Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Rugova again refuses direct talks with authorities in Belgrade

PRISTINA, April 20 (Hina) - Commenting on Serbian President Boris Tadic's invitation for talks, Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova on Wednesday again stated he could not take part in direct talks with Belgrade.

Rugova said the best solution would be to hold an international meeting that would be attended by the presidents of all countries in the region. "I do not want to do anything without the international community which is here, and direct political talks with Belgrade are very difficult and impossible to conduct," Rugova said after meeting a delegation of NATO's Parliamentary Assembly visiting Kosovo.

At the meeting, Rugova reiterated his position seeking independence for the province.

Earlier today, the EU urged the leader of Kosovo Albanians to open a dialogue with Serbia on the future of the UN-governed province.


Anonymous said...

A surprising show of political maturity and resolve.
We must not discus status issues with Serbia under any circumstances. This would legitimize their claim to Kosovo and give them a position of power as they would become a negotiating partner, which they are not.
They do not control our goverment, police, defence, or our foreign policy. We are already independent from Serbia, in every possible way.
Now we are asking for formal recognition from the international community.
Now, after Serbia recognizes Kosovo as a sovreign nation, bilateral meetings on any state level can begin. And even then we have a long ways to go as Serbia has to come to terms with it's History, not the twisted misinterpreted "History" they currently teach and belive.
Ylber Burgija, N.C.

Anonymous said...

Rugova never changes. Typical.

Anonymous said...

Rugova had lots of discussions with Serbia...

did Serbia listen?


Anonymous said...

rugova`s claiming something that is not his

Anonymous said...

he will be assasinated shortly