Saturday, April 30, 2005

Toward status with a five-member forum (Dailies)

All daily papers report about the proposal of SRSG Søren Jessen-Petersen for creation of an informal forum that would focus on key issues and would represent major political factors in Kosovo. Jessen-Petersen made the proposal during a joint meeting with main political leaders in Kosovo.

Koha Ditore notes that the forum will be made out of two parts, namely the political side of the forum and a part consisting of groups of experts. The proposed forum to have five members which would, according to Koha, include Rugova, Daci, Kosumi, Thaçi and Surroi.

Zëri says that the forum will discuss important issues like standards, dialogue with Belgrade, decentralisation and status talks. ‘It will not be a substitute for institutions but support to existing institutions and dialogue on key issues,’ the paper quotes Jessen-Petersen.

The paper notes that exact positions of Kosovo leaders to SRSG’s proposal will be known after they have received a written form of the initiative and that, says Zëri, will be after Monday.

Epoka e Re carries the caption Jessen-Petersen, efforts to join parties he himself strained.

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