Friday, April 15, 2005

Kosova Albanian man covers Serbian debt

Fushe Kosove Municipal President Skender Zogaj will pay 77,000 euros to even the debt which the Serbian community of Batuse owes for electricity.

According to the daily Koha Ditore, Zogaj has signed an agreement with the Kosovo Electric Corporation to pay the debt of about 400 Serbs in Batuse, which has been outstanding since June 1999. As a result of this agreement, the village will have electricity again after a three month blackout, according to the daily.

Batuse official Petar Savic confirmed that Zogaj has signed the agreement with the KEC but said that it only takes care of a month’s worth of debt. Savic said that the agreement includes 109 Serbian homes that need to pay 2,880 euros, and does not mention the 77,000 euros, which is the total of the debt.

Savic said that Zogaj’s contribution should be well-received and hopes that the Serbian government will pitch in to cover the rest of the debt.

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Ana said...

why don't you mention the 1.2 BILLION dollar "Kosova" debt, that Serbian citizens have been paying for years!? and the unemployment checks to 60% of "Kosova's" population

a little propaganda on this site...i see..........