Saturday, April 30, 2005

Montenegrin Speaker invites Serbian, Kosovo leaders for status talks - paper

Text of report by Montenegrin Mina news agency

Podgorica, 30 April: Montenegrin Speaker Ranko Krivokapic has invited the political leadership of Serbia and Kosovo to meet in Montenegro for the start of talks on the final status of Serbia's southern province.

He said that Montenegro wanted to help resolve relations between Belgrade and Pristina.

"I have indicated a few times now that Montenegro will offer its services as a good host and I still stand behind this invitation. Podgorica is ready from tomorrow to meet the conditions for dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina," Krivokapic told [the Podgorica-based daily] Dan.

According to him, it is in Montenegro's interest for these talks to begin and for a resolution of the political situation in the Balkans.

"Our aim is for Belgrade and Pristina to reach an agreement. Montenegro will be satisfied if they are satisfied, which again will contribute to the stabilization of conditions and security in the Balkans," Krivokapic pointed out.

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