Monday, April 25, 2005

Who will control the police? (Lajm)

Lajm newspaper reports on page two that the Kosovo Ministry of Interior Affairs will be formed in September; however, it will not have full supervisory authority over the Kosovo Police Service.

The paper says that because the competences have been separated, responsibility for the police will fall along three lines: by the SRSG through the head of UNMIK Pillar I, the UNMIK Police Commissioner and the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

According to Lajm, AAK deputy leader Naim Maloku is mentioned as a candidate for the new ministry. Maloku however said: ‘I have no indications of being appointed Interior Minister. This is speculation’.

The paper added that even after the creation of the Interior Ministry, the Kosovo Police Service will remain under the authority and responsibility of the SRSG and UNMIK Pillar I and less under the Interior Ministry.

‘I think that after the resolution of status, the Ministry should be monitored by UNMIK or the SRSG, because we will have many problems with the rule of law. The Ministry of Order should bring together the government, the opposition and the minorities, in order to avoid a ministry affiliated to political parties,’ Maloku was quoted as saying.

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