Thursday, April 28, 2005

Kosovo PM Kosumi: Let us look ahead!

Dailies carry an address of the Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi to the people of Kosovo calling on them to be devoted to the road ahead.

‘We are approaching the final Kosovo status phase. The closer we get to our aim, the more, those who do not wish to see progress in creation of Kosovo state, will try to impede the process’, writes Kosumi.

He says that the murder of Enver Haradinaj and the attack against ORA offices were in fact attacks against the process of Kosovo’s independence but he adds that the people of Kosovo understand the fragility of the whole process and the care that should be exercised to preserve it.

‘I call on citizens of Kosovo to have faith that justice will triumph and that all perpetrators, ill doers and law violators will face it, sooner or later. I call on citizens of Kosovo to restrain their just anger and not to stop on the road to creation of the state and democracy’, reads on the letter.

‘Kosovo can be a genuine democratic state, an economically developed state and a factor of stability in the region’, Prime Minister Kosumi says.

Kosumi also calls on all political parties, media and people of good will to refrain from using hate speech. ‘The language used in the recent months during many political discussions and in the press, impairs the good image of Kosovo and creates confusion with the citizens. It should never be forgotten that in a place with a fragile democracy like ours, the hate speech of a politician or a media may incite negative actions with a not well-informed citizen’, goes on the letter.

‘A year from now, when Kosovo will be completely different from what it is today, we will all see how important our commitment to build the future was’, concludes Bajram Kosumi his letter addressed to the people of Kosovo.

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