Thursday, April 28, 2005

Parties OK, Government without a stance, Presidency hasn’t heard (Koha)

While most of the political parties have supported the initiative of the US Office to create a mechanism that would prepare modalities for the final status talks, Koha Ditore writes that the Government of Kosovo does not have an official stance as yet, while the President is abroad on a visit and his office has not received official information.

Some of the political parties say that the mechanism should get the blessing of the Kosovo Assembly in order to directly represent the interests of the people of Kosovo.

The article further says that the US Office in Prishtina has already confirmed that discussions on creating such a mechanism have already taken place with several players involved. ‘The decision for creating such a mechanism should come from locals as we do not have preferences as to the possible candidate that could chair the mechanism’, information chief at US Office, Lawrence Corwin told the paper.

Name of Blerim Shala, the publisher of daily Zëri, has been mentioned recently as a possible candidate to chair the mechanism. According to the paper, he did not want to comment on it as ‘everything is at the initial stage and that there is nothing final as yet regarding the mechanism’.

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