Wednesday, April 19, 2006

INTERVIEW-UN could face new role in northern Kosovo

By Matthew Robinson
MITROVICA, Serbia and Montenegro, April 19 (Reuters) - The United Nations may have to extend its stay in Kosovo after a decision on an Albanian demand for independence to oversee a peaceful transition in the Serb-dominated north, a U.N. official said on Wednesday.
Gerard Gallucci, the top U.N. official in the flashpoint town of Mitrovica, said an international presence would help "coordinate relations" between Serbs in the north and the ethnic Albanian authorities in Pristina, which will run Kosovo whatever the outcome of negotiations under way in Vienna on the future of the Serbian province.
"Everyone now understands there has to be a transitional period in which the international community -- even though it may be getting out of a U.N. role south of the Ibar River -- may continue to play some similar role in the north for some period of time," the American diplomat told Reuters in an interview.
"I think the U.N. may be best equipped to play this role," he said from his office which overlooks the Ibar river dividing the town's Serbs and Albanians since a war in 1998-99 in which 10,000 Albanians were killed.
Diplomats say the Serbian province of 2 million people, run by the United Nations since 1999, will likely win independence in U.N.-led talks set to end later this year.
The main U.N. mission will bow out once a deal is in place and will be replaced by a slimmed-down European Union operation.
But at least half Kosovo's 100,000 remaining Serbs hold sway in north Mitrovica and the rocky strip of land that runs up to central Serbia. They reject the idea of being ruled from Pristina and have resisted successive U.N. efforts to reintegrate them with the rest of Kosovo.
The major powers say splitting the province in two, as some Serbs advocate, is not an option. They are pushing Albanians to give Serbs greater local self-government, perhaps heading off the mass exodus Serbs threaten should Kosovo split from Serbia.
Gallucci said the international community recognised the "different reality" in northern Kosovo.
Serbs enjoy a level of freedom there envied by thousands of Serbs living in scattered enclaves south of the Ibar, the target of sporadic violence. Around half the Serb population fled a wave of revenge attacks after the war.
Gallucci said some kind of international presence would have to help monitor, administer and coordinate relations between the north and Pristina during a period of transition.
The United Nations has the experience for the job and the EU may have "its hands full with the security and justice role Kosovo-wide".
"It makes sense there be some person overall with some degree of responsibility for the north, whether that person be free-standing or part of a larger mission," said Gallucci.
Mitrovica, a shadow of a once thriving mining town, has come to symbolise the ethnic division which still plagues Kosovo, seven years after NATO expelled Serb forces accused of atrocities against Albanian civilians in its war with separatist guerrillas.
Divided by the Ibar River and patrolled by French NATO troops, Mitrovica is dominated by Serbs in the north and Albanians in the south.
For Serbs, the north represents their last urban centre, linking them to the rest of Serbia. The Albanians say it is the frontline of a Serb bid to divide Kosovo, which Serbs have considered their religious heartland for the past 1,000 years.
Recent moves suggest both sides are edging towards dividing the running of the city.
"You have two incompatible views of Kosovo which then come down to incompatible views of Mitrovica," said Gallucci.


Anonymous said...

“For as long as the Serbs will not understand and realize that they are on foreign lands and territory, they will never be in peace or have good neighboring relations with Albanians”.

Dimitrie Tucovic.

Killed by Serb Chauvinists around 1914.

NYoutlawyer said...

Jihad Watch - April 20, 2006

Muslim Albanian violence against Serbian Christians

"On the heels of the death threat against Bishop Artemije of Kosovo and the Islamofascist-organized demonstration against Decani monastery (April 14 and 8), there's now more indication of Muslim Albanian violence brewing against Serbian Christians -- and that the "international community" knows it. These latest escalations are remniscent of the lead-up to the March 2004 riots by Albanian Muslims that left 19 people dead, 900 people injured (including 65 international members of UN and NATO), 4,100 people chased from their homes (most of them Serbs), about 800 Serb and Roma (Gypsy) houses and apartments looted and torched, and 30 Serbian Orthodox holy shrines either completely destroyed or heavily damaged. If this is what is happening now with international babysitters (mostly from Christian countries!) what will happen when and if Kosovo is declared to be an independent Muslim state?"

NYoutlawyer said...

Europe Prepares to Evacuate 40,000 Kosovo Serbs

Focus News Agency (Bulgaria)
April 18, 2006

Podgoritca. Chair of Serbian National Council for Central Kosovo Rada Trajkovic revealed that WHO and UN Refugee Agency are preparing project for evacuation of 40,000 Serbs who are expected to leave Kosovo after it receives its independence. The project is in its final stage and crisis headquarters that will receive Serbs who would leave Kosovo are being set up, Montenegrin newspaper Dan reads today. Trajkovic expressed her regret the World Trade Organization participates in a project for moving Serbians from Kosovo. "I am waiting for official reaction from Belgrade because instead of creating an environment to keep the Serbs in Kosovo there is a project that proposes leaving it," Trajkovic noted.

NYoutlawyer said...

This is only a small sample to activities to come from pro-muslim societies. God help us all.

Radio Free Europe

Bosnia Says Three Arrestees Were Planning Suicide Attacks In Europe

April 18, 2006 -- Bosnia's state prosecutors today said three men arrested in the country last year were planning suicide attacks against Western targets in Europe.

They said the projected assaults aimed at forcing Bosnia, or another government, to withdraw forces from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Swedish citizen Mirsad Bektasevic and Turkish national Cesur Aldulkadir were formally charged last week by a Bosnian court. The indictment indicates the two men and their Bosnian accomplice, Bajro Ikanovic, were part of a wider European terrorist network, spreading to Denmark and Britain.

Denmark has arrested five young Muslims accused of belonging to the network. Three other people are being held in British custody as part of the investigation.

NYoutlawyer said...

Islamski teroristi vrbuju mlade u BiH

VARŠAVA - Balkan postaje evropska baza islamskih terorista koji vrbuju uglavnom mladu generaciju muslimana u Bosni, Makedoniji i na Kosovu, piše poljski dnevnik "Gazeta viborča".

List podsjeća da su u BiH početkom devedesetih godina prošlog vijeka u odbranu islama pohrlili arapski i islamski borci sa iskustvom sa avganistanskog ratišta i da tako "islamski teroristi svoje balkansko carstvo grade već 15 godina".

"Poslije rata su u Bosnu potekli milioni dolara pomoći od arapskih zemalja. Saudijska Arabija i ostale bogate monarhije Persijskog zaliva stvorile su u Bosni humanitarne organizacije da pomognu u obnovi i ljudima, a u stvari su dobile zadatak da šire radikalni vahabizam", rekao je listu američki znalac islama na Balkanu Stefan Švarc.

Američki ekspert upozorava da se isti sistem širenja radikalnog ekstremnog poimanja islama preko novih džamija i otvaranja medresa primjenjuje i na Kosovu, gdje su od 1999. godine vahabiti izgradili više od 30 džamija.

"Cilj fundamentalista je mlado pokoljenje, najpodložnije ispiranju mozga, a jedna od metoda je i finansiranje njihovih studija u arapskim zemljama", piše poljski list.

"Gazeta viborča" naglašava da su oblasti Balkana sa visokim procentom muslimanskog stanovništva najzgodnije kao teroristička baza, jer je Evropska unija blizu, granice tamošnjih država propusne, a obavještajne službe tih zemalja slabe.

Iako su Bosna, Kosovo, Albanija i Makedonija "sjajna baza" u kojoj se regrutuju teroristi, gdje se smješta logistička podrška i pere prljav novac, fundamentalistima Balkan nije glavni cilj, piše poljski list.

"Žele preko lokalnih muslimana da dopru do njihovih rođaka koji su pred ratnim požarom pobjegli devedestih godina prošlog vijeka u zapadnu Evropu", kazao je poljskom dnevniku italijanski poznavalac islamskog terorizma, autor knjige "Al Kaida u Evropi" Lorenco Vidino.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Serbs areas will have the type of separation from the rest of Kosovo as Kosovo does from Serbia. Another step to partition.

Anonymous said...

If nyouthouselawyer repeats it enough times it makes it true. How a sad shitty life he must have.

NYoutlawyer said...

No one repeats shit more than you do shitpar. You copy and paste the same lying drivel on numerous boards. Go to your albania if you like it so much.

Anonymous said...

I am in Albania, oops I mean Kosova.

Anonymous said...

Since serbs are unwilling to accept any plan that allows them to stay in Kosova maybe Ceku can make another plan. Say, Storm II or something of that nature.

Anonymous said...

Serbs claim if Kosova wins indepndence radicals would win in elections but as this article points out they would win today even though Kosova is administered by UNMIK.
I guess four wars arent enough.

Polls: Serbia extremists lead democrats

Apr. 20, 2006 at 1:23PM

Serbia's ultra-nationalists and former communists could oust the ruling Democrats if elections were held this week, an opinion poll indicated Thursday.
In the polls the Serbian Radical party had 38 percent, followed by the Democratic Party of Serbia's President Boris Tadic with 28 percent.
The Serbian Democratic Party of Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica and the Serbian Socialist Party, mostly former communists, tied for third with 7.6 percent each.
The Radical and Socialist parties, with a total of 45.6 percent support, would be able to form a coalition government and govern for four years, said officials of the Center for Free Election and Democracy, or CESID agency which sponsored the poll.
The two parties got Serbia into four ethnic wars -- against Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo -- when it was called the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia -- between 1991 and 1995. The Serbs lost then all.
Vojislav Seselj, the leader of the Radicals, is currently awaiting trial on war crime charges at the U.N. tribunal in The Hague.
Slobodan Milosevic, who died of a heart attack last month while on trial in The Hague, was the leader of the Socialists.

Republic_of_Kosova said...

Hey NYfuck, or just regular serb, please either try to have a civilized disscusion, just spread your prapaganda somewhere else. But I can understand you, and why u do this. They say desperation causes weird effects on people.
Here is your inspiration for the day:
K>O>S>O>V>A my lady, i won't forget Presheva you too are my baby, so what if if u got a gun get a way with that crapp, I'm here to put the red and black Shqipes on the map...
U can thank Unikkatil for those lines.. just to piss u off.

Anonymous said...

Republic_of_Kosova dont even think of arguing with that bitch. That thing will just stick to the formula that worked for them during the war in Bosnia! Too bad we got the architect of STORM as prime minister now.

NYoutlawyer said...

I have no idea what your silly poem means, republic. Some kind of albanian crap?

As far as my posts, they are current news articles, ones which you shitpars don't care to acknowledge.

I see your terrorist leader wants to go to church for Easter, what a hypocrit.

Republic_of_Kosova said...

just because they are current does not mean that they are tru, don't embarres ur self. I don't care what u say, since the serbs right now are desperate, ur desperate. Let me ask u something. Have u ever seen a chicken when its head is cut off, ur acting the same. So if u want to say were terrorist, ok go ahead, like I said desperate. Oh and that little poem is actually part of a rap song from an albanian rapper in bronx, which was very popular, and not just among albanians.
Good day

Anonymous said...

nyouthouselawyer, here bitchy, bitchy!

Anonymous said...

Hey NYlawyer or whatever-read the article below and see how your country lies to you by claiming that there are over 200,000 displaced Serbs-not even close. Man, you have been lied all your life by your government and you have became brainwashed. Wake up ass hole!

(Prishtina/Belgrade, DTT-NET.COM) – UN mission (UNMIK) has said it’s designing a new plan according to which Serb minority refugees in Serbia wishing to return could choose their places in Kosovo.

Sandra Michel, in charge of return at UNMIK told reporters in Belgrade on Tuesday that the plan aims also to create easier conditions for the return of displaced people.

UNMIK officials in Prishtina told DTT-NET.COM that the plan is part of “ongoing process for return of externally and internally displaced persons”.

But according to the latest figures of UN body for refugees the situation of returned minority communities to Kosovo is rather gray.

A monthly aupdated report by UNHCR office in Kosovo says that since 2000 year, on voluntary basses 14.648 refugees or internal displaced persons from all minority communities have returned to their homes or the new one build in Kosovo, among which 6640 are Serbs; 1596 Romas; 3951 Ashkali/Egyptians; 1343 Bosniaks; 495 Goranis and also 623 Albanians.

UN mission and Serbia authorities have been accusing each other for not helping the return of Serbs to Kosovo.

Earlier this month UNMIK chief Soren Jessen Petersen said that improvements have been made on the security for minorities but he called for more to be done. He said that primary role for building a security environment for minorities in Kosovo and successful refugee return belongs to Kosovo citizens and institutions, but at the same time he accused Belgrade for not helping the process.
Jessen Petersen said that latest calls of Belgrade on Kosovo Serbs to boycott local institutions and refuse their salaries at education and healthcare public sector “works in the opposite direction” and doesn’t help interests of integration of Serb minority into Kosovo society and as well it harm prospects of those refugees/displaced persons in Serbia willing to return.

There are conflicting figures of Kosovo Serb refugees who left to Serbia after the end of 1999 war. The German think-tank -European Stability Initiative (ESI) - said last year that there are only 65,000 displaced Kosovo Serbs living in Serbia proper - a figure that seriously challenges Belgrade's claims of close to 220,000.
According to UNMIK statistics some 100.000 Serbs are living in Kosovo.

At the moment when UNMIK announces new initiatives for the return of minorities, a Kosovo Serb politician has said that UNHCR is planning quite the contrary.

Rada Trajkovic has told Montenegrin daily ‘Dan’ that the UN refugee body is planning to evacuate some 40.000 Serbs from Kosovo, in case the territory becomes independent. But Trajkovic's statement was harshly rejected by UNHCR officials in Kosovo.

“The reported comments of Rada Trajkovic are incorrect” Myrna Brewer Flood UNHCR press officer told DTT-NET.COM.

“UNHCR does not evacuate or resettle minorities from regions of origin. UNHCR's priority is to focus on the concerns of the minorities so those who wish to return – can return - and UNHCR is working closely with other agencies for the future of Kosovo to see what can be done to improve living conditions of minorities in Kosovo,” she said.

Independence for Kosova said...

There are conflicting figures of Kosovo Serb refugees who left to Serbia after the end of 1999 war. The German think-tank -European Stability Initiative (ESI) - said last year that there are only 65,000 displaced Kosovo Serbs living in Serbia proper - a figure that seriously challenges Belgrade's claims of close to 220,000.
According to UNMIK statistics some 100.000 Serbs are living in Kosovo. "

HAHA i knew it, 220,000 MY ass. Never were that many in Kosova well maybe when the Krajina criminals were transported with force down here. Kosova forever!!!!!!!!!! hahaha I love Germans.

Anonymous said...

o great ur a real think tank yourself
ok so who would know better?
serbia or germany?
who cares more about serbia is it serbia or germany?
ok well i think you can solve this yourself.
who has the right figures?

Independence for Kosova said...

Germany has the right FIGURES you fucking TWAT. Serbia is making numbers up to get the worlds attention. WHo has more fucking credibility you fucking twatm a shit hole called Germany or Serbia...Also the think tank was located in Serbia it's not like they are guessing from some place in Germany..FUCKING TWAT

Anonymous said...

Here's a bit of info just for those out there that don't know what a TWAT (pronounced TWOT) means. It is a slang word for GENETALIA.


Love to all my true ALBANIAN brothers and sisters out there not the mixed up ones that should be deported to serbia.


Anonymous said...

German's sided with Croatia during the break up of Yugoslavia-they hate Serbs.