Friday, April 29, 2005

PDK announces shadow government, LDK does not replace Rugova, neither does AAK replace Haradinaj (Zëri)

Zëri reports that the main political parties in Kosovo have announced novelties and party elections.

Although two months have passed since the resignation of Ibrahim Rugova from the post of LDK chief, according the party’s spokesperson, Lulzim Zeneli, the party presidency is dealing with duties and obligations and it will fill the gap the resignation of the president has created.

PDK has announced that there will be plenty of activities over the two months to come, it will elect new party bodies and it will initially create the shadow government.

AAK officials, according to spokesperson Ernest Luma, have a unanimous stance that Ramush Haradinaj remains president, while during his absence, party’s first deputy chief, Bajram Kosumi, will carry out the tasks of the party chief.

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