuse to welcome him [Ceku].

Ceku's office has once again repeated that it has no information about the possible cancellation of the meeting, confirming that another conversation is expected.

Following her meeting with the OSCE head earlier today, Macedonian diplomacy chief rushed to reiterate Macedonia's position, namely, demarcation before status.

"The border demarcation as a technical issue should be completed before Kosovo's final status has been defined," Foreign Minister Ilinka Mitreva has said.

The Kosovars persist with their position too. In an interview for a local television station, the Kosovar Assembly speaker said that all the contentious issues related to the border would be resolved after the status had been acquired, adding that no fuss should have been made about this issue. [passage omitted on reaction by Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization-People's Party]

On the other hand, Xhaferi [leader of Democratic Party of Albanians, PDSh in Albanian] does not see anything contentious in Kosovo's behaviour. He says that the problem lies in us, because we have apparently failed to see the Kosovo Government's positive stands toward Macedonia. [passage omitted on Xhaferi's statement]

We have yet to see whether Buckovski and Ceku will manage to reach a compromise over the phone, thus truly reducing the border demarcation to a technical problem.

Source: A1 TV website, Skopje, in Macedonian 0000 gmt 27 Apr 06


Anonymous said...

Xhaferi is not doing the kosovar albanians a favor with his stance. Ceku better realize quickly that Macedonia made the border deal with Serbia and it is a legit one. If it wasn't the UN and the EU would've already badgered Macedonia about it by now. Kosovar albanians will be the ones hurt over this issue and the delay of kosovos independance will be a long one.

Anonymous said...

I agree - cheku is flexing his musels - something not important now. He is going to scare the foreigners and scare us Macedonians. Some already beleive that this is become an issue that could lead to larger problems. Close this issue now and lets see if we can leave in peace - I don't think Macedonia is doing this to gain some 1200 hecktars - we lost 70% of our land to the bulgarinas and greeks. All Macedonians want is this issue closed and new chapter of peace and frendship between the Albanians and Macedonians.

Anonymous said...

Actually many internationals disagreed with the border change. And until the french and russians pressured everyone in the UNSC to accept it as legal, it wasn't accepted. I agree that this issue should be closed with reimbursment of those lands or even a free passage for the people who own those lands to work on them. This should be accpetable to both the landowners and Macedonia. This issue must be closed only to show serbia that we wont be pushed in a war with macedonia that serbs are hoping for.
We albanians have much bigger fish to fry.

Anonymous said...

If Albanians would pull their tounges out of Americans Asses they would not stand a chance against us Serbs they are fagots who can't do it them selves Serbs can run over All Albanians and destroy Tirana just for the fuck of it. But pussy albanians need U.S bodygaurds. Grow some balls you insignificant people. it KOSOVO not kosova! even Macedonians would fuck you up.

Anonymous said...

To the above poster well if you Serbia things its that tough then BRING IT ON BIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATCH. We didnt need american for century and we still survived your attempt to eliminate

THis we are stronger ourself bring on and see who wins

Shut it before we start claiming al our land lands back good old ALBANIA from PAZARI I RI to CAMERIA.

ITS KOSOVA and it will be like that for ever.

I invite you I dare you to start another confilict you pussies

NYoutlawyer said...

Your above statement is just anger talking. If NATO had not interceded in '99, maybe all Kosovo albanians would be back in albania right now. There is no way you would have been able to stand up to the Serbian Army. I remember watching on CNN mile long columns of albanians flowing out of Kosovo, on foot, in carts, in wheel barrels, pulled by horses, you had zero resistence. I can understand why you love the Americans, for now.

Anonymous said...

Why Kosova Prime minister accept Serbian-Macedonian old agreement?
Ceku says Old agreement was not interest to US...It's serbia and macedonia agreement...

NYoutlawyer said...

Do albanians not accept agreements between sovereign nations over their border issues? Kosovo albanians still reside in a province of Serbia. You are a protectorate, that's it. You have NO powers. ceku should be happy he's not in the Hague, he sure grew some balls since NATO parked in his backyard.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you tried expelling us many many times before. Remember ocupation always faills.

They long coulms were civilians, obviously they going to flee since they were the primary targets of the mighty serbian army.

Resistance was there and getting stronger would have never won, maybe not loose it but you would have never won. Resistance was there orite

NYoutlawyer said...

Your resistence was like a rabbit against a bear, get real. If it wasn't for NATO, we would not be having this discussion. You would be in albania, and I would still be in NY.

Anonymous said...

let mee jest say that if albanians had half of serbian armis hardvear wee would rule balgrade now, today, but we dont wont can say wat you wont today albanians in kosoka are majority & thay are duingjust fine for short time that thay came to power serbia ruled for 100 years & all thay are known is for distruction one more thing if it wos not for rusia serbia would not exguist

Anonymous said...


Let that be Kombetare or Kosoves
Come on Serbs I was never sscarred of you and never will. I will be right in your face kicking you ass in every battle front

NYoutlawyer said...

Hey, albanians can be cool. I was an albanian once, for Halloween. I didn't get much candy.