Thursday, April 28, 2005

EUMIK to replace UNMIK in 2006 (Lajm)

The paper reports on the front page that the UN Security Council has started preparations for the transfer of competencies from UNMIK to the European Union.

Sources of the paper claim that talks on the issue between the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and the EU senior official Javier Solana have already started.

Lajm writes that the UN Mission has started to draft an exit strategy.


Anonymous said...

About time. Take the US forces out also. We have other issues to deal with that are much more important.

Anonymous said...

Mistake. Europeans can never make their minds up. UN/Americans should be there to control things until the issue gets resolved.

Anonymous said...

Europe has failed in the Balkans for a hounderd years. The UN is a failed organization that either needs to have a "makeover" or be disbanded alltogether like the League of Nations.
The only way to solve this issue is to have the US spearhead the solution of the status issue, which should be independence.
If we don't want to have to comit our troops in Kosovo again in 50 years, we need to solve this problem now and forever.
About the first comment made by anonymous at 11:20AM, your "more importantissues" wouldn't happen to involve invading another middle east country would they?
I would rather commit US forces to peace keeping operations where they are welcome.
Not one US soldier has died in Kosovo as a result of hostile fire, because there is no hostile fire there to begin with.
I'm just glad that you are a lone voice, and not a policy maker because our country woud be in deep shit if you were calling the shots.
Ylber Burgija, NC.

Fatilirida said...

Albanians should not trust the europeans......we shall remember 1912-13..there is something cooking....I belive that they will some how try or will put us again under serbian occupation....Albanianas should only trus the Americans .as far as UN they should go out......we dont need any more double STANDARDS"...(have you noticed) all other countries have the right to selfdetermantion
but when it comes to albanians they are forced to double standars??? give me a break.LIVE US ALONE and WE WILL MANGE our country by ourselfs

Anonymous said...

As an american, i care for the US and its interests first. Kosovo is not an important issue.

Illyria said...

For Albanians The fight against terrorrists in the middle east is not an important issue, Yet we have forces beside american forces

Anonymous said...

Albania sent troops because Fatos Nano is up for re-election. Not because he is a "humane" person. If you can tell me what Kosovo offers the US that is beneficial, i will change my position... Otherwise, let the EU worry about conflicts on their doorstep.

Anonymous said...

Remember WWII. The Europeans took real care of the conflicts in their doorstep at that time. If it wasn't for the USA most of Europe would be speaking German today.

Anonymous said...

How can you compare WWII with this conflict? The Axis powers posed a direct threat to the US. Kosovo(a) is nothing. Has nothing, will be nothing.

Anonymous said...

They said the same thing about Korea/Japan/Luxemgourb/Ireland and yet all these countries that were _nothing_ are something today.

How much benefit there is for the US in Kosova, its hard to say, but one thing is certain, American-Albanians want the US to be there, and the US is welcomed, just as much as Europe is.

Yes Albanians have had a messed up history with Europe, Turkey, Russia but we're ready to look ahead, same like we've always been when new Yugoslavias were being created.

Kosova/Kosovo will be something in Europe just as much as Lichtenstein, Hungary, Moldova, Estonia are and will be someday, its arrogant to assume that in this Europe we are all building (Albanian speaking here) there are those that will be "nothing".