Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Kosovo's PM Ceku: Serbia doesn't have any right to sign anything related to Kosovo

DEBELDE, Serbia and Montenegro, April 26 (Reuters) - Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku poured fuel on a border dispute with Macedonia on Wednesday by visiting the mountain region in question and saying the current line should be renegotiated.

Studying a map of the border with Macedonia, Ceku, an ethnic Albanian former guerrilla commander, said a 2001 deal signed by Serbia and Macedonia, which Kosovo says deprived the United Nations-run province of 1,200 hectares of farmland, was invalid.

"Serbia doesn't have any right to sign anything related to Kosovo because they have no authority over Kosovo," he said in the dusty border village of Debelde.

"Macedonia must start realising they have a new neighbour. Kosovo is Macedonia's new neighbour," said Ceku, interim prime minister of the southern Serbian province since March.

Kosovo's 90-percent Albanian majority is pushing for independence from Serbia in U.N.-led negotiations in Vienna, seven years after NATO bombing drove out Serb forces accused of atrocities against civilians in a two-year war with separatist guerrillas. The United Nations took control in June 1999.

But the border line above Debelde and its patchwork of tilled farmland and grassy hill slopes has yet to be demarcated since Serbia and Macedonia signed a deal in 2001 that was endorsed by the U.N. Security Council but rejected by Kosovo.

Ownership of this scrap of land, a route well trodden by smugglers and black-clad Albanian guerrillas during Macedonia's own Albanian rebel insurgency in 2001, has become a matter of pride for both sides.

Macedonia had hoped to talk Ceku into accepting the current deal -- signed with Serbia two years after it lost control of Kosovo and its southern border -- at a meeting in Skopje due on May 5.

But Kosovo insists there can be no demarcation until after a decision on its status, possibly later this year, when it believes it will finally win the right to renegotiate the border deal.

The major powers steering Serbia and the Kosovo Albanians through negotiations on "final status" want the border line set before they decide whether to grant Kosovo independence, which diplomats say is likely.

Macedonian Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski said on Wednesday he was waiting to speak to Ceku "to see if the scheduled meeting will be productive or counter-productive."

Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski said he had "no intention of renegotiating."


Anonymous said...

About time Kosova gets to run the show. No more bullying. Get ready for a shift in the balance of powers in the Balkans. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

First they steal the land and now trying to steal more land in the balkans.

The Greek said...

Give me a break about the "shift of power" in the Balkans. Once Kosovo becomes an actual state rather than a UN-run protectorate reality will sink in and Kosovo and its people will realize that they cannot have the borders they want. Unless you're willing to live in a constant state of war, which you'd be idiots to do, you'll make due with the current borders of Kosovo.

Kosovo Albanians should be careful of making further expansionist claims into Southern Serbia and FYROM. Albanians do not have the backing of the international community for further territorial expansion. Be happy with what you have.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait until u start a war again omg u guys are monsters (i mean the albanians) your all so gready give me more land more. We should drop a nuke on u it would solv the probleme. And if all of u dont like serbia and hate ur current lives go back 2 where u came from ok. Go back to Albania. We dont like u.

Independence for Kosova said...

for serbia to drop a nuclear bomb--it has first to be smart enough to make one...which it doesnt. Let's not forgett the high illeteracy amongs serbs. Greko you worry about that land you stole in çameria. Sooner or later Albania will get it.

Anonymous said...

Serbs don't like us???humm....we don't like you dummie, that's why we kicked you dumb MOFOs out, so you can go back to serbia and have your doughters become maids for the belgrade burocrats....for $5 a month..

Anonymous said...

ceku the criminal has no choice in what the borders become. The reality is that this is a part of kosovos final status. Whether he likes it or not Belgrade and Skopje made these agreements and kosovo,believe or not, is still a serbian province. So will Macedonia get what it wants. Absolutely. Why? Because ceku will not risk war and delaying kosovos independance.

Anonymous said...

To Crvenkovski: Nuts!

Anonymous said...

Europe and America are setting up the two young countries for a very long conflict. Kosovo may shut up and take it temporarily but this issue won't be forgotten lightly. Vendettas over land ownership return 60 years later in Albania, I don't expect people of Debellde to forget these lands either. Haven't we learned anything from artificial borders in Africa and Kashmir?!

heku said...

The negociations have not followed the right curse recommended by international law. You first have to ask people living on those lands or using those lands what they think about beeing ruled by Skoplje (principe of plebiscite). Or if they wanted to exchange some land between a state and a proto state they could have done it between Macedonia and Dardania which could have meant a retribution in land directly to Dardania and not to Serbia.

Ne, me kët internetsit e kemi deshirën ti zbulojmë disa marrveshje me banorët e ballkanit. Mos harroni se vendet fqinj nuk jan miqët tonë dhe sigurisht disa gjenerata do të kalojnë deri sa të vjen ajo ditë. Mos ju përgjigjni provokimeve se vetëm do të humbni kohë. Leni këta matrapaza në ëndrrat e tyre se qe shjekulli 19-të që jan futur në to! Qe sa dhjetra vite shqiptarët kan ra në mendimin e komunitetit ndërkombëtar që nuk mundën ta paramendojnë se Kosova do të bëhet shtet dhe sigurisht do të zhvillohet me të vetmin kusht të ndalet korrupsioni dhe të unifikohet populli rreth nji leadir-i të legjitim. Qështja e kufirit bjen si për mrekulli kur kemi sa më shumë nevojë ti koncentrojmë forcat tona në "luftën" për pavarsi. Politikisht ky gjest është shembullor. Kundër nji anmikut të ligshtë duhën ti shtohën sa më shmuë qështje sa për me ia zan frymën...

How said my colleague just upper, lets' get ready for a shift in the balance of power coz if Dardania becomes an effective state, the defensive capacity of its arsenal (KFOR) will act in favour of that balance of power. The reactions of other bloggers like the geek (scuse the greek) just show their ignorance of the concept of balance of power and its corollaries. There are no bigger claims in southern Serbia there is just a willingness to turn back to the status-quo just after the 1999 war.

Don't worry my friends, maybe not in our lifetime but all will be fine when economic developpement and the ideas of the enlightement century will hit the Balkans.

Ahmet said...

As I is well known what happened with borders here in Balkan since last 200 years so be wise all you neighborhoods not to think that the borders cannot be shifted because all those borders have been set in last 130 years.
Even the border between Albania and Greece, Serbia and Albania, Montenegro Albania, Macedonia Albania; should be solved no matter when.

To the Greek:
Please don't forget that we do know a lot what happened in Çamëria and what kind of rights do they have now. I wonder how come that Greece became independent as long as they have some kind of draconic law toward the minorities. You treated same turks in Cyprus but what happened to the Cyprus. So maybe one day we will do the same

Anonymous said...

As a Macedonian I accept ethnic Albanian Macedonians as my people and anyway Kosova people whether Albanian or Serb deserve peace and prosperity. I think Cheku is going opposite direction and has some other plans. He has to show that if Kosovo is to become Country has to show respect to international rules.
Pozdrav do Kosovari

Konaction said...

We should not forget the fact that all this crazy border issue associates me to the fact that we Albanians are ready and steady to talk about our borders!

Cheers to all low radical slavs!

ilir said...

The abovementioned agreement was signed in 2001, during the time Kosova was (is) under UN administration, and the decisions about it are taken by the local government in cooperation with the UN administration. Thus that agreement signed between Macedonia and SM is completely invalid. It is very logical. It is up to Macedonians to decide whether they want to create enemies amongst Albanians again, for the sake of a 1200 hectares of land that belong to Kosova. How can you just claim someone else's land and sign an agreement with a different land about it? does not make sense. regards,

Anonymous said...

According to UN resolutions Serbia has every right to sign stuff related to Kosovo.

Anonymous said...

According to UN even though serbia committed countless crimes against humanity it couldnt have been bombed. Guess did!

Anonymous said...

I think you kosovar albanians need a reality check. A balance of power in the balkans? When you do gain independance you will be the poorest country in europe. Only albania will help you out and they are poor themselves. Wake up and smell the turkish coffee and realize that if it wasn't for NATO and the US serbia would've been albanian free.

Anonymous said...

"if it wasn't for NATO and the US serbia would've been albanian free." Impotent people blame all things but themselves on why they cant perform.

NYoutlawyer said...

What's all the debate about? Albanians don't respect borders anyway. They just build a hut wherever they want and call it theirs.

And by the way, shitpars didn't kick anyone out of Kosovo, it was NATO, remember. You peasents couldn't kick a goat out.

Anonymous said...

Pesants, islamo-fascists, nazis, drug dealers and on and on, your name calling is getting a bit trite. Still you got bombed and surrendered like the little pussies that you are.Pathetic! Then again what is to be expected of child killers and rapists.

NYoutlawyer said...

You ignorant peasent sheep. You were not so brave before NATO's illegal bombings. Have your 15 minutes of glory. It will be short lived.

Here is the real threat in the Balkans. If this happening in Bosnia, God only knows of the terrorist activities going on in muslim dominant kosovo.

Terrorist bases in Bosnia?

BANJA LUKA -- Security Agencies in Bosnia-Herzegovina are investigating possible terrorist groups in the region.

According to Banja Luka daily Nezavisne Novine, who quote unnamed sources, the Bosnia-Herzegovina Security Agencies are investigating individuals and groups who may be plotting terrorist attacks. The informal leader of the former Mujehadin community in the village of Bocinja in central Bosnia, Al Hussein Imad, known as Abu Hamza, threatened that the recent revoking of illegally received Bosnian citizenship from Muslim supporters could result in protests, blockades and various other forms of unrest.

It is hard to say how many of the almost 6,000 Mujehadins who fought in the Al Mujehadin brigades during the war were given Bosnian citizenship. It is estimated that several hundreds of them now have Bosnian passports. Much of Europe is in fear of such groups, especially after the arrests of a number of suspects who were preparing terrorist actions in several countries, Bosnia-Herzegovina included, at the end of last year.

According to Sky News, the greatest number of Mujehadins living in Bosnia came from the Near East. Many of them received new passports under new names.

Western Security Agencies are pressuring Bosnia-Herzegovina to find and run checks on these people, who may be in contact with the three citizens that were arrested on suspicions of terrorism in Sweden last year. Seven more people were then arrested in Sarajevo under similar suspicions.

Kevin Carty, the European Union’s deputy police chief in Bosnia-Herzegovina, said that those who were arrested had ammunition, explosives and fire arms which they were planning on using, perhaps in Bosnia, and perhaps in other countries as well.

“They were planning some kind of terrorist activity and that is what worries us, that people in Bosnia-Herzegovina are involved in this.” Carty said.

The information of some international security services claims that there are some people responsible for the September 11 attack on the US hiding out in Bosnia, for example Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who was wounded in the Bosnian war.

Former Republic of Srpska Internal Affairs Minister Darko Matijasevic, said that that much time has been wasted in arresting the most extreme Mujehadins because of a lack of communication and unity between the different entities in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“The main goal is to infiltrate the community and create a number of elements regarding logistical support for operative units, leaders and individuals who pose potential threats to Europe.” Matijasevic said.

Albasoul said...

Look who is talking about terrorism. Half of the serbs are locked up in The Hague for crimes agains the humanity.

Anonymous said...

Whether our 15 minutes are short lived or not you got your rapist asses kicked, hard.

Anonymous said...

I must comment this one ! First of all, Albanians must be very careful now where they step. They do not have much support any more. Especially not in the last few weeks. All of their neighbours are against the independence thing. Greece (very important in this issue) is against. Romania, Bulgaria and Moldavia (Moldavia not so important but anyway) are against. Macedonia will certainly be against if this dispute continue. Do you want to live with neighbours that don’t respect you? Im very surprised, really.

I follow the media here in the US and if you follow it too, you can see for your self that political support of the Kosovo Albanians have decreased enormously the last months. Do not ask me why, but it’s a fact.

Blogger 9.17 PM. It’s not so kind of you to say that Kosovo should be nuked, but blogger 10.23, how stupid people are allowed to be. You say to this apparent Serb that “it has first to be smart enough to make one”. You make me laugh!! The Albanian people are one of the few people in the whole world who have NEVER invented ANYTHING!! The major countries for inventing things are US, Britain, Russia, France, Sweden, Germany etc. Everything you have is bought or stolen in the west. Are there any Albanian cars, are there any Albanian trains, are there any Albanian weapons, are there any Albanian aircrafts, are there any Albanian computers, are there any Albanian TV, DVDs, Mobil phones etc etc etc.

I have followed this blog for a while without attending in the discussion. I must say that I am surprised how much bullshit there is about Serbia and Serbs. I went to Belgrade with a friend some weeks ago. My friend works in a big company that is making massive investments in Serbia. I was very surprised. I thought that it should be bad there. 100000´s of people are studying on universities; there are joy, kind people and future-spirit in people. They are investing and building more than I could ever image. People are getting more and more jobs and even if they don’t are very rich, the salaries are getting better and better.

One thing that most Serbs agree about is that some Serbs have behaved very badly during the former conflicts and that they of course should be punished for that and pay for it. It also seems that most of the Serbs agree that Mladic and Karadzic should be caught. On the other hand, every Serbs said with 100% and very strong that Kosovo will never ever be independent. And I truly believe them.

Robert Aaron, NYC

Anonymous said...

Robert Aaron, your probably dreamed you were in serbia and the you woke with the cock of the nyouthouselawyer in your mouth. The whole diatribe you wrote is pure bs and you know it.

gujgli said...

Truth comes up, sooner or later.

Independence for Kosova said...

11.38 I still think Serbia isn't capable of building a nuke. Why are you attacking me it was your Nazi Terrorist buddy that wants to nuke a neighboor. More then 60 years after WW2 we still have die hard fans from Serbia--how democratic. I'm sure that is also your solution to the Hungarians in Vojvodina--you scum disgust me.

Albanians have invented a lot of things which appreantly you were asleep during the last 3 centuries. I'm surprised since your illeterate scum always make laugh. Why don't you research first about Albanian inventers and contributors..also research how many serbs go to college. Then talk.

Now on the TOPIC
It's good finally Ceku is asking for the land...there is no way in hell we'll accept an agreement like that. UCK fighters gave their life to free Kosova and all Albanian lands, I will not settle for serbias bullshit.

BTW whoever said, who the hell gives a damn what GREECE says?? Greece isn't in the security council!

cvijus said...

independence of kosovo,

"Albanians have invented a lot of things which appreantly you were asleep during the last 3 centuries"

How about telling us who are those scientists and what have they invented?

"also research how many serbs go to college"

I can tell you that in the case of Germany is that for every 20 Serbian student comes 1 albanian.

Anonymous said...

Cvijus just because you didn't get an education I'm not going to teach you. Do your own research, a lot of Albanians have done great feats--for sure. Go do something that's unheard of you, read!

Anonymous said...

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Hadim Hasan Pasha
Jemishxi Hasan Pasha
Nasuh Pasha
Ohërli Hasan-Hysein Pasha
Merre Hysein Pasha
Tabani Jassi Mehmet Pasha
Kemankush Kara Mustafa Pasha
Xhivan-kapuxubashi sultan-Zade Semin Mehmet Pasha
Kara Murat Pasha
Tarhonxhu Ahmet Pasha
Kara Murat Pasha
Zurnazen Mustafa Pasha
Mehmet Pasha Qypërliu
Köpryly Fayil Ahmet Pasha
Köpryly Zade Mustafa Pasha
Kadi Ali Pasha
Amzhazade Hysein Pasha
Numan Pasha Qypërliu
Haxhi-Halil Pasha
Haxhi-Ahcas Mehmet Pasha
Bijikli Ali Pasha
Ajvas-zade Halil Pasha
Mustafa Pasha Bajrakatari
Memish Pasha
Giritli-Mustafa Nail Pasha
Mehmet Ferid Pasha Vlora
Said Halim Pasha
Ahmet Izet Pasha
Damad Ferid Pasha

Religious Figures

Muhammad Naasiruddeen al-Albaanee- Famous Islamic Scholar.
Muhamet Arnauti- Famous Islamic Scholar.
Haxhi Hafiz Sabri Koçi- Grand Mutfi of Albania
Naim Ternava- Mutfi of Kosova
Selim Muça- Current Mutfi of Albania
Shefqet Krasniqi- Imam of Grand Mosque in Prishtina, Kosova.
Hasan Hafizi- Imam of Ethem Bey Mosque in Tirane, Albania.
Dhulkarnejt Ramadani- Imam of Grand Mosque in Skopje, Macedonia.
Ahmet Kalaja- Imam of Main Mosque in Vlore, Albania.
Abdul-Rrahman Sokoli- President of IISNA
Ate Kola Berishaj - Catholic Priest
Pope Clement XI (1700-1721)Born in Urbano, Italy, of the Albani family whose forebears fought for the Turks for 25 years alongside the 15th century folkhero of the Albanians, Scanderbeg thus preventing the Ottoman Turks from overunning Europe. Clement XI also fostered foreign missions but was unsuccessful in converting Czar Peter the Great.[3]
Pal Engjëlli - clergyman
Don Lush Gjergji- Catholic archbishop.
Rrok Mirdita - Catholic archbishop
Fan S. Noli - Albanian Orthodox Bishop
Mother Teresa - famous Albanian missionary


Ferid Muradi - scientist, Nobel laureate
Shuaip Kraja - scientist molecular biologist (born 1936 Shkoder)
Albert Lulushi - computer scientist
Arben Kryeziu - computer scientist
Tanush Shaska - mathematician
Eranda Dragoti Cela - mathematician
Nertila Gjini - mathematician
Laura Mersini - cosmologist
Selaudin Bekteshi - physicist
Josif Adhami - physicist
Ylli Popa - physicist
Bajram Preza - physicist
Petraq Pilika - mathematician


Xhevad Prekazi - football player
Erald Dervishi - One of the youngest champions of World Chess history
Ermira Dingu - European champion rifle shooting
Diana Mata - Olympic pistol shooter
Elisabeta Karabolli - European champion pistol shooting
Elton Bitincka - Olympic athlete
Dorian Collaku - Olympic athlete
Taip Ramadani - Handball Player Australia (Olympic Athlete)
Ardian Gashi - football player
Kreshnik Gjata - Olympic swimmer
Luan Krasniqi- boxer (european chanpion)
Nelson Hysa - Olympic boxer
Ilir Kafarani - Olympic weightlifter
Altin Lala - football player
Anila Meta - Olympic athlete
Artur Muhedini - Olympic boxer
Arben Muqolli - Handball Player
Ymer Pampuri - weightlifter
Sahit Prizreni - Olympic wrestler
Erkand Qerimaj - Olympic weightlifter
Rovena Marku - Olympic swimmer
Ilir Suli - weightlifter
Klodiana Shala - Olympic athlete
Donald Suxho - volleyballist for American Olympic Team
Gert Trasha - Olympic weightlifter
Theoharis Trasha - Olympic weightlifter
Rudi Vata - football (soccer) player
Marjeta Zaçe - Athlete
Ermal Kugo - basketball player
Tie Domi - Pro hockey player
Zoran Ivezaj - Taekwondo Champion
Fatos Pilkati - Olympic Free Pistol competitor
Stefi Gjine - tennis palyer
Klodian Duro - football palyer
Fatmir Vata - football player
Kreshnik Qato - world champion boxer
Riza Lushta - football player
Adem Yze - rules football player
Valon Behrami - football player
Shefki Kuqi - football player
Petrit Fejzullahu - Handball Player
Njazi Kuqi - football player
Lorik Cana - football player
Erjon Bogdani - football player
Artim Sakiri - football player
Pyrros Dimas - weightlifter
Besian Idrizaj - footballplayer
Mirela Manjani - javelin thrower
Spend Abazi - box european champion
Igli Tare - football player
Enver Idrizi - karate champion
Afrim Latifi - karate champion
Azem Maksutaj - kickboxer
Ervin Skela - football player
Fadil Vokrri - former football player
Panajot Pano - football player
Lutfi Kolgjini - Horse Riding Champion
Teuta Lulgjuraj - tennis player
Elvir Muriqi - boxer
Shaban Terstena -wrestler
Shaban Sejdiu - wrestler
Aziz Salihu - boxer
Mehmet Bogujevci - boxer
Nazif Gashi - boxer
Xhevdet Peci - boxer
Ridvan Vllasaliu - kickboxer
Nuri Seferi - boxer
Petrit Dobroshi - boxer
Erjon Tola - Alpine skiers


Antonio Gramsci - writer, philosopher
Filip Shiroka - poet (b.1859-1935)
Kristina O'Donnelly - author/editor/journalist
Ernesto Sabato - writer
Dora d'Istria - writer/publicist (b.1829-1888)
Dritëro Agolli - poet, writer(b.1931)
Fatos Arapi - poet (b.1930)
Xhevdet Bajraj - poet (b.1960)
Frang Bardhi - author of note (1606-1643)
Bernard Bilota - arberesh poet/folklorist (b.1843-1918)
Karmel Kandreva - arberesh writer
Zef Skiroi - arberesh poet/publicist/folklorist
Eqrem Basha - poet (b.1948)
Flora Brovina - poet (1949)
Pjetër Bogdani -
Pjetër Budi - author of religious works (1566-1622)
Andon Zako Çajupi - poet and dramatist (1866-1930)
Martin Camaj - poet (1925-1992)
Viktor Eftimiu - academic/writer (b.1889-1972)
Nicola Chetta - poet (1740?-1803)
Rrahman Dedaj - poet (b.1939)
Jeronim de Rada - poet (1814-1903)
Ridvan Dibra - poet (1959)
Aleksander Stavre Drenova (aka ASDRENI) - poet (1872-1947)
Gjergj Fishta - writer and poet (1871-1940)
Nezim Frakulla - poet (1680-1760)
Mid'hat Bey Frashëri - writer and freedom fighter (1880-1949)
Naim Frashëri - poet (1846-1900)
Fahredin Gunga - poet (1936-1997)
Sabri Hamiti - poet (b.1950)
Alban Kraja - writer (born Shkoder 1970) ( )
Ismail Kadare - writer and poet (b.1936)
Hasan Zyko Kamberi - poet
Musine Kokalari - writer
Ernest Koliqi - writer (1903-1975)
Faik Konica - writer, stylist
Fatos Kongoli - writer, mathematician
Gazmend Krasniqi - poet (b.1963)
Milazim Krasniqi - poet (b.1955)
Teodor Laço - writer (b.1936)
Natasha Lako - poet and novelist (b.1948)
Veli Karahoda - novelist, poet, essayist (b.1968)
Luljeta Lleshanaku - poet (b.1968)
Bardhyl Londo - poet (b.1948)
Rudolf Marku - poet (b.1950)
Lekë Matrënga (aka Luca Matranga) - poet (1567-1619)
Din Mehmeti - poet (b.1932)
Esad Mekuli - poet (b.1916-1993)
Ndre Mjeda - poet (1866-1937)
Millosh Gjergj Nikolla (aka Migjeni) - poet (1911-1938)
John Musachi - poet (1882-1965)
Teki Dervishi - poet, novelist and playwright (1943-)
Fan S. Noli - poet and religious leader (1882-1965)
Ali Podrimja - poet (b.1942)
Lasgush Poradeci - poet (1899-1987)
Dhori Qiriazi - poet (b.1993)
Rexhep Qosja - poet and literary critic (1936)
Zef Serembe (aka Giuseppe Serembe) - poet (1844-1901)
Filip Shiroka - poet (1859-1935)
Azem Shkreli - poet (1938-1997)
Xhevahir Spahiu - poet (b.1945)
Sterjo Spasse - poet (1914-1989)
Kasëm Trebeshina - writer (b.1926)
Vorea Ujko (aka Domenico Bellizzi) - poet (1918-1989)
Jul Variboba (aka Giulio Variboba) - poet (1742-1788)
Pashko Vasa (aka Wassa Effendi) - poet (1825-1892))
Agim Vinca - poet (b.1947)
Moikom Zeqo - writer and archaeologist (b.1949)
Visa Zhiti - poet (b.1959)
Gavril Dara - writer, poet (b.1827-1885)
Francesk Anton Santori - writer (b.1819-1894)
Ndoc Nikaj - historian, poet (b.1864-1951)
Jakov Xoxa - writer (b.1923-1979)
Kolë Jakova - writer (b.1916-1965)
Spiro Comora - writer, comedian (b.1918-1973)
Ilir Kadia - writer, journalist (b.1957)
Tom Perrotta - novelist and former English professor.
Mehmet Akif Ersoy - poet
Ate Kola Berishaj - Catholic Priest, writer
Luan Starova - writer
Rifat Kukaj - writer
Gjeke Marinaj - poet
Mehmet Haxhosaj
Halil Haxhosaj
Veton Surroi


Hakan Sukur - The Greatest Soccer Player in Turkey

William G.
- Austronaut of Albanian Origin
Elyesa Bazna - German spy
Murat Rais - 16th century figure
Hava Rexha - was the oldest woman in Albania and maybe in the world
Nadir Mura - magician

Napoleon Bonaparte (From an Arberesh Mother)

Constantine Kanari - Arvanite

George Lucas is Arbereshe.

Rita Wilson is Arbereshe.

Frank Sinatra is Arbereshe.

Anna Magnani is Arbereshe.

Monica Belucci is Arbereshe.

Chase is part Arbereshe.

Harold Ramis is Arbereshe.

EMEL SAYIN, BARIS MANÇO, AHMET PRISHTINA, ISLAM ÇUPI, Xhevdet Bajraj, Oni Pustina, Ambeta Toromani, Yeþim Salkým, Ercan Taner, Ilhan Cavcav, Mehmet Akif Ersoy, Mazhar Krasniqi, Sami Frashëri, Nermin Vlora Falaschi, Abdyl Frashëri, Mid'hat Frashëri

Luciano, Lucchesi, Castellano, LoCasio, De Franco, de Gennaro, de la Garza, de Lama, della Porta, Demaris, Diapoulos, Dintino, Lika, Franzese, Feeh, Gage, Guiliani, Gugliotta, Iannuzzi, Inciardi, Landesco, Corallo, Colosimo, Badalamenti, Amato, Adonis, Abrego, Accardo, Acceturo, Alex, Amuso, Anastasia, Angiulo, Anomie, Balagula, J. Barbara, Betillo, Bilotti, Bonanno, Bonventre, Borsellino, Buffalino, Bulger, Buscetta, Bruno, Carlisi, Caruso, Caso, Catalana, Catena, Chiodo, Civella, Clemente, Cohen, Coia, Colli, Vitelo, Violante, Villano, Torriero, Tricarico, Thoumi, Teresa, Alfieri, Costello, Cutolo, D'Arco, DeCavalcante, De Ciccio, Dellacroce, de Mange, DeStefano, DiFronzi, DiGregorio, DioGuardio, Doto, Dragna, Esposito, Eto, Falcone, Fatico, Ferriola, Ficcorata, Fiscetti, Fiumara, Flemmi, Fosco, Fratianno, Gagliano, Galente, Gallo, Gambino, Garibaldi, Genna Bros., Genovese, Giacalone, Gigante, Gioeiello, Gotti, Gravano, Guzik, Ianiello, Indelicato, Tocco Infelise, Lanza, La Pietra, Liggio, Leggia, Locasio, Lombardo, Lonardo, Londono, F. Lucas, G.Lucchese, Magaddino, Magliocco, Maltese, Mangano, Maranzano, Matorano, Masino, Masseria, Merlino, Merlo, Milano, Mineo, Mitola, Mogilevich, Mori, Ndranghera, Nitti, the whole Camorra group, Zips, the whole Sacra Corona Unita group, Trupiano, Tocco, Testa, Ricca, S. Riina, Riccobene, Rogoli, Roti, Ruggiero, Russo, Salerno, Scalise, Scarfo, Scarpa, Scarpelli, Scopo, Scotto, Solano, Spilotro, Torrio, Trupiano, Vario, Vizzini, Columbo, Giancana, Fiorello LaGuardia, Sam Adams, the Guise fam., Bellomont and Kidd fam.-----all Alboz or descendants.

Anonymous said...

Serb nazi priests

Bishop Nikolai, who is Saint to many Orthodox believing Serbs, wrote: "Europe is presently the main battlefield of the Jew and his father, the devil, against the heavenly Father and his only begotten Son . . . (Jews) first need to become legally equal with Christians in order to repress Christianity next, turn Christians into atheist, and step on their necks. All the modern European slogans have been made up by Jews - the crucifiers of Christ: democracy, strikes, socialism atheism, tolerance of all religions, pacifism, universal revolution, capitalism and communism... All this has been done with the intention to eliminate Christ . . . You should think about this, my Serbian brethren, and correspondingly correct your thoughts, desires and acts." (Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic in his book "Addresses to the Serbian people - Through the Prison Window").

NYoutlawyer said...

Is there anyone on that list of famous albanians that would be known outside of pristina? That's histarical, what a joke. Most people in the world couldn't find your shithole on the map without mapquest.

Anonymous said...

Showing the list of ancients means nothing anyway since albanians are an admixture of Turk,romanian,greek and slav. Your language has alot of loan words from romanian and the turkic language. Your propaganda is crap and the people paid by tirana are worthless propagators. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ILLYRIANS.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Serb nazi priests

Bishop Nikolai, who is Saint to many Orthodox believing Serbs, wrote: "Europe is presently the main battlefield of the Jew and his father, the devil, against the heavenly Father and his only begotten Son . . . (Jews) first need to become legally equal with Christians in order to repress Christianity next, turn Christians into atheist, and step on their necks. All the modern European slogans have been made up by Jews - the crucifiers of Christ: democracy, strikes, socialism atheism, tolerance of all religions, pacifism, universal revolution, capitalism and communism... All this has been done with the intention to eliminate Christ . . . You should think about this, my Serbian brethren, and correspondingly correct your thoughts, desires and acts." (Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic in his book "Addresses to the Serbian people - Through the Prison Window").

cvijus said...

anonymous 12:24,

the fact that I don't know any albanian scientist doesn't have anything to do with my education, but with the fact that there isn't any significant contribution that the albanians have made in order to be known, apart from mother Theressa who was remarkable woman and Mehmet Ali (known for his masscre of the Mamalukes). But what did you scientifically achieve in order to match Tesla and Pupin?


it would be enough to give the link for this list of wikipedia. Besides, this list can be editted by everyone, so it wouldn't suprise me to see that Mussolini was also albanian, or maybe Kennedy.
It also apperas that enitre Italy is albanian. But who knows, when they finish grabbing lands in the Balkans, they will concetrate on Italy.

Anonymous said...

Albanians have contributed enough to humanity and are not know to be rapists and child killers like the serbs are today. Furthermore, history is not finished and albanians have plenty of time to contribute even if we never did in the past.

cvijus said...


then please enlighten us and tell us who are these famous albo scientist that made epichal inventions (note: give me scientists only, not ppl like james belushi and eliza dushku)

"history is not finished and albanians have plenty of time to contribute even if we never did in the past."

I don't see you kaming any progress by now. Who knows, maybe in a couple of centuries...

Anonymous said...

In how many centuries is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Germans have the highest number of Nobel prize winners but still cant escape thier lgacy of concentration camps. Tesla, Pupin and Einsteins wife "that taught Einstein everything he knew" will never protect you from the legacy of rapists and child killers. If your saint can say words that are written above then what is expected of the bad ones.
Bishop Nikolai, who is Saint to many Orthodox believing Serbs, wrote: "Europe is presently the main battlefield of the Jew and his father, the devil, against the heavenly Father and his only begotten Son . . . (Jews) first need to become legally equal with Christians in order to repress Christianity next, turn Christians into atheist, and step on their necks. All the modern European slogans have been made up by Jews - the crucifiers of Christ: democracy, strikes, socialism atheism, tolerance of all religions, pacifism, universal revolution, capitalism and communism... All this has been done with the intention to eliminate Christ . . . You should think about this, my Serbian brethren, and correspondingly correct your thoughts, desires and acts." (Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic in his book "Addresses to the Serbian people - Through the Prison Window").

cvijus said...


Germans have offered a lot in sciences, Serbs as well with individuals sich as Pupin and Tesla. What famous scientists/inventors have the albos? Why can't you answer this simple question instead of hiding behind this Velimirovic bullshit?

Anonymous said...

to 02:53
how about the guy who invented VIAGRA, moron. But who cares, u are trying to compare albanians who are a miniscule compared to the germans. Get real, oh and tesla did not invent electricity, but something else, not sure but it was i thnk a generater for electricity.

Anonymous said...

Stop saying such as. There are only those two, Tesla and Pupin, period. Ferid Murat won the Nobel Prize, period.

Anonymous said...

""Germans have offered a lot in sciences, Serbs as well with individuals sich as Pupin and Tesla."
What a fucking tool. Can you believ this arrogance comparing two serbs with these germans
# Gustav Stresemann Winner of the 1926 Nobel Prize in Peace
# Richard Martin Willstatter Winner of the 1915 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Hans Fischer Winner of the 1930 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Ludwig Quidde Winner of the 1927 Nobel Prize in Peace
# Hermann Emil Fischer Winner of the 1902 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Otto Wallach Winner of the 1910 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Walther Hermann Nernst Winner of the 1920 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Heinrich Otto Wieland Winner of the 1927 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Adolf Otto Reinhold Windaus Winner of the 1928 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Friedrich Bergius Winner of the 1931 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Kurt Alder Winner of the 1950 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Hermann Staudinger Winner of the 1953 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Karl Ziegler Winner of the 1963 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Manfred Eigen Winner of the 1967 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Georg Wittig Winner of the 1979 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Robert Huber Winner of the 1988 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Hartmut Michel Winner of the 1988 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Eduard Buchner Winner of the 1907 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Alfred Werner Winner of the 1913 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Richard Adolf Zsigmondy Winner of the 1925 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Hans Karl August Simon Von Euler-Chelpin Winner of the 1929 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Carl Bosch Winner of the 1931 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Petrus Josephus Wilhelmus Debye Winner of the 1936 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Richard Kuhn Winner of the 1938 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Adolf Friedrich Johann Butenandt Winner of the 1939 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Otto Hahn Winner of the 1944 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Otto Paul Hermann Diels Winner of the 1950 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Gerhard Herzberg Winner of the 1971 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Ernst Otto Fischer Winner of the 1973 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Johann Deisenhofer Winner of the 1988 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Reinhard Selten Winner of the 1994 Nobel Prize in Economics
# Carl Von Ossietzky Winner of the 1935 Nobel Prize in Peace
# Albert Schweitzer Winner of the 1952 Nobel Prize in Peace
# Willy Brandt Winner of the 1971 Nobel Prize in Peace
# Paul Crutzen Winner of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Robert J. Aumann Winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Economics
# Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf Von Baeyer Winner of the 1905 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Wilhelm Ostwald Winner of the 1909 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Fritz Haber Winner of the 1918 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# International Physicians For The Prevention Of Nuclear War, Inc Winner of the 1985 Nobel Prize in Peace
# Paul Johann Ludwig Heyse Winner of the 1910 Nobel Prize in Literature
# Gerhart Johann Robert Hauptmann Winner of the 1912 Nobel Prize in Literature
# Hans Spemann Winner of the 1935 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Otto Loewi Winner of the 1936 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Gerhard Domagk Winner of the 1939 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Werner Forssmann Winner of the 1956 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Konrad Bloch Winner of the 1964 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Feodor Lynen Winner of the 1964 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Max Delbruck Winner of the 1969 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Karl Von Frisch Winner of the 1973 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Erwin Neher Winner of the 1991 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Bert Sakmann Winner of the 1991 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Philipp Eduard Anton Lenard Winner of the 1905 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Wilhelm Wien Winner of the 1911 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Max Von Laue Winner of the 1914 Nobel Prize in Physics
# James Franck Winner of the 1925 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Gustav Hertz Winner of the 1925 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Walther Bothe Winner of the 1954 Nobel Prize in Physics
# J. Hans D. Jensen Winner of the 1963 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Gerd Binnig Winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Jacobus Henricus Van 't Hoff Winner of the 1901 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
# Christian Matthias Theodor Mommsen Winner of the 1902 Nobel Prize in Literature
# Rudolf Christoph Eucken Winner of the 1908 Nobel Prize in Literature
# Nelly Sachs Winner of the 1966 Nobel Prize in Literature
# Heinrich Boll Winner of the 1972 Nobel Prize in Literature
# Paul Ehrlich Winner of the 1908 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Albrecht Kossel Winner of the 1910 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Otto Fritz Meyerhof Winner of the 1922 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Sir Ernst Boris Chain Winner of the 1945 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Sir Hans Adolf Krebs Winner of the 1953 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Fritz Albert Lipmann Winner of the 1953 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Georges J.f. Koehler Winner of the 1984 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Albert Abraham Michelson Winner of the 1907 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Carl Ferdinand Braun Winner of the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck Winner of the 1918 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Johannes Stark Winner of the 1919 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Otto Stern Winner of the 1943 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Max Born Winner of the 1954 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Polykarp Kusch Winner of the 1955 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Rudolf Ludwig Moessbauer Winner of the 1961 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Hans Albrecht Bethe Winner of the 1967 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Dennis Gabor Winner of the 1971 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Arno A. Penzias Winner of the 1978 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Klaus Von Klitzing Winner of the 1985 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Ernst Ruska Winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize in Physics
# J. Georg Bednorz Winner of the 1987 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Hans G. Dehmelt Winner of the 1989 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Wolfgang Paul Winner of the 1989 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Theodor W. Hänsch Winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Thomas Mann Winner of the 1929 Nobel Prize in Literature
# Günter Grass Winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Literature
# Robert Koch Winner of the 1905 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Otto Heinrich Warburg Winner of the 1931 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Christiane Nusslein-Volhard Winner of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Günter Blobel Winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
# Werner Heisenberg Winner of the 1932 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Erwin Schroedinger Winner of the 1933 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Maria Goeppert-Mayer Winner of the 1963 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Herbert Kroemer Winner of the 2000 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Wolfgang Ketterle Winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Hermann Hesse Winner of the 1946 Nobel Prize in Literature
# Emil Adolf Von Behring Winner of the 1901 Nobel Prize in Medicine
# Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen Winner of the 1901 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Horst Stormer Winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physics
# Albert Einstein Winner of the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics

NYoutlawyer said...

The majority of albanians still prefer to shit in a cornfield oppossed to an indoor toilet. Yes, they do have a bit of catching up to do. Maybe they can exchange some of those Serbian assets they're selling off for a few American standards?

I have heard stories about shiptars. They used to clean my grandfather's chimney in Belgrade. He said they were lazy.

Anonymous said...

The nyouthouselwayer-shitforbrains is back again.Yipeeee

cvijus said...

I never said that we can match Germans in the Nobel issue, even though we have also Ivo Andric as a Nobel price winner (besides Ferid murad is HALF albanian).

Tesla and Pupin are world famous for their inventions but there are also much more such as Slobodan Nickovic, Voja Antonic, Veljko Miljkovic, Alexander Stefan and the list goes on . Who do you have as such? Can't you answer such a simple question?

NYoutlawyer said...

Have you noticed how albanians always have to call their opponents a bad name. Like school children when they have nothing intelligent to say.

NYoutlawyer said...

and by the way shitpar, there are no outhouses in NYC, they are all in kosovo. Peeyoo!!!

Indpendence for Kosova said...

Fehrid Murad

He is one of my favorite Albanian Nobel Prize Winner with also Agnes Gonxha.

There are a lot of Albanian scientists they just are scattered all over the world because of Serbs massacring and rapping women, so most Albanians have to flee.

Why did you bring up the Albanian question? The argument was that Serbia does not have the knowledge to build one, period. WE never said We did either.

NYoutlawyer said...

albanians in kosovo have to learn to build indoor plumbing first. They can concentrate on nuclear bombs later.

Independence for Kosova said...

Ny uer a fucking idiot, you keep jumping topics. First of all this topic is about the demaracation of borders, I'd expect you to know this but your too illeterate to cooperhand the meaning of those words. Second it was your or another serb that began this discussion about nuking albanians, we don't to get nukes, nukes are usually associated with terrorists a.k.a Serbia. Indoor plumbing, couldn't you get any more random?? You worry about God drowning your terrorist ass then speak about Kosovar problems.

Dardania 2006 said...

Rejoice Europe, for you have a lot of work ahead...

Making the Serbs on this post civilized people is a lot of work...

Btw Cvijus, Tesla loved Zagreb and he left the wondeful city of Belgrade for a good reason.

So, besides Tesla, and many other scientists do you have?

Or shall we compare the lists of war criminals?

Ahmet said...

Well just have a look on the this map and click at the portlet called Map Martkers under the name Ahmet and you can see that I come from Gjilan and participating in an international project. And by the way you might see there that it only me on that map from whole Balkan pennisula. I do regret why I couldn't write properly names of the city in Albanian but I thin soon will come the day when we will errase those Serbian names from the maps.

cvijus said...


man you really need a refreshment in history. Tesla left Zagreb to go to USA in the perios when Austria-Hungary existed. Before his death he expressed his wish to be buried in Belgrade.

Let me ask you a question: Why did mother Theressa go to India instead of staying here helping you?

You want to compare war criminals. Good. SInce you're a half Croat you can also take into account the Croats since WWII onwards. You're beating me man for 2-1. I admit my defeat, you have more war criminals than me. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

"You want to compare war criminals. Good. SInce you're a half Croat you can also take into account the Croats since WWII onwards. You're beating me man for 2-1. I admit my defeat, you have more war criminals than me. Congrats."
Trotsky reported:

"The horrors actually began as soon as we crossed the old frontier ... The darker the sky became, the more brightly the fearful illumination of the fires stood out against it. Burning was going on all around us. Entire Albanian villages had been turned into pillars of fire -- dwellings, possessions, accumulated by fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers were going up in flames." 1912 and let's not forget what Brankovic did in battle of Kosova.

Anonymous said...

so this is a dick measuring contest?

here you go:

Mehmet Ali and the masacre of thousands of Mamelukes in Egypt

Albanians and their maasacre of the Greek village of Souli in early 19th century.

Albanian-turkish violence over Serbs in Kosovo during the Graeco-Turkish war in 1897 - 400.000 refugees estimated.

Additional thousands of Serbs murdered by the League of Prizren.

Last but not least, March 2004.

Another interesting fact is that in the traditions of Serbs, Bulgarians, Greeks and Macedonians there is a traditional saying when a child is born to say as wish "not to be stolen by the Albanians" which portrayes the way you behaved as we all lived together under the Ottomans (whose most loyal vassals you were). That phenomenon is equivalent to today's human trafficking, a tradition that you still continue to practise at a even higher volume.

Anonymous said...

Oh...I forgot

World War II - the Albanian ethnic cleansing on Serbs in Kosovo - estimated 200.000 Serbs murdered or expelled. Those expelled (among them my grandparents) were forbiden to return in 1945 by the Yugoslav authorities (Edward Kardelj)

Anonymous said...

Your numbers are as much fiction as todays greeka are european. It was always a way of the serbs to inflate their victims like in jasenovac, WWII, WWI and the Balkan wars in which mostly albanians were killed. Everyone knows that the orthodox rapist and killers like the greeks servs and bulgarians got more than 50% of albanian territories. Time is up!

Anonymous said...

oh I forgot Souli was wholly albanian.

Anonymous said...

Look who's talking about victimization. Man you have been crybabies since ever.

Be carefull how you express your self about Orthodoxy since there as a part of albanians that are orthodox and you may hurt their feelings.

Since you're such a great source-finder, why don't you find me source with the exact number of albanians killed by Serbs in the last wars. Since you also call us rapists, why don't you find me a source about the total amount of women raped in Kosovo. And please, statistical data and of an international origin.

PS - So in Souli albanians were killing albanians?

Anonymous said...

The greatest of these (Serb migrations) took place in 1690, when Serbs rose in support of an Austrian invasion after the Turks' unsuccessful siege of Vienna. However, the subsequent retreat of the Austrians left the native population seriously exposed to Turkish reprisals, and in 1691 Archbishop Arsenije III Carnojevic of Pec led a migration of 30,000-40,000 families from Old Serbia (Kosovo, Metohija and Raska region) and southern Bosnia across the Danube. As a consequence, parts of the Austrian Military Frontier came to contain some of the major centres of Serbian culture. At the same time, the spread of Albanian Muslims into lands left vacant by the great migration was to provide a continuing source of communal tension. It was also the period of intensive islamization when a considerable number of Christians were forced to convert to Islam in order to evade heavy taxation and reprilals.

(Encyclopaedia Britannica)

Anonymous said...

You have used that muslim albanian argument to death already. Your data is based on myth. The same myth that got your teeth broken in croatia, bosnia and kosova. Read Noel Malcolm -Kosovo, a short history.

Anonymous said...

Every historical research made by now fades away in front the great Noal Malcolm, a "historian" known for his "objectivity" and his approach from every side. The great "objective" president of the Albanian-British association (or something like that) and a lecturer of the Islamic Bosnian Institute of Sarajevo.

NYoutlawyer said...

That anon prick a couple of posts above talks about 1690. Is this moron for real? Shitpars are the gypsies of the Balkans. They have no home. They are a nomadic sect, parking their garbage wherever they can mooch from, then multiplying like cockroaches and sucking the life out of anything they inhabit. I'm still not sure why NATO saved your sorry asses. Must have been a deal for something. It will be found out eventually.

Anonymous said...

Blogger 12:07 PM, Independence for Kosova.

You said "BTW whoever said, who the hell gives a damn what GREECE says?? Greece isn't in the security council!"

Sorry to make you sorry ass even more sorry. Greece is in the UN Security Council Precidency ! You should know that !

NYoutlawyer said...

Long live Serbia, Greece, Macedonia and our brothers in Russia. Truth and justice will prevail, it is God's way.

Maybe you shitpars are looking to find your 72 virgins? Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey NYlawyer
Fuck you , serbia, greece and your russian brothers...

We will prevail as your destruction is immenent...

God bless Albania, Kosova and America...

Anonymous said...

"Fuck you , serbia, greece and your russian brothers..."

Now now, Russia is in the Security Council and the contact group, so what if Russia vetos your independence. Then you should yell God Bless Russia.

Greece is in the EU, so when new countries want to join the EU, every already EU member has to accept it. So you better watch your mouth.


Have you noticed how the albanians are sucking up to the americans? I wonder if they wash their mouths after licking their asses (or something else).

Anonymous said...

He he he, Lets not forget who's dick Russia and Greece are sucking in the other end. Just a hint- the last superpower left. You losers and your brothers lost many wars and battles and you don't have much say anymore. Oh one more thing it was those same greeks that agreed to bomb the shit out of you after all, while your russian brothers let it happen without a peep. So dream on losers...

Anonymous said...

It seems that Clinton helping you meant that Rugova and co. could give better blow-jobs than Lewinsky :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow?

Is this your best come back?

Even your jokes are become shitty and bland much like your Serb shit country

Anonymous said...

The point is, my very "intelligent" albo, that we don't suck dics to get some help, cause we have pride, unlike you and your leadership.

How many times did Clinton cum in order to deside to attack us? I suppose Rugova was concetrated on his costed him his life.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes of course Serb pride-killing women and children and then videotaping it with the blessing of the church-now that's pride.
And speaking of sucking you been doing it to russia for the longest time while your country keeps getting smaller...just like a cheap hooker.
Time to turn your asses over to the Greeks-they love that stuff, but of course they bombed you with Clinton-ups

ARTIST said...

To NYoutlawer:
I painted a US general in NY in 2001, and one of his awards on his right chest fascinated me. I asked him, "what's that for?". In a flat tone he replied, "for killing SERBS".

Anonymous said...

Damn, how Mohamed Ata missed you with that plane...give general one more artist blowjob, guess he liked it...

ARTIST said...

If Dicks and Blowjob are your only talent, anonymous, THAT IS YOUR CURSE! If worse than being Gay is being a SERB, anonymous, THAT IS YOUR DOOM!

Anonymous said...

Funny how some people have nothing better to do but still leave in their narrow minded and brainwashed lives.
To serbs: stop dreaming and get over Kosova, you have enough land anyway and a lot of it is not yours...wait until Montenegro, Vojvodina will be small cause that is what u r.
By the way when you call us shiptari, that is not insulting but that is who we are.
And at the end please mind your own busines cause you have nothing ( thank God) to do with us any more.

Anonymous said...

Albanians are immigrants to Serbian province of Kosovo, imagine how would USA feel if Cubans claimed Florida, as second Cuba?
You can not live in denial, if you kill and rape women, burn Churches 1000 years old, you cannot expect us to forget. Love of Islam and US fascism will end, and remember, USA is far away, it will change it's policies, after it happens, all illegal Albanians, terrorists and others will have to face justice.

Anonymous said...

>> Shitpars are the gypsies of the Balkans. They have no home.

go back to Ukraine of Carpathian mountains you slav bastard. Talking about having no home.