Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Serbia charges policemen over Kosovo family massacre

BELGRADE, April 25, 2006 (AFP) -

Serbia's special war crimes prosecutor indicted on Tuesday a senior policeman and seven other officers for killing ethnic Albanian civilians in Kosovo's 1998-99 conflict, his office said.

Radoslav Mitrovic, the deputy commander of a special police unit, five other acting policemen and two former officers were accused of having killed 48 Kosovo Albanians, all but one of whom were from one family, the office of prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic said in a statement.

The atrocities took place on March 26, 1999, in the small town of Suva Reka, about 60 kilometres (35 miles) southwest of Kosovo's main city of Pristina, it added.

Among the victims were four babies, 10 children, a pregnant woman and a 100-year-old woman, according to information given at the time of the arrest of the suspects in October last year.

The bodies of the 48 victims were among hundreds of ethnic Albanians found in 2001. They were buried in a grave some 500 kilometres from Kosovo in the Belgrade suburb of Batajnica.

The bodies were moved to Belgrade by Serbian forces during the regime of late Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic, who died in March while being tried at the UN war crimes tribunal for his role in the wars in Kosovo, Bosnia and Croatia.

The remains of some 800 ethnic Albanians killed during the war were found in mass graves across Serbia after the collapse of the Milosevic regime in October 2000.

The indictment is the first concerning the so-called Batajnica case and first against acting Serbian policemen.

The southern Serbian province of Kosovo has been under UN protection since a NATO bombing campaign forced Serbian forces to withdraw in 1999 and end a crackdown against ethnic Albanian separatists.


Anonymous said...

See serb fuckers,

I'm actually from Theranda (formerly Suva Reka), you did kill babies, children, women and the elderly. In fact most of the killed were un-armed civilians. That shows how brave, decent and professional your armed forces were.
I can't imagine any serbs actually ever coming back to this town/area because of what you did.
You must agree, all of the shit you arseholes are in is self inflicted, whether it be in Bosnia, Croatia, Kosova or elsewhere.

Now...if you guys were really Christian, you would know about the saying "do on to others as you would have them do on to you."

Also, "an eye for an eye."

Also, this is not from the bible, I think it comes from Budism, "what goes around, comes around."

Now...what do you have to say for yourselves.

I also believe that your war crimes court is an absolute farse. No good (justice) will come out of it. It's just a ploy just to trick the west into believing that you guys are really trying to become democratic westerners.

I believe this will not happen. You guys are too much like Russians and Middle-Easterners (Turks & Arabs) in your way of life...EXCESSIVELY VIOLENT AND INTOLERANT TO OTHER PEOPLES AND OTHER FAITHS, ETC, ETC, ETC!

There will be a place for Serbs in Kosova but only those who really want to live the democratic, non-violent and western way of life.
The rest of you can all go to hell...that means, stay in Serbia!


Visit Prishtina said...

Among the victims were four babies, 10 children, a pregnant woman and a 100-year-old woman

And you want me to sing the same national anthem as these creatures (not sure if I can call them people)?

As if killing them was not bad enough, they were taken to Serbia and dumped into a trench.

That's it. No need to talk in Vienna or wherever, I want my country, small, but a powerful country, i.e. a va-va-voom republic.

Dardania 2006 said...

Serb self given right to rule others ended the day they started looking at Albanians as non-people.

NYoutlawyer said...

There were some atrocities committed, that's a fact. But the albanian hatred has spread to all Serbians, even the ones not involved. I bet you even hate me, and I am of Serbian decent living in NY.

But that's fine, you have the right to vent.

Anonymous said...

Finally,..... "We have the right".......It is good when it comes from serb nationals.
I can see that some serbs are becoming reasonable. Time will have to prove if I'm right or wrong.

Anonymous said...

This is what happend when you invite terrorist to your house. You get what you ask for.

Anonymous said...

A typical serb-" This is what happend when you invite terrorist to your house. You get what you ask for."

Anonymous said...

"This is what happend when you invite terrorist to your house. You get what you ask for."
And yet you bitch about march 2004 and NATO bombings.

Anonymous said...

So no innocent Serbs were targeted in 2004? Give me a break. Did churches commit crimes against Albanians. Nuns?

Anonymous said...

Did churches commit crimes against Albanians. Nuns?

Dude are you stupid or did your moma drop your ass on the concrete floor when you were a baby? The soliders were blessed by the damn priests with nuns by their side before they went on their killing sprees all coked up. There have been videos released by Serb journalists and human rights activits.

Get cable you dumb motherfucker and/ high speed internet.

Anonymous said...

You would probably kill all Serbs-you would have been a perfect fit with Hitler, Ceku, and Stalin and all the genocidal madmen.

Anonymous said...

You somehow mised serb rapists and child killer. Where is seselj, milosevic and co.

Dardania 2006 said...

Nice try...

I bet you say the same thing on Croat and Bosniac blogs.

I bet it goes something like this "You Croat Nazis made us all run away with stolen cars and trucks from Kraina"

Or to Bosniacs

"you jihadist bin laden allies hate us poor child murdering rapist Serb righteous Christians"

Serbs are like this..you know the spoiled brat that cries everytime he does not get what he wants?

Voila, that is Serbian.

NYoutlawyer said...

I can see there can be no real dialogue here. Why start your blog with "You Serb Motherfuckers?

Should I start all my blogs with "You albanians, Europes niggers"?

Thank God you are not politicians, otherwise there would never be peace.

gujgli said...

visit prishtina,

"And you want me to sing the same national anthem as these creatures (not sure if I can call them people)?
As if killing them was not bad enough, they were taken to Serbia and dumped into a trench."

And who discovered the bodies? Who charged that idiots? Serbs. So stop with crying, those maniacs were on both sides. Difference is that we are looking in the mirror cause we are democratic society and you are ignoring nationalists who celebrate war criminals Ceku and Haradinaj as a heroes.

"That's it. No need to talk in Vienna or wherever, I want my country, small, but a powerful country, i.e. a va-va-voom republic"

Dream on...

Ahmet N Murati said...


Well as long as the social party won for many years elections in Serbia during 1989-1999 and they won quite perncentage of the seat at serbian parliament in Belgrade. So if a nation votes for a political party who plans only wars it means that also the almost whole nation is guilty why they didn't sacked him (slobodan milosevic) as long as he was in Fushë Kosovë (Kosovo Polje) in 1989 when he said to local serbians that nobody is going to harm you I amd your protector and he promised and missed something like this vote for me and I will rais the standard of living to have like german standard of living but since he came to poitics the ex yugoslavia was sinking.

Makedonec said...

At 5:36 PM, gujgli said...
visit prishtina,

"And you want me to sing the same national anthem as these creatures (not sure if I can call them people)?
As if killing them was not bad enough, they were taken to Serbia and dumped into a trench."

And who discovered the bodies? Who charged that idiots? Serbs. So stop with crying, those maniacs were on both sides. Difference is that we are looking in the mirror cause we are democratic society and you are ignoring nationalists who celebrate war criminals Ceku and Haradinaj as a heroes.

"That's it. No need to talk in Vienna or wherever, I want my country, small, but a powerful country, i.e. a va-va-voom republic"

Dream on...

Add Ali Ahmeti and etc. to the list. You make a great point, but it's falling on deaf ears. I wish the best for our countries, but it's not looking good.

Anonymous said...

to whoever said
"Among the victims were four babies, 10 children, a pregnant woman and a 100-year-old woman"
ok first of all have you ever heard the expression all is fair in love and war? hmm guess not
and if were such murderes and rapers how about
march demonstrations 2004?
300 killed 3500 displaced 35 churches burned down etc. Shall i go on?
how about the 300 000 roma u displaced and ohh ur so nice but whos taking care of them? Who? ya thats right the serbians are.
there are even video tapes of how albanians are taking serbian bodys and saying that they are albanian body all those massive graves might be serbians u knever know.

Anonymous said...

300 killed?

Anonymous said...

"300 killed 3500 displaced 35 churches burned down etc. Shall i go on?
how about the 300 000 roma"

Holy shit, the serb propaganda machine has really kicked into the high gear. Look at what kind of numbers the brains for shit population of Serbia has come up with. Listen you shithead: there were 19 people killed in March 04 and most of them were Albanians-you stupid imbeciles.

Oh yeah- Ny lawyer - fuck you too...

gujgli said...

"Add Ali Ahmeti and etc. to the list. You make a great point, but it's falling on deaf ears. I wish the best for our countries, but it's not looking good."

It's very interesting how they ignore the situation in Macedonia (march posts), where their bs project called Dardania, Greater Albania etc. was most obvious.

In triangle between Macedonia, Greek and Serbia i don't think Albanians can afford themself any more violence or destabilization of region. For their sake only.

Now, they must act like they are democrats, but that is too hard for them. They didn't recovered Albania after 1997. when it collapsed so how will they run Kosovo and Metohija which is in very difficult situation.

Independence is not solution - it will make problems for all.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at some of the serb responses to this massacre:
All is fair in love and war- actually the genva convention tells very clearly how war is to be conducted. serbs waged a war of atrition on territory of Kosova, meaning rape , kill, deport as many as you can.
We killed "300"(actually 19 in total 11 albanian, 9 serbs) and 3500 displaced in march 2004--and that is the reason why they killed 10000 and raped 20000, menaing they did all that in 1999 cause they knew we were going to kill them in 2004.
Man you sewerbeings are a bunch of psychopaths.

Anonymous said...

Check the serb unity congress propaganda. It seems nyouthouselawyer has not seen this yet, it will probably give him so much pleasure.
Kosovo: The emerging terror state

By M. Bozinovich

Back in February, we spoke with Julia Gorin, a contributing commentator for the Jewish World Report and Front Page Magazine, about Kosovo and its links with the Islamic terror. The conversation eventually lended a front page cover for the Belgrade independent Weekly Telegraph, abut here we are transmitting it in its original, long format.

Why does the US have an ambiguous position on the Kosovo status: it publicly supports a negotiated solution, while privately numerous individuals involved in those negotiations support independence? What does that mean?

Bush does want a negotiated solution, but he also has to choose his battles carefully these days. In Congress, there are Democrats and Republicans who have been supporting an independent Kosovo, for whatever reasons, since 1999 and they aren't about to admit that they were/are wrong. The rest, including the old Clinton cronies pushing for independence, as well as the State Dept., would like to take the path of least resistance--namely, sweep Clinton's screw-up (Kosovo) under the rug and get it out of our hair. After all, it's a lot safer to screw over the Serbs than to anger the Muslims. So our policy is two-faced.

When Clinton attacked Belgrade on behalf of Albanians in Kosovo called on the US to do the same against Israel on behalf of Palestinians.

How much is the question of Kosovo's status the reflection of relations between the US and EU and the American desire to dominate the Balkans?

Despite how it may appear, the United States is not seeking to dominate the Balkans. The corrupt Clinton administration involved us in Kosovo mostly because they didn't want Monica Lewinsky to be the last thing people remembered about his presidency. If anyone lied to get us into a war, it was Clinton who claimed that the Serbs had killed 100,000 Albanians and expelled another million. (The American public is of course culpable for going along with it.) The Bush administration's interests in the Balkans have mostly to do with the war on terror. As for Europe-which usually creates its own problems-Clinton's America defecated in the middle of it and made it Europe's problem to clean up. Now, of course, the situation is so far gone that it's very difficult to straighten out or turn back. On top of that, the Balkans are a mystery to almost every American, including the intelligentsia, who stay away from the subject like a plague. Even conservatives, who support the war on terror and the war in Iraq, have a blind spot and an apathy when it comes to the Balkans, as well as to the fact that a lot of the terrorist attacks in Europe and elsewhere are connected to the Balkans. The lack of commentary, due to the culpable media's blackout on this topic, is largely responsible for the ambivalence you're observing.

Do you think US is supporting the policy of Greater Albania in the Balkans?

Before you can "support" a policy of a Greater Albania, you'd have to first understand that the Albanians' goal is a Greater Albania. But most in the United States don't understand it and they don't care enough to try. The Bush administration's acts of omission--coupled with the Clinton administration's aggressive acts of commission--tacitly support it. Members of the Clinton administration act with intent, knowing they are creating a Greater, Islamic Albania but hoping that voters here don't notice. And they won't.

Since 1999, we saw the departure of the last remaining Jewish family out of Kosovo. Why is Washington shy at actually doing something to protect the minorities in Kosovo?

Washington knows that setting standards for Albanians before independence is unrealistic for this bunch, so if you say to them-as we did to the Palestinians-"You have to first stop the terror, and then we can talk independence," it's the same as saying, "No independence for you." While I believe that's exactly what we should do, the administration can't suddenly reverse course and say, "We are not supporting an independent Kosovo." There would be an uproar in Europe, since they're the ones who would have to deal with angry Albanians in addition to the problem Muslims they already have, and this could also mess up the coalition in Iraq. The administration is being badgered even over obviously legitimate actions it's undertaking—from Iraq to Afghanistan to Lebanon to Iran--so Bush isn't going to overtly say Bosnia and Kosovo are Islamic terror states. We're just going to quietly put the Balkan Islamists on our watchlist. Bush is doing what he can, under the circumstances.

We've woven such a tangled web in the Balkans, the conflict is so misunderstood by most, there is so much inaccurate "common knowledge," that it would take too much political capital to explain and say we got it wrong from the start. It's the media's job to raise awareness, and the media failed--purposely. There are only a few in the media who understand, and they're not powerful or mainstream journalists. Don Feder and I are the closest to the "mainstream", and neither of us has been able to push this issue to the fore. It's just very hard to talk about when it's not on people's radars, and all they've heard from every media source is opposite of what you're telling them.

Even when people hear that there are Kosovo/Bosnia connections to the London and Madrid bombings, no one connects the dots and thinks that maybe what the Serbs were doing in their own backyard was the same thing that we've gone halfway around the globe to do. To be fair, the average thinking American has been suspecting this since 9/11, but his suspicions are not reinforced anywhere in the media or by politicians, because no one dares look back.

Is there a misperception in the Jewish-American community about the true state of affairs in Kosovo and Bosnia? How can this misperception be cleared up?

Yes, unlike our Israeli counterparts, American Jews are as confused as everyone else. What's interesting, and what gives me some hope, is that there are independent documentary filmmakers popping up, doing movies like "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West," and "Islam: What the West Needs to Know." The first one is a product of "Honest Reporting," which counters the international propaganda campaign against Israel, and the second one also has Jews involved. Both of these films touch on the fact that Bosnian Muslims fought for Hitler; the first shows Serbian churches being destroyed by Bosnian Muslims during the war in Bosnia, and the second (which you can read about at www.WhatTheWestNeedsToKnow.com) demonstrates with a map all the regions that have been falling to Islam-including how Greater Albania fits in (it mentions the bridging of Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece and Albania). Also, there is something called "Holocaust Museum Watch", which in at least one press release mentioned the Albanian SS Skanderbeg division and Bosnian Muslim SS Handzar division-and it faults the Holocaust Museum for not documenting or addressing the history of Islamic anti-Semitism.

With my article last year "A Jewish Albatross: The Serbs," I was trying to guilt my fellow American Jews into making some noise about this, before it's too late for Kosovo. I hope to write at least one follow-up article on this theme. I'm afraid that the only way to "clear up" the misperceptions is through a high-profile book. Because the pattern now is that even when it's widely reported that terrorist attacks originated in the Balkans, or that "we were suckers for the KLA", as one Washington Post article was titled (and there have been similar ones more recently), the press makes sure the subject has "no legs", as we say in journalism-meaning, that it won't go anywhere. So it's dropped like a hot potato to ensure that there will be no discussion and the subject never reaches a critical mass. In this way, the subject remains under the radar, and when we do hear anything at all about it, it's only when there is a good opportunity to support the view of Serbs as evil and everyone else in the Balkans as their victims.

Judea and Samaria, also called West Bank, are officially a non-sovereign Israeli territory. Kosovo is Serbian sovereignty. What impact will a decision to grant independence to Kosovo have on Israel?

What's interesting is that when Clinton attacked Belgrade on behalf of Albanians in Kosovo, the Saudi Prince Khaled Bin Sultan, commander of the allied Saudi troops during the first Gulf War, called on the US to do the same against Israel on behalf of Palestinians. Israel had a clear understanding of the situation in the Balkans. In fact, Axis Information and Analysis ( http://www.axisglove.com www.AxisGlove.com) mentioned in a December 2005 report that Israel secretly supported the Serbs during the Balkan wars (despite outwardly offering humanitarian aid to the Albanians, as they were pressured to do). In April 1999, Ariel Sharon visited the US and "called for an end to the fighting in Kosovo", stating that the KLA was being "supported by Iranian-backed terrorist organizations, and that an independent Kosovo would enable Islamic terrorism to spread throughout Europe." He also saw it as a dangerous precedent for the future possibility of Israel's Arab minority calling for autonomy. Aware of the parallels, Sharon asked American Jews to stop supporting the bombing of Yugoslavia.

As far as what impact a decision to sever Kosovo from Serbia will have on Israel, even though it does set a precedent, the Israeli conflict is old, with its own history, so not much can affect it. But many Islamic separatists who want to cut up other places into chunks are definitely emboldened by what they see in Bosnia and Kosovo.

How come Washington is not hawkish on eliminating al-Qaeda in Bosnia and Kosovo?

Everyone-the EU, U.S., NATO, the UN-is aware of the problem, and the terrorists are being hunted quietly, under the radar, so that the perception of Bosnians as victims remains. Publicly, politically and PR-wise, it's not going to help the current situation to suddenly accuse a country of fabricating a genocide. Especially with all the noise about Srebrenica, it would be almost impossible. How many people know that Srebrenica was not just a UN "Safe Haven"? The media won't tell you that Bosnian Muslims were using it as a base from which to launch attacks against Serbs. And when every Muslim is yelling about Srebrenica, it's hard to declare the "victims" a terrorist state and go all out on Bosnia. In general, with this war on terror, some battles are lower-key than others. But I don't have any inside information on the Bush administration; from what I can tell, however, it seems they are aware, things are being done, but a lot of it seems to be low key or covert.

But the truth of the matter is that the Muslim world has the West by the testicles. No one dares question what happened in Bosnia, for fear of worldwide rioting by Muslims. For the same reason, the Hague has to convict Milosevic regardless of the court's findings.

Nebojsa Malic put it very well in an August article: "Every time the Western powers clash with Muslims, whether at home or in Iraq, Afghanistan or another Muslim country, they crack the whip over Serbia. To show the world that their military interventions and intolerance are not driven by hatred of Islam and Muslims in general, they decide to help the Muslims of the Balkans."

Do you think Kosovo negotiations will precipitate tensions in the region and Albanian terrorism?

If the negotiations do not look to be heading toward the Albanian goal of an independent Kosovo, the Albanians will let the world know of their displeasure. They are committed to an all-out war to achieve their goal of an independent, Islamic Kosovo and they will be assisted by Islamic fighters from all over the globe, as they have been since the 1990's. What the Albanians did to Serbs, NATO and UNMIK in March of 2004 will pale in comparison.

This is why those who know that we screwed up--the State Dept., CIA, the old Clinton cronies still working behind the scenes through NGOs, and all the Congressmen who got Albanian money--are sweating to make sure that the terrorists just get what they want in the Balkans. This way, everything can get swept under the rug, and the American public won't find out the deadliness of that mistake and can continue to act like 1999 never happened. When the fighting does break out, the West will never be able to control it, but it will be interesting to watch how the press scrambles to keep a lid on it or twist the truth of the situation into even more of a pretzel.

Is there a hidden agenda behind the Islamic demand to mischaracterize Srebrenica as an Islamic genocide?

Absolutely. The Bosnians' mischaracterization (with journalists' help) of Srebrenica serves to deflect from the fact that the president of Bosnia during the wars, Alijah Izetbegovic, was a fundamentalist Muslim who had stated that "there can be no peace or coexistence between 'the Islamic Faith' and non-Islamic social and political institutions."

Izetbegovic was also a recruiter for the Nazi SS Handzar division which butchered Serbs and ethnic minorities in Yugoslavia during WWII. After he died in 2003, the ICTY revealed that he was being investigated for war crimes committed during the 1990s. Mischaracterizing Srebrenica also deflects from the Bosnian Muslims' actions during the 1990s wars which, as Balkans historian Carl Savich describes, included propaganda, staged massacres, and killing their own civilians to garner sympathy (e.g. the Markale Marketplace bombings in 1994 and '95).

On a more philosophical and humorous note, Muslims have always been jealous of the attention that Jews have gotten for their suffering (though, contrary to popular mythology, Jews are not thrilled that the Holocaust should be their defining historical event). The Muslims can't stand it that no one ever killed six million of them, when they have so many to spare--an event that would lend credence to their constant crusade promoting themselves as "victims". That's why they get so angry, for example, when Israelis kill only two or three Palestinians in the course of responding to suicide bombings. It's the agonizingly slow pace of this "genocide" that's killing them (which is why they're always padding the numbers of their dead, both in the Middle East and the Balkans). This also accounts for why they engineered the Bosnian "genocide" and the Albanian "genocide". They've since exported this successful strategy to the rest of the world, wherein they go about killing anything that moves, while claiming that Islam is under attack, which then "justifies" more killing.

If you were to change the American policy in the Balkans, what would you do?

The situation in the Balkans is currently so very in favor of the Bosnian and Albanian Muslims that only some major event could even begin to change world opinion on the region, and create an environment in which it is possible to change course. For example, the Palestinians have just blown their disguise completely by electing Hamas. The headlines read, "Hamas Election Victory Shocks World." Well, it didn't shock anyone who had a clear understanding of the region, and that the only Palestinian goal is the elimination of Israel. Hopefully, this major event "shocks" the world into a better understanding of the Palestinians. The Balkan Muslims would have to do something just as, or even more, "shocking" to get the world to start reevaluating the situation. Ultimately, the American policy in the Balkans should be the policy we established in our War on Terror after 9/11: You're either with us or you're with the terrorists. And the Bosnian and Albanian Islamists are not our allies in the War on Terror.

How do you see the outcome of Kosovo's status talks?

The Albanians will go to war if they do not receive an independent Kosovo. Understandably, the Serbs don't want to carve a chunk, especially the birth place of their national identity, out of their country and hand it over to Islamic terrorists. But the overwhelming international pressure is going to force them to do just that. Hopefully, between now and then, someone or something will prevent the official creation of another Islamic terrorist state in Europe.

NYoutlawyer said...

I didn't have time to read the whole post, but Amen to the Serbian Unity Congress, an honest voice in these negotiations.

albanian kosovars are flying high now while NATO is in their backyard. Let's see if they do any better there than they did with their own country, albania. A law of nature, shit can only roll in own direction, downhill.

And whoever said FU to me, fuck you too, scumbag. Learn to live with opposing points of view. It's called a democratic.

Anonymous said...

nyouthouselawyer, you wouldnt know democracy if it bit your ass off. As far as shit rolling donwhill remains to be seen. However, Albania has signed the stability agreemtn with EU while your shithole hasn't. And on account that it still harbours war criminals there is chance talks will be postponed- you have till sunday.

Anonymous said...

Hey you all.
Albanians will be united finally. From Ulqin to Janina. The land of our ancestors. This might not necesseraly mean one border but who cares. Within the same border or not. Finally we will be able to run our own business and say "so long" to others.

It is time to face the reality.

Albanians are one of the bigest nation in the Balkan like it or not and you can not ignore this fact. If you do, than it will come back and bite you. (Kosova, Macedonia, Preshevo Valley, Monte Negro, Northern Greece, these are all areas populated by Albanians. What can you do, the reality is tough sometimes.)

Seriously, I wish all you serbs well, but it is time to say farewell once and for all. Believe me, it is good for you also to finally get rid of us and mind your own business. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ........ SO LONG.

NYoutlawyer said...

Here is the real threat facing the West in the Balkans. Clinton's blunder to cover up his own whoremongering ways will come to bite us one day.

If this is going on in Bosnia, god only knows what is going on in that muslim dominated shithole of kosovo.

Please read for your own awareness.

Terrorist bases in Bosnia?

BANJA LUKA -- Security Agencies in Bosnia-Herzegovina are investigating possible terrorist groups in the region.

According to Banja Luka daily Nezavisne Novine, who quote unnamed sources, the Bosnia-Herzegovina Security Agencies are investigating individuals and groups who may be plotting terrorist attacks. The informal leader of the former Mujehadin community in the village of Bocinja in central Bosnia, Al Hussein Imad, known as Abu Hamza, threatened that the recent revoking of illegally received Bosnian citizenship from Muslim supporters could result in protests, blockades and various other forms of unrest.

It is hard to say how many of the almost 6,000 Mujehadins who fought in the Al Mujehadin brigades during the war were given Bosnian citizenship. It is estimated that several hundreds of them now have Bosnian passports. Much of Europe is in fear of such groups, especially after the arrests of a number of suspects who were preparing terrorist actions in several countries, Bosnia-Herzegovina included, at the end of last year.

According to Sky News, the greatest number of Mujehadins living in Bosnia came from the Near East. Many of them received new passports under new names.

Western Security Agencies are pressuring Bosnia-Herzegovina to find and run checks on these people, who may be in contact with the three citizens that were arrested on suspicions of terrorism in Sweden last year. Seven more people were then arrested in Sarajevo under similar suspicions.

Kevin Carty, the European Union’s deputy police chief in Bosnia-Herzegovina, said that those who were arrested had ammunition, explosives and fire arms which they were planning on using, perhaps in Bosnia, and perhaps in other countries as well.

“They were planning some kind of terrorist activity and that is what worries us, that people in Bosnia-Herzegovina are involved in this.” Carty said.

The information of some international security services claims that there are some people responsible for the September 11 attack on the US hiding out in Bosnia, for example Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who was wounded in the Bosnian war.

Former Republic of Srpska Internal Affairs Minister Darko Matijasevic, said that that much time has been wasted in arresting the most extreme Mujehadins because of a lack of communication and unity between the different entities in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“The main goal is to infiltrate the community and create a number of elements regarding logistical support for operative units, leaders and individuals who pose potential threats to Europe.” Matijasevic said.

Anonymous said...

Hey NY lawyer-
You are nothing but a piece of shit. You have no opposing views but rather biased conviction that you nation is feeding you. You are nothing but a tool. That is why you were bombed by the whole world. Can you get that through your head or are you too brain washed. You were bombed because just like this article says you killed women and children-and that makes you a piece of shit nation...

Anonymous said...

Bishop Nikolai, who is Saint to many Orthodox believing Serbs, wrote: "Europe is presently the main battlefield of the Jew and his father, the devil, against the heavenly Father and his only begotten Son . . . (Jews) first need to become legally equal with Christians in order to repress Christianity next, turn Christians into atheist, and step on their necks. All the modern European slogans have been made up by Jews - the crucifiers of Christ: democracy, strikes, socialism atheism, tolerance of all religions, pacifism, universal revolution, capitalism and communism... All this has been done with the intention to eliminate Christ . . . You should think about this, my Serbian brethren, and correspondingly correct your thoughts, desires and acts." (Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic in his book "Addresses to the Serbian people - Through the Prison Window").

NYoutlawyer said...

Anon, I live in NY. The only people that came close to bombing me were the islamic terrorists on 9/11. That is why I fear a muslim nation becoming independent in Europe. Can you comprehend that in your peabrain?

Ahmet N Murati said...


Sometimes people can't see what is happening around themselves. Well have you seen 9/11 Fahrenheit then you can speak about the 9/11 so open your eyes and see what is going one.

By the way in human nature is like this
if you get something what doesn't belong too you sooner or later your are going to loose it.

Ahmet N Murati said...

By the way I forgot something.

During the war in Kosova, Serbian propaganda made some huge mistakes on their calculations.

In the first part the Serbian propaganda tried to express the war as religious but it didn't knew the fact that by many muslim men there were also some albanian catholict fighting Serbian forces. So we can't have here a religious war

gujgli said...

ahmet n murati,

"Sometimes people can't see what is happening around themselves. Well have you seen 9/11 Fahrenheit then you can speak about the 9/11 so open your eyes and see what is going one."

As much as we liked 9/11 Fahrenheit, we must admit that Michael Moor made a real propaganda pamphlet aimed at republicans and Bush so it can't be a reliable source for any conclusion.

Osama and others developed Al'qaeda in nineties during Clinton administration although in the movie that period Moor skillfuly ignore.

Anonymous said...

Actually Al-qaeda was formed during the Afghanistan war against Russians. So actually its slavs fault it ever came to existence.